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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 130 > Short Stories > Lily Goes Camping…ish

Lily Goes Camping…ish

by lndustrious

The sun was slowly starting to set as Lily and lndustrious made their way down a rocky trail in the back-roads of Neopia. lndustrious was singing '99 Bottles of Neocola on the Wall' and was currently on number seventy-one. Clumsilily, the mutant Lupe, had tied her bandana over her ears, trying to focus on getting to the campground before dark.

     The tone-deaf owner and her Lupe, Clumsilily were bound for a small campground near Kiko Lake. Their little excursion had been planned for months now and the two had finally gotten a chance to go.

     lndustrious carried the tent and sleeping bags, while Lily carried the supplies, such as canned goods and fresh clothing.

     Lily pulled the backpack straps a little higher on her shoulders and picked up the pace slightly.

     lndustrious continued to belt out the tune, making her way down to zero bottles of Neocola on the wall. (And for those of you keeping track, she's on Fifty-two.)

     The ground ceased sloping and the trees became denser, indicating their entrance into a forest. Lily smiled. Finally! she thought. We're here!

     lndustrious stopped singing and walking when Lily stopped. "Here already?" she asked, allowing the backpack to slide off her shoulders and drop to the nettle-covered floor.

     "Thank goodness!" muttered Clumsilily, gently lowering her pack to the ground as well. "We don't have time to make a fire, so let's just get the tents up and get some rest. We can continue on to Kiko Lake tomorrow." Lily instructed as she pulled the bandana from her head.

     lndustrious nodded and pulled out the Instant Tent box. She smiled as she pulled the cord and a large canvas tent popped up in front of them.

     "Perfect!" lndustrious cheered as she flung her pack inside.

     Lily smiled thankfully. Lndustrious couldn't sing in her sleep.

     An hour later, the two had set up their sleeping bags and had settled into them, ready for sleep to consume them.

*Midnight, When Both Are Asleep…*

The sky was already a deep indigo, but it soon became a stormy slate as clouds began to appear. A small rumble began to build and rain began to fall steadily on the camp…


Lily sat quietly in the tent, unaware of the storm that had hit during the night. She scribbled quietly in a journal.

Day Two.

lndustrious is still asleep. I believe it's about Eight-o-clock. Maybe earlier. I should probably be out collecting kindling and a few logs so we can make breakfast. We are to head out for Kiko Lake after breakfast. It's a fifteen-mile hike, so we should be there by… about two-o-clock. Maybe earlier if we're lucky… ~Lily.

     Lily quietly snapped the journal shut and stuck it in her pack. She pulled the flap of the tent back and raised her nose to smell the fresh air. Clumsilily stepped outside.


     Lily's foot sunk deep into the mud.

     "Oh no!" Lily cried aloud. Lndustrious stirred inside the tent. "We'll never be able to reach Kiko Lake in this kind of condition!

     She gazed out about herself. The forest floor was carved with craters of where other creatures had stepped. Some holes were filled with water from the night's storm. There was a small trickle of water passing the tent, a few leaves rushed down with the steady current.

     Lily pulled herself back inside the tent and collapsed onto her bottom, her face staring blankly at the tent flap.

     lndustrious was sitting up, wiping groggily at her eyes. "What's going on?" she asked, yawning.

     "You don't want to know," Lily said bluntly, falling back down onto the sleeping bag, covering her eyes with her paws. "Let's just say there'll be no Kiko Lake today, or tomorrow," she explained.

     lndustrious furrowed her brow and got onto her hands and knees. She poked her head outside and gasped. "We won't even be able to get home!" she pointed out.

     Lily groaned miserably. "Now what will we do?!" she moaned.

     lndustrious smiled and opened her mouth wide. "Ooooooooh… Ninety-nine bottles of Neocola on the wall! Ninety-nine bottles of Neocola! You take one down, pass it around! Ninety-eight bottles of Neocola on the wall!!" lndustrious sang.

     "AUUUUUGHHH!!!!!!!!" Lily screeched, pulling the sleeping bag tightly around herself.

     lndustrious laughed stopped signing. "Do you have any brighter ideas?" she asked, pulling at Lily's sleeping blanket.

     Lily unrolled herself and glared over at her owner. "As a matter of fact, I do," she announced.

     "Well?" lndustrious asked, shrugging her shoulders.

     "Know any good ghost stories?" Lily asked, squirming into her sleeping bag.

     Lndustrious smiled and cleared her throat.

     "It was a dark, stormy night…" she began.

     "Aww, they ALWAYS start that way!" Lily complained.

     "Shush!" lndustrious hissed. "ANYWAY!" she continued.

     "It was a dark, stormy night, and the wind was howling, tossing the trees about and ripping the shingles off roofs. A small blue Lupe sat quietly in his Neohome, alone, reading a book. The fire crackled in his fire place, and then…." Lndustrious paused, "the lights went out! All except the fire… The little Lupe screamed and dropped his book. And then… the fire slowly started to dim… slowly… slowly… it went out," Lndustrious whispered.

     Outside, the storm had picked up, and the win howled, shaking the trees. The bark creaked and moaned and made eerie noises. Lndustrious stopped for a moment and looked around the tent, as if she could see the trees outside.

     She cleared her throat and continued. "Now the little Lupe was all alone and in the dark… He didn't know what to do! Then, he heard the floorboards above him creak… creeeeak… creeeak… creeeak…" lndustrious mimicked a creaking noise. "The little Lupe began to shiver… someone… or something… was upstairs!"

     Rain began to fall steadily outside, pattering softly on the tent.

     "It was getting closer… now, the Lupe could hear it on the stairs… Thud…. Thud… Thud…" lndustrious whispered. "Now he was REALLY scared. All was silent for a minute. Then, the Lupe heard a soft scuttling sound… then silence again. It seemed to be an hour before the Lupe heard the next sound. But when he heard it, he'd wished that it would have been longer…" lndustrious paused dramatically.

     "C'mon!" Lily pleaded, prodding at lndustrious' sleeping bag. "Do continue!"

     lndustrious glared at Lily but continued. "It was the sound of heavy breathing…." she whispered, her eyes getting wider. "The little Lupe didn't dare turn around to see what was behind him… then all of a sudden…."

     Everything seemed silent for a minute. Lndustrious paused, gazing wide-eyed at Lily, Lily curled up in her sleeping bag stared back at lndustrious. And outside, the wind and rain seemed to pause too, as if waiting to hear the rest of the story.

     lndustrious reached out quickly and grabbed Lily. "IT GRABBED HIM!" she yelled, cackling hideously.

     Lily screamed in terror and was shaking from lndustrious' interactive story.

     Lndustrious leaned back and let go of Lily. "The end," she said simply, chuckling.

     "That was awful," Lily sneered. "I wasn't scared once," she lied.

     "Riiight," Lndustrious laughed, casually examining her nails.

     "Like that would ever happen!" Lily laughed.

     "It could!" lndustrious insisted.

     All of a sudden the winds picked up again and shook the tent violently. Both Lily and lndustrious screamed, lunging at each other and hugging each other tight.

     Out of nowhere, a booming voice yelled, "GOTCHA! Mwah ha ha ha ha ha!"

The End

…Or… is it?

Note From The Author: I know this wasn't my best story, but it was raining outside when I wrote it and I wanted to have a little fictional fun! So I hope you enjoyed my little tale of Lily and I! Feel free to Neomail me with any questions, comments, or constructive criticisms.

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