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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Collecting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 137 > Continuing Series > The Defenders of Light: Part Four

The Defenders of Light: Part Four

by npmasterx01

Sloth's New Creation: Part 2

"My name is Chameleon," said the stranger. "You can probably guess what my special ability is from just hearing my name."

     "A silver Shoyru?" I asked.

     "A gray Shoyru! There is a difference!" said Chameleon. I kind of wondered how he was grey when it never existed before.

     "Go away!" I demanded.

     "Make me!" said Chameleon as he disappeared.

     "He doesn't have much of a scent, so I will have to depend on my hearing to catch him," I thought. I started listening for him and then jumped and attacked. He was knocked out of his hiding place.

     "I will see you again! When I do, you will be sorry," said Chameleon. He fled from the room in a hurry.

     "This was the last room. Where is he?" I asked myself. I got on the elevator once again and went to Sector 6. Guards were all over the floor again. I suddenly saw a shadow fall over me and everything went black. When I had awoken, I was locked in a dungeon in which Sloth was located in. Beside me was the Space Faerie.

     "What are Dr. Sloth and Dr. Livingston doing?" I asked.

     "They are having a meeting," said the Space Faerie. "Listen!"

     "Greetings, Dr. Livingston!" said Dr. Sloth.

     "Sir!" said Dr. Livingston.

     "Why have you come here?" asked Dr. Sloth.

     "Well, I have knowledge of where the suspect is that bombed Sector 0," said Dr. Livingston. Sloth started talking into a microphone, but I couldn't make out what he was saying. The door of the dungeon opened. A mutant Shoyru carrying a green Shoyru walked toward Sloth. Following the mutant Shoyru was Chameleon and Commander Garoo.

     "Where is Experiment?" asked Dr. Sloth.

     "He has been defeated," said Dr. Livingston.

     "I destroyed him!" I said. "I would like to tell Garoo something too. Dr. Sloth killed your father in fear that he would take over the space station. Isn't that right, Sloth?"

     "Uhhhh....." said Sloth.

     "Is it true or not?" asked Garoo.

     "Yes," replied Sloth. Garoo walked out of the room. Sloth looked at me.

     "I remember you! You were that prisoner in Sector 3," said Sloth. "I will deal with you later. Garoo will be back. I promise you that."

     "It wasn't my fault. I was trying to stop the person who had set the bombs," said the Shoyru.

     "Explain yourself!" said Sloth.

     "I was watching as he had set the bombs," said the Shoyru. "After that, he picked up a remote and was about to push it. I pounced him and he dropped the remote. We started to fight each other over the remote, but I had a hard time bringing him down. He eventually got a hold of the remote and pushed the button. A large flash of light came from Sector 0 and he had disappeared. This person had dropped his ID card as he escaped."

     "Let me see it!" demanded Sloth. The Shoyru threw the card to Sloth. Chameleon ran for the door, but someone was blocking it. It was the bartender. He put his hands around Chameleon's neck and slammed him against the wall.

     "You killed my apprentice and blew up my bar. You will pay for this," said the bartender. Chameleon managed to brake loose from his grip and ran out the door. The bartender ran after him. Two seconds later, a cry of pain came from the hall and the bartender re-entered the room. "He got away, but I left my mark on him!" said the bartender.

     "What is your name?" asked Sloth as the bartender left the room in search of the trader.

     "Prototype_Barry!" replied the Shoyru.

     "We have been looking for you for a while," said Sloth. "Well, I guess this meeting is over."

     "Not yet!" said Dr. Livingston as he took out a gun and aimed it at Sloth.

     "What are you doing?" asked Sloth.

     "What I should of done a long time ago!" said Dr. Livingston. When the scientist was about to pull the trigger, he collapsed to the floor. The mutant Shoyru was standing behind him.

     "Hold Dr. Livingston as I make him a mutant," said Sloth. Dr. Sloth walked over to the other side of the room and picked up a ray gun that looked like the same one HeckDragonX had. Sloth pulled the trigger. The mutant Shoyru jumped in front of the beam and transformed into a Tyrannian Shoyru.

     I'm back!" I said. "Where did you get to?"

     "The part where you turn back to normal," said BurnDragonX.

     "Thanks!" I said. "I will continue telling the story."

     "HeckDragonX!" said Sloth. "You are still alive!"

     "I messed with your gun while you weren't looking. I guess I lost my control when I hit Dr. Livingston," I said.

     "How come you were not under my control?" asked Sloth. I pointed to BurnDragonX. "No matter. I will destroy you with my giant laser," said Sloth as he sat down in it's seat. "Any last words?" asked Sloth.

     "Your prisoners are escaping!" I said.

     "Impossible!" said Sloth. He glanced at a computer in which Dr. Livingston was standing at.

     "So you were the one who left that file on the screen in the research room!" said BurnDragonX as the cell door opened.

     "HeckDragonX and I have been working together since he was captured," said Dr. Livingston. "It all started when I was in my laboratory. I was busy working when a mutant Shoyru lunged at me and started to beat me up. I had promised to help HeckDragonX if he could beat me and he did."

     "You will pay for that Livingston!" said Sloth. He aimed his gun at Dr. Livingston. As he turned his gun away from me, I took out a remote and pushed a button. Sloth pulled the trigger and nothing happened. He turned back to me and jumped off his gun. "What did you do?" demanded Sloth.

     "Since I was a mutant, I got past the guards easily and set bombs in each power room of your space station," I said. "Neopets Version 2 is the only thing that is supplying power to your space station now which wouldn't be enough to use your laser."

     "I will teach you to mess with Virtupets!" said Sloth.

     "Whatever you have left to defend yourself will be destroyed now that all my friends are free," I said.

     "We will see about that!" said Sloth. He pushed a button on one of the computers next to him. A section of the wall moves revealing a secret passage. Out walks the creature that the Space Faerie shot while we were trying to escape earlier.

     "Not him again!" I said.

     "You might have defeated the Monoceraptor, but you won't defeat this creature!" said Sloth. The creature started to transform. "His true form is bigger and stronger. Even the greatest of warriors have never defeated it!" said Sloth. It's new form looked like the Monoceraptor, but it had one eye and was small enough to fit through the hallway.

     "What is that?" I asked.

     "I call it the Monospectre!" said Sloth. "Prepare for battle!"

     "Run!" I yelled. All five of us ran for the door. The creature blocked our way and made a blast of light come from his eye. We dodged it.

     "That beam can cut you right in half!" said Sloth. The Monospectre blew a fire ball from his mouth. The fire ball hit Barry and he fainted.

     "That is some strong power he has," I said. The Monospectre tried to scratch Dr. Livingston, but he dodged it. One of it's claws broke when it got caught in the wall. The Monospectre hit BurnDragonX with his tail and he fainted. "Dr. Livingston! I have an idea!" I said. "Space Faerie! Go get the claw that had broken off from the rest of his claws."

     "I'm on it!" said the Space Faerie. She picked it up and through it to me.

     "Do you think you can distract that monster for a minute?" I asked.

     "I think so," said the Space Faerie. As she got it's attention, I jumped on top of it. The Monospectre was about to make that beam come from it's eye. I jammed the claw into it's eye and his attack was reflected back to him. The beam went through it's body and through the door. The Monospectre fell over on it's side and BurnDragonX stood up again.

     "Space Faerie! Take Barry to the landing bay and the rest of you follow her! I have business to attend!" I said. Sloth turned and ran through the slanted, dark passage where the Monospectre had appeared. I followed him until we reached a dark hallway. It was Sector 3. I saw Sloth running down the hallway. I followed him again.

     "You will never catch me!" said Dr. Sloth. He stopped at a corner and started moving back slowly. In front of Sloth appeared Garoo.

     "It is Garoo's father!" I said as a door came off it's hinges and slammed Sloth against the wall.

     "I never did such a thing!" said Garoo. The door repeatedly slammed against Dr. Sloth.

     "I see what this is all about!" said Garoo. "Your scared of me overpowering you some day."

     "I'm out of here!" said Sloth as he ran back to the dungeon in Sector 6. I followed him. When I finally reached the top of the passage, Sloth was staring at the Monospectre. It stood up and slowly walked toward Sloth.

     "Well, I am not coming quietly," said the Monospectre. "I never did such a thing!"

     "Don't you think you are over reacting Garoo?" asked Sloth.

     "Some problems, sir? Well, whatever it is I will make sure it is fixed," said the Monospectre as it threw back it's head.

     "No! Not that!" yelled Sloth. I ran out the door. The Monospectre made a final blast of energy as it threw it's head forward. I started running down the hall toward the elevator. The blast sent me hurtling down the hallway. Later, I had awoken sitting inside the elevator. There was a hole in the door that was in the shape of my body.

     "That is a strong blast," I said. I got up and pushed the elevator button and the elevator went down to Sector 1. "It is finally over!" I said.

     The ships had arrived. Dr. Livingston, Prototype_Barry, BurnDragonX, the Space Faerie, all the prisoners, and I had escaped Virtupets. The Space Faerie didn't come back to Neopia. She searched the Virtupets space station for any remaining people. Dr. Livingston is now living with his brother. All the prisoners restarted their lives from scratch. BurnDragonX and Prototype_Barry are now living with me. BurnDragonX and I left to visit the ruins of his village.

     "I just can't believe that this happened to my village," said BurnDragonX.

     "Couldn't you have done something to fix Experiment before you killed him?" I asked.

     "No," answered BurnDragonX. They had done something to him already. He was no longer the friend I once knew. He was more evil than any of the mutants in the Virtupets space station."

     "You did the right thing," I said.

     "I just hope that Sloth is gone for good," said BurnDragonX. We started walking away from the ruins.

     "I don't think so. I really don't," I said.

     "What do you think about my story?" I asked.

     You start to leave when an interesting item is brought to your attention. You ask what it does.

     "It is the gun I used in the space station," I said. "You can keep it if you want. It has been deactivated and can not be reactivated ever again."

     You thank the young Shoyru and start toward the door again. All of a sudden, someone resembling Dr_Death enters the building.

     "The construction of the guild has been completed," said the scientist. "You may visit it when ever you please."

To be continued...

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