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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 6th day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 5 > Articles > Nimmos for Dummies

Nimmos for Dummies

by Limebuggie

also by Joye72000

If youíre a new Nimmo owner of if youíre a Nimmo lover, then this is the article for you. It tells you all about Nimmos, what they like to eat, like to do, etc., etc. Now, let's have a little once-over on the Nimmo:

They are smart and thirsty for knowledge, adventurous, peaceful, and lovable! Close relative to the Quiggle.

Food: Nimmos like healthy foods to keep in shape. My Nimmos personal favourites are organic, like organic cherries, organic red grapes. The best places to go for these items are the Health Food Store at the Neopian Bazaar, or Mystery Island. If you want to give your Nimmo something different or new, then definitely go to Mystery Island. They have the weirdest fruits! Or you could try going to the fruit stand at the Lost Desert. Although Nimmos like to stick to healthy foods, they love it when you come home to them with a chocolate surprise (who doesn't). Also, another great treat for Nimmos is COFFEE! My Nimmo and I both like Mochas best!


Chairs: For Nimmos, beanbag chairs are ideal. They are soft and squishy and you can sitting any possible position on them. If you don't like those chairs or they don't match your decor, then get them an armchair, or a dinner chair (like ones at a dining table) without arms because it is hard to sit cross-legged in those.

Tables: Anything really will do for Nimmos, but it has to match the decor.

Beds: Big comfy beds would do nicely with soft sheets. You might not be able to find out if they are comfy or soft, but if they're big, that will do!

Decor: Nimmos like dark colours and unique, original pieces of art or appliances.

Games: Nimmos like to play games that test their intelligence mostly, like Codebreakers, but Nimmos secretly LOVE the risk and suspense in gambling!

PetPet: Nimmos need PetPet who will play with them always and will listen to them when they read to them. They have to be a cuddly pet that understands the real Nimmo inside the outside Nimmo. In other words, don't give them a pet rock.

Battledome: Nimmos are usually the quiet type, but it is well known that the Nimmo ancestors were great warriors. That love for a fight was indeed passed down generations and generations to the Nimmos we have today. Nimmos love to fight in the Battledome and like any other NeoPet like to win even more. Nimmos, of course, have their own selection of battle and defense items like many other Neopets. I will list them here with their definition and average price:

Nimmo Power Staff: This Staff may look primitive, but sometimes looks can be deceiving. Average Price: 300 NP

Nimmo Apple Bomb: Invented by ancient tribes, this Apple Bomb is a very powerful weapon in battle. Average Price: 900 NP

Nimmo Throwing Star: The Nimmo Throwing Star is used by all of the Neo-Fu Masters! This is a weapon that takes great skill to use. Average Price: 250 NP

Nimmo Helmet: This helmet will help protect any Nimmo in intense battle situations. And it also looks scary!!! Average Price: 300 NP

Flyweight Nimmo Boxing Gloves: Whether you are a professional boxer of just learning these gloves and great. Opponents will think twice when they see these... Average Price: 2000 NP

Lightweight Nimmo Boxing Gloves: Whether you are a professional boxer of just learning these gloves are great. Opponents will think twice when they see these... Average Price: 100 NP

Heavyweight Boxing Gloves*: These Gloves were owned by Ryshu the Nimmo and are to only be worn by the best and bravest Nimmos... Average Price: 90000 NP

*These expensive gloves are not specified in the name but the description said Nimmos so I assume they are for Nimmos. I am not really sure about the details of these gloves because I have never used them. Sorry!

You can get all of these items cheaper if you haggle for them at the Neopian Battle Shop. That's all the items for Nimmos, now here's the books:

Nimmo Meditation: Nimmos are spiritual masters who like to meditate... so why not teach your Nimmo the basic steps with this complete guide. Average Price: 900 NP

Nimmos: Nimmos - the original amphibious Neopian. Average Price: 150 NP

Nimmo Yoga: Based on the video of the same name, Nimmo Yoga Outlines the basic steps of Yoga. Average Price: 850 NP

Thatís all the books I could find but I'm sure there's more. By the way, for you sugar lovers out there, candy Nimmos come in the following flavours:

Dark Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
White Chocolate
Orange Chocolate

Grooming: Nimmos are always up for a little makeover. Here are the best colours for every type of Nimmo:

Red: Looks best in black, brings out those beautiful eyes.

Yellow: Also looks good in black, but a bit Bumblebeeish. Try pink and other light colours.

Green: Still, looks good in black, but the best colour for this colour is brown, or red for the holiday season.

Blue: The only colour that doesn't look good with black. Looks good in other blues, but red especially.

Here is a list of all the kinds PBs that can be used on a Nimmo:

Christmas: Looks sooo cute! Like a frog Santa.

Faerie: Absolutely adorable, my personal favourite.

Fire: Hot!!!

Glass: Like a diamond ornament.

Gold: Looks like a trophy. I wouldn't suggest this one.

Halloween: Totally awesome! Looks like Dracula!

Speckled: Very cute but not my favourite...

Striped: Looks like a blue tiger...but still cute!!!

Toys: Nimmos don't always need toys, they can entertain themselves fine, but their favourite toys are drawing toys,to express their artistic selves.

Clothes: See grooming.

That's all for Nimmos for Dummies! I hope you liked it. I will be writing future articles, and not just about Nimmos. Also, I will be creating a guild for Nimmo lovers and their Nimmos. I will try to name it Nimmo Tribe, or something like that, and if you want to join, just search keyword: Nimmo. Hope you join, as it will be an awesome guild no doubt!

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