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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 125 > New Series > Forgotten: Part One

Forgotten: Part One

by moonstar_cutie67

A mutant Kougra gazed silently at the giggling popular girls that sat around the cafeteria table. She looked down at her gnarly paws and let out a light sigh. The popular girls had Faerie wings or a fiery coat. Not a single popular girl had mutated fur or an ugly face. She got up slowly, casting her eyes upon her uneaten Pound food. Very slowly, she picked up her tray and shuffled over to the garbage can. As she let the food drop into the can, she watched as every pet chatted with their friends.

     This Kougra's name was Kayinna. Nobody liked her very much, but it was only because of her look. Once ago, very long ago, her previous owner had made her drink a Kougra transmogrification potion. Before she had been a perky Acara, making friends this way and that wherever she went. But as soon as she drank the potion, her looks changed and her personality did too. Now she was a gloomy, antisocial Kougra not looking for friends and despising everybody.

     "Move," a voice commanded. Instantly, Kayinna moved out of the way of the popular girls. They too were clearing their trays. "Well if it isn't Miss Hideous," the voice sneered. Kayinna's gaze settled on Tracie, the most perfect blue Uni at the Pound. Nobody quite knew why she wasn't already adopted, but no one questioned her either.

     "Hello Tracie," Kayinna replied sullenly. Tracie cast her a glare. She hated anyone that was 'unworthy' that used her name. Instead of waiting for Tracie's remark, Kayinna turned and shuffled away.

     She heard the sprouts of laughter and the loud giggles, no doubt. She felt her mutated cheeks grow red with agony and embarrassment as she left the cafeteria. She marched quietly to her dorm, looking straight ahead of her. When she reached the scratched and damaged door, she pushed it open softly and heard it creak. Inside, a small four-poster bed was pushed in a corner. A small rug lay on the floor. Sunlight streamed into the room through a very small window. Kayinna dropped onto her bed with discouragement. She propped her elbows up onto her ratty pillow and gazed out at the window.

     After a few minutes, she realized she was looking at someone else. Instantly, she sat up straight, her head hitting the low ceiling. She peered back the person and slowly crept up to the windowsill. The person had dark purple eyes and a sullen yet eager expression. Her nose was pressed up to the window as the person looked back at Kayinna. Suddenly, the person's face disappeared.

     Kayinna looked at the dusty window, puzzled. She sighed again and lay down at the foot of her bed, her head resting on her paws. Then, she closed her eyes.


"You don't want Kayinna," an urgent voice said loudly. The mutant Kougra opened her eyes and her ears perked up, straining to listen to the conversation.

     "Yes I do," a snappy voice answered back. "I saw her through her window and I'm positive I want Kayinna. I've been on Neopets since it first started and I overpower you, do you know that? Now I want Kayinna! Please," the person added. Kayinna closed her eyes to pretend as though she was asleep as she heard footsteps coming toward her door.

     "Here she is," Hannah, the red Uni, said bitterly as Kayinna's door opened. Kayinna's nose wiggled as she smelled the scent of the adopting person. She was tempted to open her eyes, but she knew she couldn't. "Are you positive you want to take Kayinna?" Hannah added another time.

     "Yes," the person replied impatiently. "But I mustn't wake her from her sleep. I'm positive I want Kayinna and I'm willing to pay as much as you want for her." Kayinna's eyes shot open as and she saw the back of a person in a purple gown. She had lilac colored hair that flowed freely to her shoulders. Her hands were placed swiftly on her hips as she demanded to take Kayinna.

     "I'm awake," Kayinna said meekly, hoping to catch the person's attention. The person whirled around and Kayinna gaped as she came face to face with the dark Faerie, Maelstra.

     "Hello sweet pea," Maelstra said, her anger dissolving and her expression softening. Kayinna growled under her breath reluctantly as Maelstra said 'sweet pea'. Kayinna watched as Maelstra handed Hannah a thousand Neopoints. "Keep the change," she added bitterly as Hannah gaped at the large amount of Neopoints. Kayinna slowly leaped off her bed and crept up to Maelstra, unsure of what was happening.

     "It's okay," Maelstra said soothingly. "You're coming home with me now." She winked at her new pet and Kayinna nodded, her throat too soar for words. Maelstra picked Kayinna limberly into her arms and passed Hannah. Before Kayinna knew what was happening, she was looking back at the Pound doors.

     During their trip to Faerieland, Kayinna gazed outside through the window. There were so many things in Neopia to be discovered, things Kayinna had never dreamt about before. "Why did you want me?" Kayinna blurted out quietly and suddenly. Maelstra looked at her, surprised.

     "Didn't you want to get adopted?" Maelstra asked her. Kayinna shrugged. She truly didn't know if she had wanted to be adopted. As much as her rotten life at the Pound was, she felt secure and safe there. "Well, I adopted you because I wanted a pet. And I've been watching you with my own two eyes for quite a while now and I've seen your misery. That's why I adopted you." Kayinna stayed silent and looked out the window again. "Kay? I mean, can I call you Kay?"

     Kayinna jerked her head toward Maelstra with viciousness. "I'd prefer not," she growled. But her anger slowly disappeared and she added, "Unless you really want to."

     Soon Maelstra jerked to a stop. "Well, here we are Kay," Maelstra said cheerfully, slowly getting out of the purple jeep. Kayinna slowly jumped out and landed softly onto the grim ground. She swallowed as she looked at her surroundings. Dead trees lingered over the small hut and fallen leaves hid the murky, dirt ground. Kayinna forced a smile and followed Maelstra into the hut.

     "I know it's not much," Maelstra added grimly as the two walked into the cabin. The Faerie turned on a cord and the one-room hut lightened by the bare bulb. Kayinna looked around, surprised and saw a rug placed neatly onto the hard wood floor. An antique bed was pushed to one corner and was furnished with pillows and warm comforters. Kayinna saw Maelstra wave her hand and soon, another antique bed appeared in the other corner. "For you," Maelstra said happily. She pointed to the small stairway that led downstairs. "That's the family room. There's all sorts of games and neat stuff down there. You can get settled here for now. I'm going to go downstairs and make some peanut butter and jam sandwiches."

     Kayinna watched as Maelstra trotted down the stairs, disappearing from view. Unsure, Kayinna crept to her bed and propped her front paws on the clean sheets. She looked out of the window and watched as the wind howled ruefully. After a few minutes, Maelstra called, "It's ready!"

     Immediately, Kayinna ran down the stairs, tumbling down the last few steps. She got up, dazed at what had just happened. Maelstra laughed and helped her up. "You okay?" she asked Kayinna. Kayinna nodded her head and let herself be led by Maelstra to the table. Slowly, her vision became normal again and she saw a steaming cup of hot borovan in front of her. Maelstra was already sipping at her drink and had finished half of her sandwich.

     "Thanks," Kayinna said slowly, drinking her chocolate. Maelstra just smiled and Kayinna looked at her surroundings again. She was seated on as wooden chair at a wooden, square table. Toys were piled up in one corner and Kayinna saw a door lead to the kitchen. There was a dresser and other 'neat' items. Silence settled over the two. Finally, with her courage ready, Kayinna asked bravely, "What part of Faerieland is this?"

     Maelstra looked at her wearily. "This is the part of Faerieland where it isn't explored. Fyora has her Hidden Tower and this is the hidden part of Faerieland where I won't be bothered. Nobody, of course, knows how to get here expect myself and Fyora."

     Kayinna fell quiet. She looked at Maelstra for a second and finished her borovan slowly. Finally, she cleared her throat a little more loudly then she intended to and said quietly, "I better get off to bed. I've never slept in a warm bed before so I'd like to try it out."

     Maelstra nodded and Kayinna retreated upstairs. Slowly, she crawled under her big covers and closed her eyes. The rhythm of the wind gradually drifted the young, mutant Kougra to sleep, making her dreams wonders…


"Look!" Kayinna exclaimed excitedly, pointing to the poster pinned up on the Faerie Castle doors. Maelstra chuckled and nodded her head.

     "Yup, this is where we're going. Now don't get overly excited. Remember, Fyora is looking for an assistant to look after her castle while she's gone away on business to talk to Dr. Sloth," Maelstra said, but Kayinna had already pushed open the castle doors and had run inside.

     "Wow," Kayinna said, looking around with a glazed look over her eyes. The castle's walls were covered with ancient and rare pictures, mostly of the old Faerie queens. Kayinna gazed around the big hall which was bigger than their hut. The ceiling was sparkling and shimmering and a large chandelier hung overhead. "This is amazing!" Kayinna exclaimed again, looking around at the red oak doors. Maelstra nodded her head and walked over to the biggest set of doors.

     "We're early," Maelstra said, pushing the doors open, "but Fyora won't mind."

     Both walked into the room and Kayinna gasped at the sight of Fyora herself. She was gowned in a purple velvet dress, her hair high up in a tiara. A Kadoatie gingerly leaped off Fyora's lap as Fyora stood up, welcoming her guests. "Welcome," Fyora said sweeping down the red velvet walkway, "to my humble home."

     Maelstra curtsied graciously. Kayinna tried too, but instead, she tumbled down onto her head and fell onto the hardwood floor. Fyora chuckled lightly as Kayinna got up, shaking her head. "Hi," Kayinna mumbled, quite embarrassed.

     "Hello Maelstra," Fyora said, turning her attention to the Dark Faerie. "I see you've finally got yourself a pet."

     Maelstra nodded her head and put her hand on Kayinna's shoulder. "I adopted her from the Pound. I'm glad I did. She's wonderful company." Fyora nodded her head and walked back to her throne.

     "Well the other faeries should be arriving soon," Fyora said, settling herself in her chair. Her Kadoatie leaped up back onto her lap and Fyora waved her hand, a whole set of comfortable looking chairs appearing. She waved her hand again and a banquet of food appeared in the other corner. "Help yourself," Fyora said kindly. Kayinna nodded her head politely, inching her way toward the food but Maelstra stopped her. The Dark Faerie laughed and picked up the Kougra, seating her in one of the chairs.

     "Maelstra…" Kayinna began her whiny tone. But suddenly, the doors flew open.

To be continued…

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