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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 126 > New Series > Operation Neopia: Invincible Ice

Operation Neopia: Invincible Ice

by monarchistknight

Author's Note: I suggest reading Operation Neopia: In the Beginning before this to understand what's going on.

"There it is; the Frozzen Lands are over in the distance!" exclaimed a shadowy figure. He pointed at it for the sake of his simple-minded friend.

     "Yes," his friend replied. "So what are we doing here?" They were about 15 miles away from the Lands.

     "You see, we need to re-route the Snowbeast tribe so they can walk straight into that snowstorm. Then, they'll turn and head straight for the Frozzen Lands and hopefully destroy it," the first figure said, setting some bombs in the clearing. He saw his friend about to pop a question when he said, "Don't even ask. We need to destroy the Frozzen Lands so that Operation Neopia can't get the Scroll Weapon inside, the Frozen Blade of Ghorchester. If they do, they'll only seven more and then they will destroy our master. The Dar- agh, I can't say his name in front of rookies. C'mon help me blow this." The two pushed a lever, exploding the bombs, and causing a huge chasm to form. "Perfect!"


"Ugh!" exclaimed Warren wincing all the way to the SVEN's cafeteria. He sat down with his seven friends.

     "What is it Warren?" asked Ashley, a kind green Nimmo, who was snacking on some Chia Pops.

     "I had the most horrible sleep!" he lamented. "I had to sleep underneath Nahum's bed!" He was talking about Nahum the purple Mynci, who was the smartest of them all, and he had the top bunk in Warren and his room.

     "What's wrong with being underneath Nahum?" Timothy, a brown Buzz, asked. He continued to drink his hot chocolate.

     "He crunches numbers in his sleep, and he says it out loud too. I'm still working on 3705 - 5 to the 5th power + the square root of 9," he explained. All of the others started laughing so hard that everyone in the cafeteria was staring at them, even Cody, a yellow Gelert who hardly laughed as much as he got angry. Timothy even spewed some of his hot chocolate into Caitlin's face, a pink Kacheek who was so worried about her looks, that if she had to have her hair 'just right' before she left her room, and considering Kacheeks only have three, well you get the picture. Nahum just gave a sheepish grin.

     "I'm sorry, Warren, the answer however is 583," Nahum apologized. The other seven just stopped what they were doing and stared at him. Even Caitlin, who was about to smash a Zafara Banana Split into Timothy's face, stopped and stared at him. "What?" he asked, "What'd I do?" Suddenly, a light flashed on Nahum's wristband. He pressed a button, bringing a green Techo in a blue suit on the screen.

     "Nahum, tell the others to report to the briefing room immediately. Dawson out."

     "Yes sir," saluted Nahum, "Okay, c'mon guys let's go!" The other seven stopped staring and starting running, except for Timothy who could fly. Nahum followed them walking. When he made it to the briefing room, he was five minutes late, but a lot less tired than his panting friends.

     "Okay, if we're all here let us begin," Dawson said, getting up from his chair. Dawson was a wonderful commander, and the kids all respected him a lot. In fact, he'd been playing a real tough game of Meriball yesterday with the kids. "Item One on the agenda. Kaleigh, good job on beating me yesterday, but I must say work on your backhand swing." Kaleigh the Acara giggled with her friends. She was probably the most adventurous of the eight, and was always willing to try new things.

     "Dawson, I know, but it wasn't my fault the Babith just stood there!" she exclaimed.

     Dawson went on, "The Babith is now in recovery stages, and should be out tomorrow. Item Two. Congrats on capturing Sir Moshe, the Mutant Ixi. As we here at O.N. thought, he was in fact working for the Dar- oops, I forgot, I shouldn't mention our ultimate foe around you." The eight were all puzzled. Who was the ultimate foe? "Anyway, Item Three, is a briefing for your next mission. Seth, the map please." General Seth Matthews, Dawson's Tonu right hand, pressed a button on the wall. A large map suddenly appeared in the center of the room. "This, children, is a small virtual model of Neopia. As you can see it shows both sides. We have divided it into 46 sections, naming each after a different Neopet. For example, Mystery Island falls in the Kougra Sector, here the ruins of Maraqua fall in the Jetsam Sector, and um, ignore the many-colored wobbling buildings in the Gelert Sector." He pointed to the spot in the Gelert Sector. "Apparently, the designers decided to pull a prank and put Jelly World in, but you all know it doesn't exist right?" They all nodded. "Anyway, this mission will take place in the freezing cold wastelands of the Frozzen Lands in the Koi Sector. There have been reports of a Snowbeast tribe who have changed their migration direction after following it for nearly a hundred years. You have to warn the queen to take action against the Snowbeast who will become aggressive when they think they've built a city on their migration lands. This is a purely diplomatic mission. Get ready. You're leaving in one hour, and I strongly suggest you follow Seth into the Raying Room." Seth nodded and proceeded to go to the raying room, while the kids were following, chatting their hearts out. When Seth opened the door, he was greeted with various reactions.



     "Zap me! Zap me!"

     "Is that the lab ray from the secret lab, or did you build your own?"

     "Finally, someone that asks a reasonable question," Seth said to himself, "Yes, Warren we did build our own. Unfortunately, we can't give out stat changes. Now if you come this way, I'll paint you all Christmas." He walked in, and sat in the ray's chair.

     "Christmas? Why Christmas? What about Faerie, that's nice too! And how do you know you won't mutate me?" Caitlin asked. Seth shook his head.

     "We made this ray, so we can control it. We have to make you Christmas so you can withstand the Frozzen Land's cold," Seth explained, flipping a few switches and turning some knobs.

     "Okay," Jeff said, "I think it's fine, let's go." Jeff was the assumed leader of the eight; it probably had something to do with him being a Lupe. As he stepped inside to be rayed, Timothy happily buzzed along following. He'd always follow Jeff wherever he went. Then, Kaleigh stepped in, followed by Nahum, Ashley, Cody, Caitlin, and lastly Warren.

     "I really don't like the Christmas design for Wockies. They just smear red on you and drop a wreath around your neck. I think shadow's better," the shadow Wocky mumbled as he stepped inside. As soon as he did so, Seth pressed a button and all eight instantly became Christmas.

     "Ugh! This is so dumb!" exclaimed Cody, who thought everything he didn't like was 'dumb'. "I'm a silly reindeer!" Nahum the Mynci looked at him with his arms crossed. "Well, um, Myncis look good in reindeer antlers and a red ball on their noses. Gelerts don't."

     "Yeah, I'm so beautiful!" Caitlin exclaimed. "Even though it's not Faerie, I'm still so beautiful."

     "Okay, hurry up, we need to get inside STARTS and fly to the Frozzen Lands. I land you outside the city and you can handle the rest. Go!" Seth ordered pointing to the hangar marked, 'STARTS this way'.

     As they were running, Timothy asked Nahum, "What does STARTS stand for?"

     "I don't know, but I bet it's some technical acronym relating to space," Nahum said. As they approached STARTS they could see it looked a lot like a mini-version of SVEN. Seth was already in the pilot's seat.

     "Buckle in, flying through space is easy, it's entering the atmosphere that's difficult," Seth said, watching the kids walk in.

     "And dangerous," Warren said, poking Caitlin with his elbow. Caitlin shrieked.

     "D-d-dangerous? I don't want to do something dangerous! Get me off this ship! I don't want to crash!" she cried.

     Ashley sat next to Caitlin, "It's perfectly safe, Caitlin. We won't crash, not with Seth as our pilot."

     "You're forgetting, Ashley. Seth is a Tonu. Tonus don't have fingers. No fingers, no flying the starship!" she cried again. She buried her head in her arms. "I'm going to hide here until we land!"

     "It's going to be a long flight," Ashley said. Seth pushed a button with his front leg. The ship started to move.

     "Okay, we should reach the Frozzen Lands in approximately ten minutes," he said, speaking through a microphone.

     "Ten minutes?" they all asked, except Caitlin who wouldn't dare lift her head. Seth just smiled.

     "You'll see," he said grabbing the steering wheel. Then they all say a huge black space in front of them. "That's a portal. Similar to what we used to get you all here." They flew through it and instantly appeared in the Koi Sector. "See, we got off a full two hours right there! Now, it will take only ten minutes to reach the Frozzen Lands and then you can head for the Ice Palace. And, oh no." Seth looked out his window. "The Snowbeasts are right there! Nahum, estimate their distance from the Frozzen Lands." Nahum looked out his window.

     "About 15 miles maybe. Snowbeasts are, however, known to travel ten in one day, five during the day, and five at night," Nahum said computing the data, "So we have two days and one night."

     Seth looked relieved. "That's plenty of time. This mission shouldn't take more than a few hours."

To be continued...

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