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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 125 > Articles > Lifestyles of the Affluent and Illustrious: Illusen

Lifestyles of the Affluent and Illustrious: Illusen

by gkskis

MERIDELL - Hello! Gkskis here, wanting to find out about the life of our very own Earth Faerie, Illusen.

I want to interview Illusen, so I go to Meridell and go to the entrance of Illusen's Glade.

I saw King Skarl leaning against a tree at the start of the path. I thought he might be a good person to ask some questions about Illusen, so I decide to interview him. Of course, I was not able to talk to the king directly, so the king and I would talk to each other via a bodyguard. A bodyguard led me about 300 yards south of where King Skarl was, where I would sit.

Me: Do you like Illusen being in Meridell, or do you feel her a waste?

King Skarl via Bodyguard: No! She's great! She attracts lots of tourists, which makes me money!

Me: Do you personally do Illusen's Quests?

King Skarl via Bodyguard: Yep, I do! Actually, I sort of don't, but I like to think I do. First, I go hang out with Illusen, and my servants get the items for Illusen and then I get the reward! I have done all 50 Illusen Quests! I love getting her items, then selling them for money, money, money! *cough* Forget I said that.

Me: Is there one thing you'd like to change about Illusen's Quests?

King Skarl via Bodyguard: Of course! I'd like to have the people bring me the items, then Illusen give me the reward items!

But that's two things, I thought, but not wanting to complain, I thanked the bodyguard for interviewing me. It seemed nuts to do so, since I wasn't actually interviewing the bodyguard.

I go back to the entrance of Illusen's Glade, to find King Skarl gone, and I head start heading along the path to Illusen's Glade.

Soon after, I meet a small blue Acara. She is skipping along the path heading back to Meridell, and carrying an Illusen's potion.

Guessing that this Acara had came from Illusen's Glade, I asked her for an interview. Nervously, she accepted.

Me: What do you think of Illusen?

Acara: She's real, um, nice! She gives me all sorts of, uh, terrific stuff!

Me: Why do you like the items she gives you?

Acara: Well, uh, I like to, uh, battle, and the items she gives me are uh… very useful in the Battledome!

Me: How does Illusen's life seem?

Acara: Pretty stressful… I mean, doesn't she have to, uh, get her item thingies she gives out and, uh, give them to people, while assigning quests to others? Then she has to remember which quests she gave to whom. It has got to be pretty hard for, uh, her…

I thanked the Acara for letting me interview her, then I walked on to Illusen's Glade. I met Illusen watering her garden out front.

Me: I'm a reporter from The Neopian Times. Would you mind me interviewing you?

Illusen: No! Not at all…. Let's go inside and have a cup of tea, shall we?

I followed her inside her house and gasped. It was like a giant treehouse with two floors. There was a leaf sofa and several armchairs with a coconut table in the middle. There was a small kitchen next to the living room. It had a green sink, and a magical looking refrigerator, where I guessed Illusen put all her stuff that she harvested from her garden. I also noticed some oak steps leading from the living room to the upstairs.

I sat down, grabbed my air Faerie pen and starry notebook, and started the interview.

Me: What do you do with the stuff people bring you?

Illusen: Well, naturally, I use it. I am blessed with all sorts of powerful Faerie magic and have all sorts of magical ingredients, but I am quite poor, so I use these items people bring me.

Me: How good is the stuff you give them?

Illusen: Let's see… I assign them to find me a certain item and give them something according to how good that item is. The cheaper those items are, the more I trust them to get me expensive items. So that is how I came up with my quest levels, if you were going to ask.

Me: Why do they trust you to give them items after they give you the stuff you request?

Illusen: Well, I'm a trustworthy earth Faerie and not one of those dark faeries that lie because they're so greedy. Besides, many enjoy my quests and want to get my shiny trophies! Also, after I started giving stuff to the first pets, the others saw the stuff and wanted it.

Me: Since you're so, uh, poor, how do you get the trophies?

Illusen: I find metal, clean it, then make it shinier using my magic. It's quite simple, really.

Me: That's interesting, Illusen. What sort of life do you live?

Illusen: It's nice. I have all the stuff I need right here at home, in my glade. It is such a peaceful environment out here in the woods. I wish all Neopets could live a life like mine.

Me: What do you think of Dark Faeries?

Illusen: Ordinarily they are evil. But recently some Dark Faeries have been buying my items from me, so I'm starting to think they aren't as bad as I thought. Of course, I don't know what they do with my items, but I'm sure they do some pretty nice things with them.

Me: *cough*liketakeovertheworld*cough*

Illusen: What's that?

Me: Oh, nothing. But don't you think they are selling the items they are buying from you at higher prices? They seem greedy!

Illusen: Nonsense! I doubt they are reselling the items. It's not like they are plotting against me! Carry on with the interview! I mean, carry on with the interview please.

Me: Um… okay… One final thing I want to know. What inspired you to first start the quests?

Illusen: I figured that since I didn't have what I needed, and some Neopets didn't have the stuff they wanted, I could assign quests so we all could be happy. It turned out to be a brilliant idea!

Me: Well, that's all Illusen, thanks for the interview!

Illusen: "I certainly enjoyed it! Bye!"

With that I bid farewell to Illusen, took a free cookie, and set off back to Neopia Central with my Air Faerie pen and starry notebook to write this article.

I learned some interesting things today, including some things about her quests, that Illusen is a doubter, and that she doesn't hate dark faeries as much as we thought. So that's me, gkskis, signing off!

Authors Note: Remember that Lifestyles of the Affluent and Illustrious is sponsored by The Neopian Times Appreciation Guild!

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