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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 127 > Continuing Series > The Return of the Terrible Two: Part Five

The Return of the Terrible Two: Part Five

by bqueen6430

It seemed that the twins had had too much sugar.

     The were bouncing off the walls, yelling, screaming, singing-

     "La la la LA LA LA!"

     Tamara jumped on the sofa, totally out of control.

     Tommy followed suit.

     "Dee dee dee dee DEE DEE DEE!"

     Tia had never seen them so hyper. She screeched until she was hoarse, trying to get them to calm down, but Tommy and Tamara just weren't listening. They were now singing (or rather, screaming) their ABCs. Tia scrunched up her face and plugged her ears, forcing herself to think about the dance-the dance that, hopefully, would be nothing as disastrous as this.

     When finally the twins had calmed down enough to at least stop singing, Tia marched sternly over to the couch and glared at them.

     Tommy whimpered, and within seconds they were both seated, heads hanging, paws folded in their laps.

     "We won't have another outburst like that," Tia ordered, unaware that she sounded remarkably like Mrs. Owens. "Understood?"

     The twins bobbed their heads up and down sadly. Tamara sniffled.

     Tia felt her anger melt like a popsicle in July in the Lost Desert. How could she be furious with them when they were so cute like this?

     She sat on the sofa in between them. "I'm sorry. But you need to be good. All right? She checked her watch. "It's five o'clock. For dinner I'll get you some GaGa Grub baby food, and then when we can play for a little while before getting ready for the party."

     "You is still bringing us to the par-tee?" Tamara asked, her eyes wide and brimming with hope.

     "Yes. If… you are good."


After eating, the strange group paraded up the stairs into Tia's room. Tia prayed that they wouldn't disrupt anything here, especially her posters. Last time the twins had been in here, Tommy had been very curious about the mysterious Lupe plastered all over Tia's walls. He just didn't understand.

     "Still lots of pitchers," Tommy said as they entered. He gazed at all the Lupes, and they gazed back at him.

     "Yes," Tia said, and her eyes became misty as she looked at Nick, who looked back at her. "I do have lots of pictures. Now, don't you dare touch them, like you did last time."

     Tommy hung his head, and Tia immediately felt guilty.

     "But I forgive you for that. Now, what would you like to play?"

     "Uslukis," Tamara demanded right away, pointing to the Usuki dolls neatly lined up in a row on top of Tia's Purple Wardrobe.

     Tia swallowed. She never let anyone touch her Usukis. Luckily, Tommy whined:

     "No, no, NO! Don't WANNA pay Uslukis! I wanna pay Babbledone with plushies!"

     "No!" Tamara wailed, "Babbledone is NO FUN! Uslukis! Uslukis! USLUKIS, NOW!"

     Tia's like for them quickly diminished. Evidently, they fought often. More than often.

     "QUIET!" Tia bellowed to silence them. "One idea at a time. Now, Tamara wants to play Usukis."

     Tamara made a face at Tommy, who stuck out his tongue at her.

     "Tommy, what do you want to play?"



     "Babbledone. With plushies."

     "What's Babbledone?"

     "Where strong pets gets to fight each others."

     Realization dawned on Tia, and she exclaimed, "Oh, the Battledome! I see. Well…" She consulted her watch. "The party begins in about an hour and a half, so… I need to get ready. Here." She sprinted over to her violet shelf unit, retrieved a box of crayons and some paper, and set it on the floor. You two can color while I get ready. All right? Stick to the paper. Leave my posters alone. The best masterpiece gets a prize."

     The idea of a contest again worked like a charm. Tommy and Tamara were so competitive. They snatched a crayon each and started to scribble on their sheets of paper. Tia was reminded of herself at that age. As the took her new dress out of the bag and headed for the bathroom, she heard Tamara bragging about her "masserpleece."


The navy blue dress looked gorgeous on Tia, but didn't quite fit her just right. Unfortunately, there was no way she could return it now. If she took some safety pins she could pin it up where it was too big. The little blue boots she was wearing took some attention away from the dress, but that was good. Maybe then no one would notice that it wasn't exactly her size.

     Tia applied a tad of blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick to her face. She smacked her lips together and smiled. She actually looked nice. Maybe the dance wouldn't be such a fiasco as she'd thought.

     After brushing her slightly damp fur a few more times (she had showered and shampooed her fur), Tia put her tiny stash of make-up away and started towards her room. Halfway there she stopped.

     I wonder if I could call Holly, just quickly…she wondered, then raced to her owner's bedroom and picked up the phone there. She dialed Holly's number and waited.

     Holly answered without delay. "Hello?" she said breathlessly.

     Tia could tell that she had expected the phone call to be from Louis, the Kougra she was going with to the dance.

     "Holly, it's me, Tia."

     "Hi, Tia. How's it going? I just finished getting ready. This red dress looks great! I've just put on my make-up, and I look okay. I've got these really nice Wellington Boots and even the Tiara that I got for Christmas last year. I hope you like my outfit. More importantly, I hope Louis likes my outfit! Do you think he will? What will he say? Louis is so nice. He's really great. And do you know what else, Tia? Louis is-"

     She babbled on about Louis for some time until Tia had the nerve to say, "Holly, stop rambling!"

     Abruptly, Holly ceased. "Was I rambling?"

     "Yes! You must be really excited."

     "I am!"

     "Well, I'm just checking in. I'm ready now, too. I've got the navy blue dress, and it looks pretty good. But the twins are coloring in my room so I'd better go. See you in about…" She checked her watch again, then said, "a half hour. Bye!"


When she entered her room, Tia nearly fainted.

     The twins, crayons clutched tightly in their paws, where just putting the finishing touches on their idea of a "masserpleece"-Tia's wall.

     Colored squiggles zigzagged all over the left wall. All of Tia's Nick posters over there were ruined, now decorated with a hodgepodge of bright, clashing colors. Tia opened her mouth to scream, but only squeaked.

     "We gots it done!" Tamara cheered. She tugged on Tommy's paw and they both bowed. "Isn't it pritty? It's our best masserpleece ever!"

     After Tia continued to stare, transfixed with horror, Tommy persisted, "You gots to like it! You gots to! Don't you like our masserpleece?"

     Tia clenched and unclenched her paws. She inhaled and exhaled deeply, struggling to keep her rage under control.

     "Let's go," she managed to whisper, her voice shaking with fury.

     The Terrible Two did as told, skipping joyously out the door and down the stairs.

To be continued…

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