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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 127 > Continuing Series > Prancer and Moachy: Part Two

Prancer and Moachy: Part Two

by cebu_that_meows

Just to remind you all, here's what happened in the last time we met: After a disagreement with my owner, I, Prancer, decided to take a walk to calm myself down. While out on this walk, I came across a small Moach, whom I named Moachy. We quickly became friends, and he came to live with me and my family. After mistaking him for a scary bug, my family quickly got over it and accepts him as just another part of the family. Later, Reli announced that he wanted a petpetpet too, and that he's going to buy a Lady Blurg. For some reason, this thought terrified Moachy, but I'm not quite sure why.

It's a bright, sunny day in my Lost Desert home, where I am sitting with my owner, a Fire Zafara named Meow, and his owner, Cebu. My name is Prancer, and I am a Raindorf. You know, a petpet? I live, as I mentioned before, in the Lost Desert with Meow, Cebu, and Meow's brother, a Speckled Shoyru named Reli (He might not be speckled for long. Cebu is thinking about painting him, she just can't decide what color), and Reli's petpet, a sweet Halloween Snowbunny named SnowBunnicula. I also live with my new friend, a Moach named Moachy (duh!)

     Since it's so hot outside, we decide to stay inside our Neohome and just play and read. Cebu is especially proud of her Neohome. She spends hours decorating it. I guess she's trying to win some award or something. Anyway, the playroom is decorated with matching Electric furniture that can blind you if you stare at it for too long. Well, I guess she'll probably redo it. I hope.

     We are spread out lazily on the couch in the playroom reading a book called Faerie Tales. Well actually, Cebu is on the couch, Meow is on Cebu's lap, I'm on Meow's lap, and Moachy is sitting on my head. Reli and Bunnicula are out talking to the Shop Wizard. See, ever since Moachy came to live with us, Reli has desperately wanted to get a petpetpet for Bunnicula. He saved up his allowance for forever, and Cebu gave him some Neopoints to help him out, too. Now he was out getting one.

     Cebu continues reading the tale we are on, Goldilupe and the Three Polarchucks. "'And the Blue Polarchuck said that someone had eaten all of his maggot soup right up!'" she says, over-exaggerating her words and hand gestures. All of a sudden, we hear the door open and slam shut, then fast paw steps on the bamboo floor. The paw steps stop, and we hear the "flipa, flipa, flip" of wings. Reli excitedly flies in the room, holding a rather mad and scared looking Snowbunny.

     "I'm hoome!" he says in a singsong voice. I can see he's got strawberry ice Cream all over his mouth. He must've had change left over.

     Reli stops flapping his wings and drifts slowly to the ground, much to the relief of Bunnicula.

     Bunnicula squiggles nervously, then looks at me and whispers "We have to fly. No, we can't walk. We can't run, hop, skip, or even take a bike or scooter. We have to fly. Knowing my luck, he'll drop me over Mystery Island right as they decide to start a new round of Sacrificers."

     "Hey honey!" Cebu exclaims. "Did you find a petpetpet?"

     "I did!" He sets Bunnicula down on the floor and, out from under his wing, pulls out a small box with holes poked all around it to give whatever was inside air. He opens it, and takes out a small creature that looks like Moachy, but different. It's very round and fat, and on its back, is red with black spots. I stare at it curiously for a moment. Reli notices, and puts the thing right in front of my face.

     "It's called a Lady Blurg," he explains. "It's a petpetpet, like Moachy." He sets the Lady Blurg in my hoofs. It looks at me; head cocked to the side, and then rubs his face against my chest.

     "Awww!" Everyone goes. "It's so sweet!"

     "Looks like you made a good choice Reli!" Meow congratulates.

     Reli beams with pride for a moment, until we hear a loud rumble.

     "What was that?" Cebu yells, alarmed.

     Reli looks down, red in the face. "That was me. I'm a little hungry."

     Cebu grins. "Even after your little in flight meal?" she asks, noticing the ice cream.

     Reli grins sheepishly. "It's really hard to eat and fly at the same time. And I spilled a lot of it while going over Faerieland. I guess most of it landed on a Fire Faerie because.." He turns around and shows us his tail. It's got black ash marks all over it.

     Everyone laughs, and Cebu suggests, "Why don't we get something to eat? I think we have some Achyfi and NeoCrackers in the kitchen."

     There's a murmur of agreement as they (Cebu, Reli, and Meow) head down to the kitchen. The rest of us stay behind.

     "Sooo…what do you think?" Bunnicula asks me.

     I giggle. "Its very cute!" I scratch behind what I think is the Lady Blurg's ears, and he rolls his head over, then onto his back.

     Bunnicula hops on the couch and makes a tsking sound, and the Lady Blurg comes over to him. He holds it in his paws and looks at it.

     "Moachy, what do you think?" I ask, attempting, but failing, to look at the Moach still sitting on top of my head. Silence. "Moachy?"

     I reach on top of my head and grab him, then move him down right in front of my face. He is still, and quiet, with a look of pure terror in his eyes. He looks even more upset than the day I found him.

     Bunnicula looks at him, concerned. "Is he okay?" he whispers.

     "I don't know. Could you and your Lady Blurg go downstairs for a moment so I can talk to him?"

     "Yeah, no problem." Bunnicula puts the Lady Blurg on his head, hops off the couch, and hops away, worried and confused. I watch them until I know they're gone, and then turn back to Moachy.

     "What's wrong?" I ask him.

     "I know that Lady Blurg," he quietly whispers.


     "Prancer, there are some things I have to tell you."

     I set him on the couch next to me and sit back, waiting.

     He takes a deep breath, then starts.

     "You are still young, so I wouldn't expect you to know this. A lot of pets and petpets don't know this, as it is considered one of the blackest marks in history, and no one wants to remember it, so know one tells about it. But years and years ago, there was a great petpetpet land, called Threyo. This is where a majority of the petpetpets in Neopia lived. For a long time, a great king, a Veespa named Jured, ran it. But one day, he mysteriously disappeared. In his place came a Lady Blurg, one by the name of Tredpa.

     I interrupt. "But I thought petpetpets were discovered only recently? And where is this land?"

     "The land is-was just off the coast of Meridell. And just because something isn't known, doesn't mean it doesn't exist."

     I'm about to ask what this means, but Moachy continues with his story.

     "Tredpa quickly became mad with power. He didn't just want to rule over Threyo; he wanted to rule over Neopia itself. He wanted to destroy all owners, Neopets, and petpets alike. He built himself up an army, and then built a powerful weapon; much more powerful than the Battle Duck, Yoyo of Death, and Sword of Skarsden combined. He kept this very secret though, only between him and his army. When the citizens of Threyo found out, they were all against it. They teamed together, raided his castle, and stole his weapon. Then they tried to destroy Tredpa, but he escaped and we haven't been able to find him since."


     Moachy sighs. "I was one of the petpetpets who helped to try to destroy him."

     "But this was years and years.."

     "Petpetpets, just like Neopets and petpets, never die of old age."

     "His army fought back for a while, for just enough time for him to escape Threyo, like I said. They killed many petpetpets, including many of my best friends. I was one of the fortunate few who was able to flee."

     "What happened to this weapon?"

     "The citizens, called Threyans, tried to destroy it, but weren't completely able to. So they broke it into five separate parts, and scattered them throughout Neopia. They wanted to remember where the parts were though, so that every so often they could check and make sure they were still there. So they made a map. They eventually found the slain body of King Jured, many think that Tredpa killed him to become king, and when they buried King Jured, they buried the map along with him."

     Moachy, his voice tired and weak, looked up at me. "And now Tredpa is here, in our own home. We may be safe as long as the map is still buried, but I don't want to take any chances. We have to destroy him. For real."

To be continued...

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