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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 2nd day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 134 > Articles > Good Taste or a Waste?

Good Taste or a Waste?

by playmobil_is_my_life

NEOPOINTS - What do you do with yours? Save them? Spend them? If you like to spend, you want to make sure what you're buying is worth the value! This article should help you determine what is good taste is what is a waste.


First of all, who buys these things? If you're a guy, that's a most definite no. I wouldn't want to spend hundreds... even thousands of Neopoints on something like lipstick, hairbrushes and eye shadow, especially when you can't even see your pets wearing it! Now, if you're a girl, my statements above may vary. My opinion is -- you're better off donating to the money tree than buying make-up for a virtual pet...


This kind of follows Grooming Supplies. If you saw the clothing on the neopet, then that would be a little cooler. And if you were able to see your neopet wearing the clothing, who would want to hide its cuteness behind a Chomby and the Fungus Balls jacket? I bought a bunch of clothes and where are they now? Collecting dust in my Safety Deposit Box-hats, shirts, WHATEVER-any piece of clothing says plain as day: "Buy me if you want to waste your hard earned Neopoints!"


Now when Neopets first came out with petpet for your pet, I wasn't sure what that was. I just thought a petpet was like a double of your neopet. The idea was very popular, and more and more different petpets came out with your pet to play with, even some from different worlds. Petpets are what I call good taste. My Neopets seem happier with a petpet to entertain them, (so you don't have to all the time)! And petpets can be as inexpensive as 800 Neopoints. They all are very cute, since they come in all sorts of animals. Some petpets can even get you an extra avatar for the Neoboards! And your Neopets can talk to them. Even though petpets sometimes purr or roar or jump into the air and land with a thud, they are still cute to name and display on your pet page. You don't have to get too crazy and paint them faerie or anything, they are cute just the way they are.


Most Neopians consider furniture another waste. Sure, you want to have a great Neohome, but do you really want to spend the thousands of Neopoints furnishing it? For the cost of an average piece of furniture, you could probably buy an extra room and an upgrade. It's not like it shows whether or not your Neohome's furnished on your userlookup. Also, since the rooms are so big, you'll need several furniture pieces to fill up all of that space. If you want to spend more Neopoints of your Neohome, definitely go with the upgrades or building an extra room. Just make sure you plan out the rooms carefully to avoid unnecessary demolition. (All of this goes for Neogardens too)!


I think stamp collecting is one of the biggest wastes ever, and I found that out the hard way. There I am, blowing thousands of Neopoints away in the Post Office, all because I thought the stamps were pretty. I ended up getting a lot of doubles, not realizing that I already had that same stamp in my album. So I was forced to resell it for a low price, losing Neopoints. I started putting the new stamps in my stamp album, what a sensible person would do. I thought: Well, if I ever get bored with them, I'll just resell them, right? WRONG! Once you put a stamp to your album, you can't unstick it-meaning you can't resell it. And why try to collect all 25 stamps on one page just to get a certain avatar? Unless you have an abundance of Neopoints, (or a desire to show off your totally filled-up stamp book), stamp collecting is a wasteful idea.


With out a doubt, avatars are extremely popular for people who chat on the neoboards, which is a very good taste. When the new chat board with avatars came out, I was like: Whoa, I want to see how many I can get! Some avatars you have to "buy" and others you can win if you get a good score on a certain game! When I say "buying" an avatar, I don't actually mean buying the picture, I mean buying a certain item to get it! Example: To get the "Evil Fuzzle-BOO" avatar you need to buy a Blue Evil Fuzzle from the shop wizard and have your neopet play with it multiple times. The ones that you have to buy range in cost from about 1000 to 100,000 Neopoints. You might think that you're spending way too much for just one avatar, but sometimes you can resell the items and get most of your Neopoints back! They also have holiday avatars too and more and more are being created. You can even get a trophy if you're a top avatar collector!


Now, don't call me a meanie for saying, "I think medicine is a total waste of Neopoints!" Of course, I pity my poor neopet when he's sick, but there is a much better way of curing your neopet that doesn't cost you a thing. It's called... The Faerieland Healing Springs. Most of you are probably familiar with this. Perfect example: 00_Tweeite_00, one of my four Neopets, was sick with the Sneezles. So I went to the Neopian hospital to see what the cure for Sneezles was: a Magic Cookie-costing me about 5,000 Neopoints. I don't think so! I whisked 00_Tweetie_00 away to Faerieland to the Healing Springs. The Water Faerie says a few words and... 00_Tweetie_00 is fully healed! (And that is a direct quote from her). Easy as pie, and like it said, it's costs you nothing. NOTE: This doesn't always heal your pet the first time. If it doesn't, wait a few hours then try again.


You are a Battledomer and just hit the jackpot of Neopoints. Maybe you should think about upgrading your weapons or training your pets. To those who love to fight, Battledome items were always good taste. If you already have a strong pet, maybe you want to think about moving those Attack Forks up to something a little better! I'm not suggesting you go out and buy a Sinsis sword, but you get the point. And for those of you non-Battledomers, you might want to start training! If you have multiple Neopets, I advise not to train all of them. Your best bet is to strengthen one so all of your focus is on him/her. Battledoming is also a great way to get trophies in wars, and to interact with other Neopians to have a friendly, (or not so friendly), two-player match!


This is one mistake that lots of people make! You've just created a shop and given it your own look. You stock it to capacity and then upgrade. Then, a day later you upgrade it again, and again, and again. Maybe you're getting my point. If you're not, let me say it like this: make sure you don't upgrade too far! You shouldn't have to feel the need to have a huge shop if you hardly sell anything in it! Take my example: my shop is size 12, but there are only a few items in it. And I can have 60 things in stock at once. I was a Newbie, and upgrading lavishly. If your shop doubles as a gallery, then that's understandable.


Unless you're an Usuki fanatic, these things are a waste. Most of these sets cost around three hundred Neopoints each and there are hundreds of them! Need I say any more? But if you collect them, I suppose that's not so bad.


Ah, now this is a great topic: Painting your neopet. *When I say painting, I don't mean the standard colors! Well, I can't say whether this is "good taste" or a "waste". It depends on the way YOU look at it. If you don't have a lot of Neopoints to spend, then it would be a waste, but if you had some extra dough, it could mean giving your pet a brand new look! Some people think that painting a neopet is just a way for their owner's to show off. NOT TRUE! Painting a neopet is a way to express your creativity and give your pet a little more personality! Paintbrushes aren't all that expensive; depending on which one you buy. Maybe after reading this you can decide for yourself what is good taste, and what is a waste. Thanks! -Playmobil_is_my_life

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