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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 25th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 135 > Continuing Series > The Defenders of Light: The Struggle Begins -- Part Two

The Defenders of Light: The Struggle Begins -- Part Two

by npmasterx01

Version 2

"What's wrong with my gun?" asked Grundo 1.

     "Don't tell me the battery is dead again," said Grundo 3. I took out my ray gun.

     "I guess it's my turn!" I said. After the trigger was pulled, the mutants went back to their normal forms.

     "What happened?" asked Grundo 3.

     "We are free!" said Grundo 1.

     "Go to the landing bay!" I ordered. "There should be three Aishas waiting near an escape pod. Wait for my signal to leave."

     "How will we know when you give the signal?" asked Grundo 3.

     "Don't worry. You will know," I said. We dropped the two of them off at Sector 2. As the Grundos ran to the landing bay, Barry and I continued our quest. As the elevator door opened, a chill ran down my spine. "Barry? How did you learn to walk?" I asked. We started down the hallway very slowly, carefully watching everything around us. The corridors of Sector 3 were all dusky. All of a sudden, the floor collapsed from under me. I found myself falling into a endless hole of darkness. It seemed like I was falling forever. Then, I hit the bottom. It was another hallway, but this time there was a light at the end of it. I went to investigate the situation. Upon entering the room, I noticed a figure attached to the wall with shackles. The door slowly closed behind me. "What the?" I reacted as I dived for the door. Too late. The door was sealed.

     "You have fallen into his trap," said the prisoner.

     "Who's trap?" I asked.

     "The father of Commander Garoo made it a long time ago. Sometimes you can hear his voice in the middle of the night, but I couldn't tell you whether it is nightfall in side of this dungeon or anywhere outside of Neopia," said the prisoner. "You see, a long time ago, Garoo's father was in supreme control of Dr. Sloth's army. The only one with more power than Garoo's father, was Dr. Sloth himself. This was when they were still planning their fight with Neopia. Such places have happened in Tyrannia and The Lost Desert as I presume. How do I know you ask. Well, when I was captured, I overheard Garoo's father and Dr. Sloth talking about it. I heard about their plans to capture common Neopians and make them their slaves. They also were talking about creating new creatures. I think one was called the Monoceraptor. Well, getting back to the point, Dr. Sloth was starting to think that Garoo's father was getting to much power. One day, Dr. Sloth called him for a meeting and had the troops ready to engage their attack against Garoo's father. The battle took place in this same room. I remember it like as if it were yesterday."

     "Greetings Garoo!" said Dr. Sloth. "What is the news on the progress we are making?"

     "We hit a snag yesterday, but the slaves are making up for it by working overtime," said Garoo.

     "Very good, Garoo. I have something to discuss with you. Some problems," said Dr. Sloth.

     "Some problems, sir? Well, whatever it is I will make sure it is fixed," said Garoo. "Just get me some men and I will..."

     "I don't think it will work that way. This issue is a little different. It has something to do with removing a high ranking officer from command. This situation also has something to do with you," said Dr. Sloth.

     "Sure," said Garoo. "We could gather up some men and capture the..."

     "You don't seem to understand!" yelled Dr. Sloth.

     "What?" asked Garoo.

     "You are under arrest for trying to take over Virtupets!" declared Dr. Sloth.

     "I never did such a thing!" said Garoo.

     "Get him!" Dr. Sloth commanded. All of a sudden, guards came out of every possible hiding place. Some even came out of the air vents. Garoo was surrounded.

     "I see what this is all about!" said Garoo. "Your scared of me overpowering you some day. Well, I am not coming quietly."

     "We were prepared for a battle," said Dr. Sloth. The fight began! There were guards attacking, running, and even retreating.

     "Garoo was armed with many powerful weapons, but his strongest weapon was the Balthazar Claw," said the prisoner. "It was a very long battle."

     "What happened to Garoo?" I asked.

     "They eventually overpowered Garoo and he was sentenced to death," said the prisoner. "Can you see in the dark?"

     "Just one moment," I replied. I used Night Vision.

     "He was executed right where you are standing!" said the prisoner. I glanced at the prisoner. He was a mutant Lupe.

     "How come you are not consumed by evil like all the other slaves," I asked.

     "I have learned to over come it. That is why Dr. Sloth locked me away in this room. Every time he entered the room, Sloth would torture me. He did some horrible things," said the prisoner. "Can you get me down from here?"

     "How?" I asked.

     "The keys are on Garoo's belt!" said the prisoner.

     "I already got them!" I said. "I have one more question. What is your name?"

     "I have no name," said the prisoner.

     "I guess I will call you BurnDragonX," I said. I unlocked the shackles from his wrists and he fell to the floor.

     "How did you survive down here without any food or water?" I asked.

     "You don't want to know," said BurnDragonX. "How can I ever repay you?"

     "There is one way," I said. An hour passed by.

     "How do we get out of here?" I asked.

     "Well, we can use the secret passage," said BurnDragonX. "It is right over here!"

     BurnDragonX moved a false wall, revealing a hallway. We both entered. At the end of the passage, there was a door. I pushed the button next to the door and it opened. The room was really an elevator. There was only one button in the elevator to push. It read the number three as in Sector 3. BurnDragonX pushed it and the elevator started traveling upward. The elevator stopped and the doors opened which revealing a dark hallway with many doors. "This is Sector 3, alright," I said. We started to walk down the hallway.

     "Did you hear that?" asked BurnDragonX.

     "No," I replied.

     "It can't be! He is here!" said BurnDragonX.

     "Who?" I asked.

     "Experiment_12049 the mutant Lupe. When he is around, Dr. Livingston is usually with him!" said BurnDragonX. "We are true enemies."

     "Why?" I asked.

     "Experiment and I use to be friends in a village in Meridell, but he left the village for one year," said BurnDragonX. "He had returned the way he looks now and destroyed our village. Experiment murdered all my friends and family. In a way we were lucky and not so lucky when Sloth arrived at our village. He ordered Experiment to stop destroying our living quarters and sent scouts to take any prisoners that had survived the destruction. When we arrived at the space station, all of us went through a machine that made us mutants. After a while, I over came Sloth's control on my mind, but I still couldn't remember my name and most of my past."

     "So they locked you up in the dungeon of this Sector," I said. Suddenly, Dr. Livingston appeared from the shadows. Standing beside him was most likely to be Experiment_12049.

     "Nice to see you again!" said Experiment in an unfriendly way.

     "So that is why you told me to go to Sector 3!" I said.

     "The fight isn't over yet!" said Dr. Livingston. "You still have me to deal with."

     "I thought you would of died by now, Mutt," said Experiment.

     "In your dreams!" said BurnDragonX. The fight began! BurnDragonX pounced Experiment and scratched like his life depended on it. The two mutant Lupes kept on fighting. I went for Dr. Livingston.

     "So you think you can beat me!" said Dr. Livingston. The scientist took out a weapon. Dr. Livingston attacked with an Ultranova and I used Boil. Then, Dr. Livingston attacks with the Yoyo of Death and I fainted.

     "Where am I?" I wondered as I woke up. As I looked up, I saw Commander Garoo grinning at me through metal bars.

     "You thought you could get away. Didn't you?" asked Garoo. "Well, it looks like your end is now."

     "I have failed for now, but I will get Sloth. He can't run forever," I thought. Garoo picked up a gun. He aimed the gun at me and everything turned black.

To be continued...

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