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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 28th day of Storing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 136 > Continuing Series > The Defenders of Light: Part Three

The Defenders of Light: Part Three

by npmasterx01

"HeckDragonX! Can you give me a hand in here?" asked Neiks3.

     "Coming! Can you continue from where I left off, BurnDragonX?"

     "Okay!" said BurnDragonX.

     HeckDragonX fainted.

     "I am going to take this Shoyru with me. Meet me in Sector 5," said Dr. Livingston.

     "Let him go!" I said as I bolted toward the scientist. I had stopped in my tracks still pulling forward, but moving backwards. Experiment was pulling at my tail.

     "Hurry and escape!" said Experiment as Dr. Livingston disappeared around a corner dragging HeckDragonX with him. Just then, I gathered the strength to break free. I started running forward, while Experiment dragged along the floor until he let go. I raced down the hall, but there was no sign of Dr. Livingston. I turned around to see Experiment with his evil grin. "You have failed to save one of your friends yet again, Mutt. I will be back to torture you some more later," said Experiment. He started to run down the dark hallway of Sector 3. In fury, I rammed him in the side after catching up to him.

     "Not again!" I said. "You shall pay for what you have done to me in the past. This ends now!"

     "You will never catch me!" replied Experiment as he ran into a room beside him. The room was pitch black. I moved my paws along the wall.

     "What's this? It feels like a switch," I thought. I pushed it up. All of a sudden, the room lit up. Not only that, but the hallway had also lit up. The room in which I stood was the power room of Sector 3. I wandered the room in search of Experiment. Suddenly, the mutant Lupe pounced me from behind. I pushed him away and rammed him into a generator. "I wonder what would happen if I used a water attack on the generator," I said.

     "You wouldn't!" said Experiment. I used Quench and Experiment was electrocuted. It was too late by the time I noticed a bunch of oil tanks next to the machine.

     "I think Murphy's Law is going to kick in right about now," I said. I ran for the door in panic and exited the room. I took one last glance as Experiment said his final word.

     "Muuuuuuuttt," groaned Experiment. Everything seemed to turn black as I was thrown against the wall by the blast. I had awoken to a dark hallway that was partly destroyed. Since the generator had blown up with all the other power switches, the hallway had become dark again. As I was thinking, I walked into something. It was the elevator. I took the elevator to Sector 4. So long, Sector 3!

     "Will I ever get off this space station?" I thought. The elevator door opened. Since I was a mutant, I was able to get through security. I walked into a room that said Sector 0. The room was circular with a bar in the middle. The sign read "Grundo's Cafe".

     "Can I get you anything?" asked the bartender.

     "No. Just browsing," I said.

     "You look new around here. I think I can sell you a drink at discount price," said the bartender.

     "That is very nice of you, but I don't have any money," I said.

     "Boss! The Pant Devil has struck again!" said mutant Grarrl 1.

     "Where is he heading for?" asked the bartender.

     "Sector 4!" replied mutant Grarrl 1.

     "Tell security to search the area for that devil," said the bartender.

     "Wait. I will look for him," I said.

     "Are you sure?" asked the bartender.

     "I have a good sense of smell," I replied.

     "Fine. Remember that little devil is tricky," said the bartender.

     "I am coming with you!" said mutant Grarrl 1. The mutant took out a gun.

     "What is that?" I asked.

     "Tranquilizing darts," replied mutant Grarrl 1.

     "We will be on our way," I said. I ran back to Sector 4, while the mutant Grarrl followed. I started sniffing the floor. "What is your name?" I asked.

     "Kanoargith, but my friends call me Kano," said the mutant Grarrl 1. "Did you get anything yet?"

     "Yes. He went this way!" I said. Once again, we started running down the hall. The scent had stopped at a door.

     "This is the main power room of Sector 4," said Kano. We entered the power room. I started sniffing, again and looked up.

     "He went in the air vent!" I said.

     "Put this on so I know where your going. It is a tracking device," explained Kano.

     "Thanks," I said. I entered the air vent. I could barely pick up his scent, because of the dust.

     Later that day, I had a chat with the bartender at Grundo's Cafe.

     "Thanks for catching that Pant Devil for us! He was a real pest," said the bartender. "How did you catch him?"

     "When I came out of the air vent, the Pant Devil was hiding behind a crate in a room full of weapons," I said. "As soon as he noticed me he ran for the door. I implanted the tracking device on the Pant Devil when I tackled him to the ground. He ran out through the hallway. From there, I had lost him."

     "The tracking device was on an elevator that was taken to Sector 5," said Kano. "I followed it to the janitorial storage room. To my surprise, I opened the door to find the Pant Devil sitting there and laughing. When he was about to make a run for it, I injected a dart into his body with my gun."

     "Pretty clever of you to put the tracking device on him," said the bartender. "What is your name?"

     "BurnDragonX," I answered.

     "Well, BurnDragonX, you can sleep here for the night hours," said the bartender.

     The space station is quiet. Everyone is sleeping. The sound of an explosion comes from Sector 0.

     I had awoken to find that all of Sector 0 was on fire. I started to search the burning building for the bartender and the mutant Grarrl.

     "There you are!" I said. Kano was stuck underneath a bunch of pieces of the bar. His tail was sticking out of the pile. I uncovered him. "Are you okay?" I asked.

     "Yes, but my leg is broken," said Kano. Without warning, a shelf filled with bottles of liquor, that was covered in flames, fell over on top of him.

     The bartender and I were standing in the hallway of Sector 4.

     "Good thing I found you!" I said.

     "I would like to thank you for digging me out of the rubble," said the bartender. "Wait. Where is...?"

     "He didn't make it," I said. "I am going to have to leave, now."

     The bartender walked slowly down the hallway staring at the floor and not saying a word until he disappeared around a corner. I continued HeckDragonX's quest.

     "I must go to Sector 5 to rescue him," I thought. I headed for the elevator that the Pant Devil had taken earlier. The elevator moved upward and the door opened. Guards laid upon the floor throughout the hallway. I kept following the trail of bodies until I reached a room. A lot of sounds were coming from inside the room. I opened the door to find the Space Faerie beating up guards. I watched until there was only a mutant Shoyru, the Space Faerie, and Commander Garoo left standing. The room was another dungeon.

     "Surrender yourself or face the consequences, Garoo!" said the Space Faerie.

     "I will never surrender to you! Get her!" said Garoo. The mutant Shoyru pinned her to the floor. The Space Faerie punched him, but it didn't seem to phase him. The Space Faerie did a low kick. The Shoyru jumped over it and made a head shot with it's foot. The Space Faerie got back up and started to shoot the Shoyru. The mutant dodged her fires as he charged her. As soon as the Shoyru got in front of the Space Faerie, he rammed her with his head and the Space Faerie fainted. The mutant Shoyru glanced at me as Garoo put her in one of cells and locked it. I sneaked away unnoticed. I kept searching for HeckDragonX until I entered a room that looked like the research center of Virtupets. I sat at one of the computers. It was voice activated for obvious reasons. There was a file on the screen, but all it said was "Frank...Sector...6...Dungeon."

     "Show me the location of Dr. Sloth," I commanded.

     "Access denied!" said the computer.

     "Show me the locations of the power rooms," I commanded.

     "Access denied!" said the computer.

     "Show me the location of Dr. Livingston," I commanded.

     "Access denied!" said the computer.

     "Show me something!" I demanded.

     "Access approved. Restroom locations found," said the computer. I used Lava Spit on the computer.

     "Useless computer!" I said.

     "I don't think Sloth would like you destroying his equipment," said a voice.

     "Who's there?" I asked. All of a sudden, a Shoyru appeared out of nowhere.

To be continued...

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