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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 125 > Articles > Conquering Those Collection Blues

Conquering Those Collection Blues

by eternally_la99ed

YOUR SHOP - So you want to start a collection? Well, you've come to the right place. In this guide I hope to give you a starting point from which to base a collection, or, if you already have a collection but you'd like to expand it a little, a few tips on how you could do so.

Now, where to begin? For those of you that are entirely new to Neopets, the best place to house your collection would be in your shop, as you can expand it along with your collection, and it won't be cancelled every two weeks like trades will. Your shop is an ideal place to display the items that make up your collection. You'll also be able to add a blog with a message, change fonts and colours or add backgrounds as you desire.

I guess perhaps the biggest question on everyone's mind when they take their first steps down the road to collecting is "what should I collect?"

What to collect?
I can't exactly answer that question for you; you can collect anything you like! My advice to you would firstly be to collect something you're interested in. Find yourself jumping for joy when the latest petpet is released? Or perhaps you just can't wait to see the latest negg design? There are hundreds of categories for collections. I myself collect paint brushes and unbuyable items. Others collect candy, toys, medicines, furniture, potions and much more. Maybe you'd like a collection based off a colour, such as a pink or blue gallery, or a theme, such as spooky or mystery island.

If the idea of tracking down hundreds of different items for your collection doesn't seem like fun to you, then maybe you're the type of person who would enjoy creating an army. Many Neopians have petpet armies, where they pick a particular petpet and try and collect as many as they can. Others try to gather up more than one thousand pieces of omelette and so on. The possibilities are endless!

Another thing you might want to consider when choosing what your collection is going to be are the prices of the items in it. I find that a collection with a large range of prices works well, as you can start with the cheaper items and move your way up to unbuyables, all the while completing what ought to be a very impressive looking gallery. But again, if you'd rather not have to deal with unbuyables, or you only want to deal with unbuyables, that's perfectly okay for a collection too.

How long will it take to complete?
That depends on a lot of factors ranging from how many Neopoints you have, how many items are in your collection, if your collection is the only thing you spend Neopoints on, how much time a day you spend working towards items in your collection, and so on.

I am poor; can I still have a collection?
Of course you can! One way to work around not having enough Neopoints is to start with a "sub-gallery" before you tackle what you intend to be your main gallery. Pick something that is cheap and easy to get your hands on, for example healing potions. Search on the shop wizard and buy as many as you can afford at as cheap a price as you can find. Then put them in your shop at a price a few Neopoints higher than the average wizard price. When they sell, buy them all back again at the cheaper price, and put any profits you make in the bank. When your profits build up enough that you can buy another healing potion, buy one and add it to the rest. The more items you have to sell and buy back, the greater profits you'll make. Soon you'll find that you will have build up enough Neopoints that you can sell your smaller collection and buy the first few items of your larger collection.

How to build a self-sufficient collection:
When you look at other people's collections, you tend to find that all their items are priced at over 100,000 Neopoints. This is one way of going about it, but I find an easier way to do it is to build a collection that pays for itself. Buy as many items as you can afford with the amount of Neopoints you decide to start with. Buy them cheaply, as suggested with the healing potion method in the above section. And again, put them slightly more expensive in your shop, buy them back when they sell, and bank the profits. The bigger the items you have in your shop, the quicker you will be able to buy more items, granted that you don't price them too low as not to make profits, or so high that they won't sell. With this method, you will be able to fill your gallery with unbuyables (that you won't be selling in your shop) and still be getting a regular income of Neopoints.

If you wish, you could also sell and buy back your unbuyable items through the trading post or auctions, but this is much more time consuming, and also more difficult to get the price you want while selling, and again to find the price you wish to buy at without losing Neopoints.

I want to have all my items priced over 100,000 Neopoints:
That's perfectly okay as well; there are plenty of other ways to make Neopoints. One way would be to sell other items as well as housing a collection. Are you a good restocker? Restocking is a great way to make extra Neopoints, provided you have a DSL or cable connection. Like playing games? Also a great way to fund a collection. If you find that you don't want to put any non-collection items in your shop, you can always sell them on trades or in auctions. If you're not much into restocking, try browsing the shop chat or the trading/auctions chat, there are always plenty of good deals to make profits there.

I can't find a particular item for my collection:
Be patient. Some items are a lot rarer and harder to find than others. Try posting a message in your user lookup or shop requesting that anyone who's selling the item Neomail you about it - you might get lucky. Or else you could try the trade/auctions or shop chats, someone there may be selling, or know someone who is. Don't be discouraged, you'll find it eventually!

I've finished my collection!
Wow, good for you! What you do now is up to you! You could leave the collection in your shop for all to see and enjoy, you could expand it, or you could sell it all and start again with something new or more challenging. Well, that's the end of my guide to collecting. I hope it helped give you an idea of how to go about starting and maintaining any ideas you my have for starting a collection.

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