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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 127 > Articles > What's For Lunch?

What's For Lunch?

by charmedhorses

NEOSCHOOL CAFETERIA - Have you ever been asked that age-old question, "What's for lunch?" It can come at the oddest of times, like just after you've eaten breakfast, but it's always the same, your pet always wants to know what's for lunch. And it doesn't matter how many times you hear it, you always have to come up with an answer.

For those of you who never know what to fix or how to package it for Neoschool, I am here to offer suggestions. Believe me, I've been in your situation and I'm here to help!

The Lunch Box

There was a time, a very long time ago, when sending your Neopet to school with a bagged lunch was found quite fit and appropriate. However, it seems that all that has changed. Just this past year I sent my Uni, Indipsi, to her first day of Neoschool with a perfectly healthy lunch enclosed in a paper bag. To my surprise, she arrived home in a frenzy, insisting that everyone else at school had a lunch box. She refused to take her lunch in a paper bag anymore. Well, what could I say to that? I went down to the store and bought her a nice plastic lunch box. She was much happier after that.

I'm sure that other Neopians are finding out the same thing that I did, so I decided to cover the topic in this article. Seeing as there are so many lunch boxes to choose from, I thought I'd discuss five of the more popular options.

1. Babaa Lunch Box I have noticed that this lunch box is quite popular these days, especially with the "older" Neopets. They don't want to seem childish, with Count Roo and Princess Fernypoo boldly displayed on their lunch tins, however they don't want it to be too serious, either. Consequently, this black lunch box with the adorable face of a Babaa and it's fashionable red handle makes it an ideal choice.

2. Blue Cybunny Lunch Box This is a charming lunch pail that is still popular with the younger Neopets. After all, who can resist the sweet face of the blue Cybunny shown on the front? It also has enough room in it to hold quite a sizeable lunch, which is perfect for the hungry youngsters. This is surely one of the top sellers.

3. Lupe Warrior Lunch Box This lunch box is a fantastic choice for all of those aspiring Lupe warriors out there. I know a lot of little Lupes and Gelerts want to be just like Jeran some day and this is sure to get them dreaming of all those adventures they'll have!

4. Sloth Lunch Box It seems that Sloth has even cast his evil spell on the younger generation. An enormous amount of these lunch pails have already been sold all over Neopia! To think that our little ones are being brain washed into admiring him… either that or Sloth's armies are really hungry and need a way to carry their lunch while they help him take over Neopia!

5. Top Security Lunch Box This has got to be my favorite lunch box of all time. Whoever created the top security lunch box is a genius! I mean, with this nifty invention no one will be able to steal your meal. The metal is extremely flashy and the hand dandy lock provides great protection against theft. Just be sure your pet doesn't forget the combination or they could be mighty hungry by the time they get home.

What To Pack

Now that we've covered what kind of lunch box to get your pet, I think a lot of you could use help figuring out what to put in it so that your pet's appetite is quenched, but they aren't over fed. Personally, my favorite is simply a sandwich. There are multiple options of things that you can put between two slices of bread, so you are able to keep it simple but varied. Of course, not every pet likes sandwiches and while you can vary it, it can still get quite boring. So here are some options I have put together that should provide you with some ideas suitable for your pet.

Pre-Packed: I know that a lot of you are very busy making Neopoints to support your Neofamily and of course there are some of you that are just too lazy to pack a lunch for your pet, so let's start with a few options for owners in such a situation. Lucky for you, there are four pre-packed lunches (cheese and pickle, egg salad, gooseberry jam, and ham and mustard) available for sale at the Main Food Shop. If you're really in a bind try picking one up the night before. They're as good as home made!

For The Vegetarian: One of the biggest herbivorous pets I know of is the Chomby. Of course, there are exceptions, not all are vegetarians, but if your pet is adamant about maintaining a healthy, greens only diet, I'm here to help. To begin with, there are many easy to fix options such as salads. Simply toss some lettuce together with some fruits and vegetables and you've got yourself a delicious meal! Or, try packing your pet a vegetarian cheeseburger. Just because they don't eat meat doesn't mean they can't still enjoy the savory taste of a burger every now and then. You'll find that there really are a lot of options for vegetarian pets, including the vegetarian Krawk day pie, and the vegetarian meat pie, among others. My favorite is the island meatloaf, which despite its name has no meat in it! While not all of these foods look appealing, they sure do taste good!

For The Meat-Eater: As there are some pets that refuse to eat meat, there are others that refuse to eat anything but meat. For such a pet there are many options. It seems that you can find practically anything with meat. Take for example, meat cake. Who could imagine that someone makes an entire cake out of meat? Yet they do, and you can buy it. The perfect dessert for your carnivorous pet. For a main meal, try giving your pet an extra meaty sandwich, there are no greens to be found on this sandwich and it's sure to fill their belly. There's even meat a la twig, a piece of heated meat on a stick for the most devoted meat-eater. So you see, feeding a meat-eater is not as hard as it may seem.

Gourmet: What do you do if your pet will only eat the finest gourmet foods, is that your next question? Well, there's a simple answer: Feed them gourmet foods! While most are extremely expensive, there are some cheaper options. For example, the packed lunches that I mentioned earlier are gourmet and affordable, so you can give them what they want and have a little extra time to spend on something else. Then for dessert, there are plenty of gourmet treats including the Acara cabbage cake, which is both delectable and healthy.

Make It Personal

Don't just send your send your Neopet to Neoschool with their lunch; send them with a little something extra. While this could be something fun like a cheap air ring to show them you're thinking of them, I suggest sending a note. It doesn't have to be something long and emotional, it can be something simply like, 'Hey Tommy, I just wanted you to know I love you. Have a great day at school!' This is something sweet and considerate that lets your pet know how much you care about them. It's always nice to know you're loved.

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