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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 125 > Continuing Series > The Emerald Weapon: Part Five

The Emerald Weapon: Part Five

by immortalmina

Artemisluv let out a scream as Apolloluv pounced on top of her. The Aishas fell through the floor. Artemisluv felt a rush of air move past her and Apolloluv. They fell for a long time. Soon the ground was in sight. The two hit it.

     Artemisluv pushed the other Aisha off of her. She then looked around. They were in another cave. This one was a little smaller. There was only one torch lighting the place. This cave was even colder. Artemisluv shivered in her dress.

     "Well, Moon Goddess, prepare to fight!" Apolloluv said. The Aisha took a sword off her back. She held it toward Artemisluv.

     "Why? I don’t fight," Artemisluv told her.

     "We are fighting for Immortalmina. If you don’t fight you will have to stay here in the core forever!"

     Artemisluv was now confused. What would she do? She never fought. She hated the Battledome. Even if she hated fighting she couldn’t let Apolloluv take Immortalmina from her.

     "Well, what will it be?" asked the impatient Apolloluv.

     Artemisluv answered, "I guess if we have to," Apolloluv smiled. She swung her sword at the weaponless Aisha. Artemisluv ducked and missed it. She then ran away from Apolloluv.

     How can I win? Artemisluv thought. Just then a beam of Moonlight hit the Aisha. It filled her with happiness. Artemisluv began to float above the ground. The light now came from her. It blinded Apolloluv.

     "How?" asked Apolloluv shielding her eyes. All at once Apolloluv knew. She fell to her knees. "You are the Neopian Moon Goddess!"

     Another beam of light hit Apolloluv. This was sunlight. She also became like Artemisluv. The two floated in the air surrounded by bright light.

     Artemisluv smiled at her. Soon the moonlight created something in her paws. It was a wand with a crescent moon on the end. "The Wand of the Moon," Artemisluv said. She held it in her paws and used it against Apolloluv.

     Apolloluv tried to use her sword against the beam but it didn’t work. Her sword was then replaced with a wand that had a sun at the end. She tried using it against Artemisluv. The two beams of light hit each other. Both Aishas tried very hard. The light seemed to not be able to penetrate the other’s.

     Soon the moonlight became stronger. Artemisluv felt that she had to win. She wanted to talk to Clyde again. Artemisluv wanted to have fun with Methos5 and she even wanted to see Spike one more time. This fueled her wand. The moonlight broke through the sunlight and hit Apolloluv.

     Artemisluv won. The light faded away and she landed on the ground. Next green light surrounded her and she fell through the ground. She reappeared in a cave with her friends.

     "Artemisluv!" the boys shouted. They all hugged her, including Spike.

     "I see we all won. I still can’t help feeling sorry for the other four. What will happen to them? Will they really have to stay in the core forever?" asked Artemisluv. The Emerald Weapon then began to react. The cave they were in became green. It was like they were inside the Emerald Weapon itself.

     A figure then stood in front of the four Neopets. The figure was a Faerie. She had long green hair, green eyes, green skin, green wings and a long flowing green dress. The Faerie smiled down at the pets. "Don’t worry Artemisluv, they won’t stay here forever. They have an owner now," she spoke in a beautiful melody.

     "Who?" asked Methos5.

     "Well, you see there is an opposite of Immortalmina. Her name is Mortalmina and she is waiting for her pets," explained the green Faerie.

     The pets were in shock. "Who are you, love?" asked Spike.

     "I am the Emerald Faerie. One of the rare gem Fairies. I have been stuck inside the Emerald Weapon for a very long time. The Emerald Weapon was created to keep me prisoner," she told them.

     "How did you get in it?" asked Clyde.

     The Emerald Faerie laughed. "It was done by a very angry Dark Faerie. The only way for me to get out was to find four pets that have opposites. You see the gem did not create the other pets. They only thought that was how it happened, just like they thought they were in the core of Neopia. They had been stuck in here for a long time. Not as long as me perhaps. Now you all will go home not remembering this."

     "But how did they get in the first time?" asked Clyde.

     The Emerald Faerie looked down at him. "Well, you see the four were in the same room as it, just like yourselves. The gem knew that the four had opposites somewhere. It took them in. This is why you all came here too. Don’t worry, I am free know and so are all of you. You will not remember any of this day."

     "Wait we won’t remember? But I just found out that Clyde is Emerald__Weapon!" shouted Artemisluv. She couldn’t believe after all of this they wouldn’t remember any of it.

     The Emerald Faerie bent down and petted Artemisluv’s head. "I’m truly sorry. He will just have to tell you one day. I’m sure it will come."

     Clyde walked over to the Aisha. He hugged her. "Sorry I never told you. I just never had the courage. Maybe I will sooner or later. You’ll just have to be patient with me." Artemisluv smiled and hugged him back.

     "Okay, enough mushy stuff!" Spike yelled. This made the two stop hugging. Methos5 laughed a little.

     "What about the fighting?" Methos5 asked. He still didn’t understand that.

     "That came from the four. It was what they thought they had to do to get out of here. I was not able to talk to them. I needed all of you to truly be free. Anymore questions before we all get out of here?"

     The four pets looked at each other. None could think of anything else. "No," they all said in unison.

     The Emerald Faerie smiled. She put her hands up and green light covered everything. The pets had the feeling of falling and flying once more.

     Spike opened his eyes and stared at the green grass and trees. "So green," he said to himself. OZ laid sleeping in his lap. Just then a Poisonous Lollypop hit him on the chest. He watched as Chibi Hotaru and her petpet Kaim approached him.

     "Good afternoon, love," he said to her as he stuck the lolly into his mouth. She sat beside him and looked up into the sky just like him. As they looked up they saw another mutant Korbat and another Faerie Kougra flying above them.

     "Just like us," they said together.

* * * * *

EW looked everywhere in his room. The Emerald Weapon was gone. He knew that he had left is sitting on the shelf. "Where could it have gone?" he asked his Snowbunny Bonnie. She shrugged her shoulders.

* * * * *

Artemisluv sat staring out the window of her Neohome. She sighed. It had been one boring afternoon. "Where is it?" yelled a voice. Artemisluv turned around to see EW. "Have you seen a green gem?" he asked her.

     "Nope, sorry," she answered. The Aisha went back to watching the pink Lenny in her yard. She then saw a spotted Aisha and a desert Aisha walk past the window. The spotted Aisha carried with him a red gem. Artemisluv had a feeling she knew them from somewhere.

* * * * *

Methos5 sat in the Golden Doubloon with Joeblues at his feet. He watched as Loretta gave the pirates their food. How he loved to watch her. Just then he noticed another pirate Aisha who looked familiar. He seemed to be watching Rosetta. "I guess the old boy has a crush," he laughed. The Aisha was just like him.

The End

Authors note: Thanks again hotaru_sama666 for letting me use Lil_Chibi_HotaruChan. Also, I want to thank the fans and my friends for all the help and support for my stories. Thanks!

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