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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Hunting, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 5 > Short Stories > Al Shipwrecked

Al Shipwrecked

by al_the_chia

Al looked around. He was on an expedition, searching for the elusive Hunkalunka Lupe tribe in Mystery Island. This tribe was known for collecting and using teeth and claws for decoration. Al and his faithful Cobrall, Fluffy, searched for the tribe, Al talking into his handy dandy tape recorder as he followed a long trail of toothy jewelry.

"It appears as though they were leaving in a hurry, for there are many many pieces of jewelry scattered all over the floor. I wonder what could scare off such a ferocious tribe of Lupes? Or maybe they weren't scared off... maybe they were dragged..."

Al shivered. He continued following the path, the teeth getting larger. "I must be getting close..." Al blinked, rubbing his glasses nervously. "The trail ends at that big overgrowth of trees..." Al gulped. He pulled out his handy dandy overgrowth shortener, and chopped a small path. He gasped. "It ends at the sea!! How odd..." Al pulled out some binoculars. "Wait a second... AH! A boat!! It's a boat! They left on a boat! How interesting..." Al put on a determined look. "Where would they go?" Al reached into his backpack, pulling out a small, yellow capsule. He pulled a string on it, and POOF! A huge inflatable life raft appeared. Al jumped in, as well as Fluffy, and turned on the motor. It gently hummed as it drifted over the waves. The ship gradually became closer and closer. Al started to worry. "It appears as though this ship isn't of Native craftsmanship, but of one I've never seen before. It's not a Maraquan submarine, nor a Neopian cruise craft. It appears to be..." Al saw a black flag billow, with the dreaded pink skull and crossbones etched onto it. "AHHH!! PIRATES!!"

And so it was. And not just any pirate ship. No, this was a very VERY dangerous pirate ship. With a very very dangerous captain, who was standing on the main deck, chewing on a big, pink wad of bubble gum. His one eye shimmered as it stared at the sun, the other covered with a frilly, fashionable pink eye patch. He wore a diamond studded earring, with long, pink, frilly locks hanging down his rosy cheeked face. On top of his hair, he had a beautiful pirate hat with a fluffy white feather in it. A ferocious Floud perched on his shoulder, blankly running into his head over and over again. He had tight leather pants with frills on the ends, and also had a derisive smirk smeared onto his face. He stared down at the Chief of the Hunkalunka Lupe Tribe, who was tied up on the floor.

"Stupid Uni with stupid clothes, you leave Mukaluk's tribe alone!"

"What did you say?"

The captain glared at the chief. He had a soft voice with a slight lisp, but it was still somewhat menacing.

"Did you say my clothes were... stupid?"

The chief blinked.

"UGLY, STUPID CLOTHES!!" The Uni flinched.

"INSOLENT LITTLE..." He turned from pink to red.


"NO!! BADLY DRESSED SCURVY!!" This was a very brave thing to say to this Uni. He began to quiver with anger.

"THIS... This is the latest in Pirate Fashion... and you tell me... I'm BADLY DRESSED?!?! THAT'S IT!!"

He pulled out a pink, frilly pillow with a look of rage on his pink face. "No one insults Pinkbeard the Pirate and lives to tell the tale!!"

"Chia AHOY!!" A pink Usul yelled.

Pinkbeard paused. Al's raft had popped, and he was jettisoning through the air, clinging on for dear life.

"OH PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFUUUUUUUUUUL!!!" He bellowed, Fluffy wrapped so hard around his leg Al's circulation was cut off. "AIIIIEEEEE!!"

With a sickening THUD, Al landed on the ship. "Piffle..." Al muttered, muffled by the floor of the ship. He peeled his face off the deck, searching for his glasses.

"Yar be looking for these?" the pink Usul chuckled, waving the glasses in the air.

"Thank you..." He grabbed them and put them on, his vision clearing.

"OH PIFFLE!!" Al screamed. Fluffy still clung onto his leg. The crew of cute Usuls and adorable Chias surrounded Al, not seeming quite adorable to him. The pink Usul pulled out a pillow.

"Come now, ye scurvy Chia! I'm Pinky, and I want to see the colour of your insides, Chia!!"

She brandished the hazardous object, challenging Al. Al reached into his pack, pulling out his pillow. It was a cheap, Styrofoam one.

"Well... I... well... I'm going to see the colour of your insides too!!" He twirled the pillow, swiping it at Pinky and missing, doing a full turn. Pinky brought down the pillow on Al's head hard.

"OW!!" Al bellowed, before crumpling to the ground. Fluffy winced. They were snatched and dragged to Pinkbeard.

"Well, what have we here?" Pinkbeard smiled. "Spies? Stowaways? Who could you be? Well, whoever you are, you're going to be walking the plank!!"

Al gasped. Fluffy hissed. The pirates cheered.

Al found himself held by pillowpoint, precariously being backed off the plank. "The Jetsams will take care of ye!" Pinky laughed, thrusting her pillow viciously.

Al looked down, seeing a bunch of Jetsams circling around and around the boat, grinning mouths and yellow eyes glaring at Al. Fluffy was tied to Al's back. Al gulped.

"Well, Fluffy, this looks like the end..."

Just then, Fluffy struggled loose. He jumped off of Al's back and snatched a pillow in his teeth, snarling.

"Ah, it be a wee cute PetPet!!" Pinky smiled. "Well, cute PetPet, I'll mount you on my wall when I'm through with you!!"

Fluffy hissed menacingly.

Pinky gasped. "Ah, you have good comebacks! Well, let's see if you can stand THIS!"

And so the fight began. Fluffy tossed pirates left and right, clubbing their feet and faces, and landing on their heads, making them hit each other. They were all soon on a pile on the floor, a huge mass of beaten up pink pets. Fluffy smiled, baring his short little fangs. Suddenly, THWACK!! He was hit by a pink pillow. He flew across the ship, landing in a corner.

"Well, Cobrall, that was a nice fight you had there, but you won't be able to stand the power of my pillow!" Pinkbeard cackled. "Prepare to meet your doom!!"

Suddenly, WOOSH!!! Al had gotten himself free, and although Al was pretty weak, he packed powerful items. A Tornado in a Bottle was all Al needed, and soon the entire crew and captain were flying through the air.

"AIIIIEEEEEEE!!!" The Usuls and Chias were thrown off the ship, pitched off into the distance. The captain was thrown onto the deck, making a small Uni shaped hole on the floor. Al blinked. His hair was blown back by the force of the attack.

"Oh COOL!!"

The Uni climbed out of the hole, sobbing, "I'm sorry!! I'm sorry! I'm not really a pirate!! I'm not really a pirate!"

"Who are you?" Al asked, menacingly pointing a Nova at him.

"I'm the Fashion Store Owner!! I had just made a few Neopoints and I wanted to lead a more exciting life then clothing, so I went out and bought this boat, and hired a bunch of Usuls and Chias for crew members! I painted myself pink so no one would recognise me!! It's really me!!" he sobbed, his Floud still running into his head. Al blinked.

"Wow..." Fluffy hissed.

"Well, now you've had a taste of adventure." Al smiled. "Do you think it's worth it?"

"No!! I'll go back to Neopia and reopen shop!! I'll release the Lupe tribe!! Anything you say!!"

So the tribe was released, 'Pinkbeard' went back to selling clothes, and everything was okay. Unfortunately, the tribe practiced Chia voodoo as well, and Al found himself ramming against a wall against his own will, over and over again. Fluffy is being worshipped as a God, being fed gummy rats each and every day while being pampered. If there are any brave explorers out there, could you go out and get them?

The End

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