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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 130 > Continuing Series > The Raven Faerie: Part Three

The Raven Faerie: Part Three

by shadyy15

Lychea bent over and reached out her hand. "Join us!" she said in a commanding voice. Pennathradiel looked at the hand, got up on her own and looked straight into Lychea's eyes. "Join us!" she repeated as a threat. You could not see Pennathradiel's inner struggle on her face. The fear of loneliness was very strong within this young Faerie. As her decision was made she looked back into Lychea's black eyes, and spat in her face. "Ungrateful fool!" screamed Lychea, she slapped Pennathradiel who crumbled instantly.


A few moments before Pennathradiel crumbled, Nefkemenion had come home after a day of long hard training. He yawned and sat on his chair. There was still some bread left. The young Kyrii tried to sink his teeth in but it was already too hard. He went to his shelf and took a tiny wooden cup. He poured some water in it and drank. It was yet dark outside; he stared at the moon. His hands were playing with the wooden cup until he spilt water on his sleeve. He looked at the wooden cup and it reminded him of Pennathradiel. Smiling, he pulled out the amulet from under his shirt. But his smile quickly faded, the amulet was dark, not one ray of light in it. He opened his door and looked at the moon again, it was there. Why had the amulet gone dark? It would always shine when his path got dark. Silly, he said to him self; it's not dark. You have candles in your house. He shook his head and went back inside. He sank onto his bead with a sigh of relief; finally he would get some rest. He laid the amulet on his bedside table and sank into a deep sleep.

     He awoke a few hours later. In the dark he looked at the place where the amulet lied. It was still dark. He was still pondering on the matter. He got dressed again, took the amulet and left his little shack, for that was what it really looked like. It couldn't hurt going into the forest a little, to see if it worked. After about fifteen minutes he was starting to get worried. She wouldn't have lied to me. She's a good Dark Faerie! Something must've happened to her. He now started running. He vaguely remembered where the tower was, so he ran towards it.

     He flung the door open, scared the life out of poor Faith and started looking around. But all was dark. He walked on, his arms spread out before him until he bumped into something. "Aouch! What moron seems to think I'm a rug? I'm not dead yet," said Faith with a highly irritated voice.

     "Faith, is that you? It's me, Nefkemenion. I've come to look for Pennathradiel. My charm didn't work and... where are you, Faith?"

     "Just light a candle you ignoramus! They took Pennathradiel away; they tied me up first and then took her. Now untie me!"

     Nefkemenion was frightened at the sight of that big black Gelert tied up like a sausage. He cut him loose and quickly gave him some water.

     "What have you done with the water? I see now, come to finish off the last witness have you? I'm warning you I'll fight fiercely! Traitor!"

     "Will you stop acting like a child? I only want to help! Now drink and tell me who took her away!"

     Ashamed, Faith drank and answered his question: "A Dark Faerie took her away... said something about a Dark Faerie Council. We can't go up against Faeries, certainly not Dark ones. I've failed to protect her during daytime... I was sleeping. My life has no more meaning," Faith started crying. "She was so sweet to me. Do you know she saved my life by taking me in with her? Nobody wanted such a big black Gelert... said I was dangerous. But she wasn't scared, she was my only friend and I was hers."

     "Come on, Faith, there must be something we can do! Let's first be friends, you can trust me!" he tended his paw towards Faith. Faith, who was still crying, shook it and they were friends. "Now come on, stop crying. You look tough on the outside but your really mushy, aren't you?" Faith nodded and wiped away his tears. They both sat on the bed, not knowing what to do. They huddled and fell asleep.

     They were awoken by a puff of pink smoke. Faith was the first to wake up and fall down on the floor; Nefkemenion also sat on his knees and bowed.

     "Now, I would like to know why Pennathradiel has given no sign of live for at least one day and I have a feeling you tow can tell me," Fyora pointed at both Neopets.


Pennathradiel found herself in a cold and humid dungeon. Her hands were still bound and were aching. She got up and saw that the sun was already rising. She would not be able to free herself until the next sunset, if she was still here. She walked around, trying to soothe her painful limbs. She startled when the door of the dungeon opened with a loud swung

     "Come! The Council wishes to see you!" said the cloaked figure. Pennathradiel followed the Faerie back into the round room. The thrones were now gone and only ten members of the Council were present. She was, again, guided towards the middle of the room.

     "You don't look so fair now, do you? After a pleasant stay in the dungeon. But I assure you that it can get even pleasanter. Now, the fact that you spat in my face is unforgivable, however we have agreed to grant you another chance. Join us, Pennathradiel, and live a life. Don't and perish in the dungeon for eternity."

     "All right, I will join the Dark Faeries," said Pennathradiel very coolly.

     "What is it that my ears hear? You join us; know that when you have said this there is no way back, if you mean it! Free her!" Numa undid her lace and whispered a welcome into her ear. Lychea turned around. "Sisters, Pennathradiel is now again one of us!"

     "I wouldn't be so sure of that! It is a nice castle you have found here, Lychea. Well protected, your guard was shaking at the very sight of me. I hadn't even spoken a word when the poor girl started begging me to spare her. I see you are in deep need of elder Dark Faeries. Are you this desperate that you attack the Raven Faerie. She is under my protection, it was a foolish step, Lychea!" said Fyora walking amidst the Dark Faerie Council.

     "You won't get her back, Fyora!" hissed Lychea. "She's with us now, she consented!"


"Do you actually believe she meant it?" Laughed Fyora. She turned towards the girl with an inquisitive look. Pennathardiel smiled and walked towards Fyora.

     "Betrayal!" shouted Lychea "We shall leave these grounds now, Fyora. But we shall find other places. And you!" She said pointing at Pennathradiel. "If I ever see your face again I will make it my task to make you feel as miserable as your starving Gelert is right now!" The Dark Faerie Council vanished and so did the castle.

     They were standing on a patch of green grass filled with flowers. The sun was shining and smiling above them. Pennathradiel blinked at the light of the sun. "Let's get you back home," smiled Fyora.

     "Pennathradiel!" shouted both pets as she appeared. Faith jumped on top of her, she hugged him. "I thought I was never going to see you again! I'm sorry for having been so annoying. But look, Nefkemenion and I are friends now." He smiled at Nefkemenion who nodded.

     "Oh my dear friends, how I have missed you both." Pennathradiel started sobbing and hid her face in Faith's black fur.

     "Don't cry Pennathradiel," said Fyora. "I have just taken the decision to relieve you of your duty. You must no longer guard the city of Meridell..."

     "Oh no! What have I done wrong? Why don't I deserve to be trusted anymore," she said, now crying.

     "Don't interrupt me. What I mean to say is that you can come and live in the Faerie City, close to me. You shall be known as the Raven Faerie, not as a Dark Faerie. I will make sure no questions will be asked. Also you need to get some colour on those pale cheeks. Let the sun be your friend too."

     "What about Faith? Can he come, too?" she asked. "Because I will not leave Faith here!"

     "Of course Faith can come, he's your companion, your bodyguard," she smiled at Faith.

     "I will have to say goodbye to you then. You were a nice friend, for those two days," she said, laughing her tears away.

     "You were a nice friend too, if I may call you that way. Just promise me to visit Meridell once in a while, maybe if I ever become a Knight?" They both laughed and the laughter was followed by a long hug.

     Pennathradiel pulled away from Nefkemenion. "O Fyora, who shall now guard Meridell. It cannot be left unprotected!"

     "Yes, I will have to think about it. Maybe I should get an Earth Faerie for the job!"

The End

Author's Note: If you are reading this and you are not a NT publisher it means I got published! Yay! Thank you so much for reading me J , and I welcome any comment on the subject (Although I don't handle bad reviews that well.).

Thank you-Shadyy15

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