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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 3rd day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 5 > Short Stories > Beauty Contest Blues

Beauty Contest Blues

by IndigoKitten

also by Strata_skywolf_200

"But I don't wanna!"

"Darling, you have to enter - after I spent ages writing your speech for you!"

DJ the Aisha was throwing another of her tantrums; she was entered in the Beauty Contest again, and she didn't like it.

"You want to uphold your reputation, and win some more pretty trophies and money, don't you?" her owner smiled, "Don't you want to make us all proud of you, Delilah?"

Delilah or DJ, as she preferred to be called, just gave her owner an annoyed stare and stomped upstairs to her bedroom.

"I don't want to be in those beauty contests! Why can't she ever have Sammi be in it?" DJ complained to herself. Sammi, also known as Samantha, was Delilah's little sister. "I want to in Battledome competitions, not in beauty contests! Why can't she understand that?" There was a sudden call from downstairs.

"DJ! I have a new dress for you to try on!"

"No, I can't take any more of this! I'm leaving!" Delilah thought to herself. She locked her door so her owner couldn't see her, then she got out her striped suitcase - it matched her colors - and started packing. As she tried to sneak out through the back door, DJ kept a sharp lookout for her owner. Back to the wall, Mission Impossible style, she checked to see if the coast was clear...

"Right, I guess this is it. I'm finally running away from home; away from my fussy owner; away from beauty contests; from my NeoHome and even my lit- aaaaaargh!" The jumpy little Aisha flew around as she felt a tap on her shoulder.

"What you doin'?" DJ sighed.

"Oh, Sammi, it's just you. Go away, don't bother me now..."

"What you doin'?" the smaller Aisha said, again, in a childish voice. "I'm running away from home. Now, just go-"


"Go play with your Usukis, or something!"

"Why? Why, why, why?" DJ sighed again--she knew her persistent sibling would not give up until she got some kind of information. Well, the least she could do was tell her about it, after all, they'd probably never see each other again, and DJ was actually starting to form a strange sort of attachment to the little pet. So, she told all.

"Oooh... running away sounds fun! Can I come?"

"No, Sammi - I need to go on my own, to make a new start..."

"Okay, I'll get my Usuki collection and my nightshirt and my suitcase and my toothbrush... wait for me!" Sammi ran after DJ, who had made a start towards the door, and blocked her path.

"If you don't let me come with you, I'll tell mummy all about how naughty you're being, running away!"

DJ was surprised; perhaps some of her sneaky ways had rubbed off on Sammi--blackmail is not something you would expect in a young Aisha.

"You wouldn't..."

"I would, in fact, I'll tell her now. MUM--"

DJ clasped a paw over the open mouth. She thought for a moment. Then, she relented.

"Okay, go get your stuff, and meet me back here in a few minutes."

As the little Aisha packed her Usukis, happy to be receiving such attention from her beloved older sister, DJ was already running down the road and around the corner.

"Phew! She'll never get done packing and catch up to me in time! In fact, mom walked in on herů Uh-oh! What if she spills the beans? I'd be in for it! I better run!" So off Delilah ran, she ran, and ran, and ran some more until her little paws couldn't carry her any more.

"Ugh! Where am I?" DJ looked around curiously. "Let's see. Oh no! Where'd my Map go to?" DJ looked around in her suitcase furiously. Then she remembered that she dropped her map when Sammi had frightened her.

"Oh great! Lost! What could be worse?" Just then it started to downpour. "Oh, now that's just cruel!" Okay, so it didn't start to downpour, it started to lightly sprinkle a few drops of rain. Suddenly Delilah felt a tap on her shoulder--it was a small Aisha.

"Excuse me, Ma'am, could you spare some food?" said an owner. "We don't really have any food; we're very poor," she remarked.

"Umm, I suppose," DJ started digging through her suitcase for some Neopoints she took out a hundred and looked for a food shop. What luck, there was one right around the corner.

"I'll take three apples, please," DJ asked.

"Red or green?" the shopkeeper asked. "What would you like?" Delilah asked the Aisha and owner.

"I'd like a red apple," the owner said.

"I'll take a red one too," the Aisha said.

"That'll be three red apples," DJ said.

"That will cost 75 Neopoints," the shopkeeper said.

"Okay, here's the 75," DJ said.

There was something about the small Aisha, Morpho, and her young owner, Tammy, that felt familiar to DJ and almost comforting. Here were two people who liked her for who she already was, not for who they wanted her to be. So, she joined them, and for a few days DJ lived like a gypsy, traveling from place to place and camping in fields. When they needed money, the owner would tell fortunes or at least people thought she was telling fortunes. The truth was that she used her Aishas to provide information about the people coming to see her, thus making her "psychic powers" seem real, and earning her a reputation and enough money to live on. But sometimes it wasn't enough, and then they had to beg.

Begging, DJ discovered, was not a very nice thing--it involved putting your pride to the side and hoping that the people whose kindness you appealed to were generous. But, DJ discovered, the owner she traveled with was also a kind, generous soul, and gave what she could to those even less fortunate than them. On one such occasion, DJ and Morpho were waiting in the small tent for Tammy to return with much needed food that she had gone to buy with the few NP they had left. It was a wet, muddy day, and water was beginning to seep through the roof of the worn tent. It was not surprising, then, that the two Aishas were miserable to peer out and see their owner walking towards them with no food in hand, instead, leading a rather bedraggled looking creature by the paw.

"Oh, no," Morpho said, "Not another stray--" DJ looked at her with a mixed expression of shock and offence. "Erm, not that you were a stray or anything... of course I didn't mind you, it's just..."

Their short conversation ended as Tammy reached the tent. DJ turned away from the tent opening and started eating a snack - not that they had many of these. As Tammy came in Delilah heard a voice that sounded familiar.

"Is she really with you? I can't believe that she'd be with you!"

The tent opened and revealed the so-called stray. DJ turned back toward the tent opened, and much to her surprise, it was Samantha!

"Sammi?!" Delilah said.

"DJ!" Sammi replied, "It's so nice to see you! I ran away like you did! It was so much fun! Well, not necessarily the raining parts of it butů" Sammi continued talking for ages, at least it seemed so!

After a few of those "ages" there were footsteps toward the tent.

"Sammi, you didn't bring mom with you, did you?!" DJ asked.

"Oh, of course I did! I wouldn't run away without packing mom!" Samantha said.

"Ugh, this is a reason young sisters can be a pain," Delilah thought.

DJ started scrambling to get under the tent material and run.

"I am not going back there! Not if I have to be in those beauty contests!" Delilah thought aloud.

"Wait!!!" her original owner yelled, "Sammi told me about how you hated all those beauty contests and how you wanted to go to the Battledome and become a champion there. I'm sorry I didn't listen, if you really want you can fight in the Battledome, just please come back home."

*Sammi pushes the narrator out of the way, and struggles to reach the microphone. She finally succeeds in pulling it downwards, and starts to speak...*

Um... this story thing is dedicated to... what? Did you say, DJ? Oh, okay. This story is dedicated to all Aishas and their little sisters or brothers, and their older ones too, and their owners or mothers and... *looks at note on the back of her paw* er... everyone in PAT! ER I mean TAP - The Aisha Pack. Um... and that's the end. Buh-bye! *waves*

The End

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