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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 125 > New Series > The Carrotblade Incident: Part One

The Carrotblade Incident: Part One

by laurensama

"Tahooshiiiiiiiiii.... Taaahooooooosssshhhhiiiiii! Toshi, Tahoshi, Toshi! Ohh wikkl--"

      "WHAT, WHAT, WHAT, WHAT!? WHAT IN THE WORLD DO YOU WANT?!" The snarled erupted into the small walkie-talkie that rested on the oak table by his chair. Tahoshi's last nerve was twanging and squirming inside of him, and this girl... that Linny... was pushing it to the extreme.

      "Hi Tahoshi! Isn't this thing just so great?" The static-laced reply came over the device. Tahoshi the Christmas Lupe snatched it off the table and gave a sigh, an hour of ignoring his owner's constant quips and comments had failed to work, adding a severe addition to his anxiety.

      The walkie-talkie gave another hiss as the Lupe began to savagely berate his owner for not shutting her mouth, acting in a completely puerile fashion, breathing, etc. He longed with every piece of fur and fiber in his body to simply smash this wretched gadget, doing away with it for all of time, but he simply could not. They were the rare sort of electronic items that you could not find on Neopia, comprised of technology that was seldom, if ever, seen upon its surface. Though the details of how it came into the hands of this particular family where foggy to Tahoshi, he simply knew that they purchased upon the large Space Station, ensuring that their quality was the finest in the galaxy perhaps.

      Naturally, as they had come from the station in which technological advances meant everything, it was no exception to the rule that these devices were of a pathetic performance. The range of the small walkie-talkies far exceeded that of anything which were toyed around with by the few who did own them. Indeed these had a range which reached easily from Neopia Central to Faerieland; after all, that was where Linny had been reporting to her Lupe from for the last hour.

      "You really should see the new stuff they have at the Hidden Tower, Tahoshi! It's so pretty!" Linny, his owner, cooed into the walkie-talkie as she peered at the glitter and glitz that the magical items radiated. Each article was placed with the most loving of care upon the velvet cushions, which had the ultimate honor of holding the Faerie Queen's prizes and artifacts.

      "Hrm, I wish I could," Tahoshi grunted, looking through the window in a forlorn manner. “I don’t see why you need tickets to see those artifacts!” Linny's static-laced laugh came over the walkie-talkie as she heard his grunting through the machine.

      "Awww, it's okay my wikkle Tahoshi! You aren’t missing all that much! I mean, this place doesn’t even have a snack bar..." she sighed, looking around at the beautifully kept room. She was so hungry (having forgotten to eat breakfast, brunch, and lunch), but there was not a smack bar nor concession stand in sight!

      …Except in the corner, nestled among the WereLupe clawed-necklaces and a magnificently ornate doll of Fyora, sat a carrot upon a silvery pillow. Linny assumed that it must have been an expensive bit of food; after all it was attached to what appeared to be a pure silver sis kabob skewer. No price, however, could possibly detour Linny for the hunger that was gnawing at her stomach had begun to intensify to an almost painful pitch.

      Warily, she cast an eye over at Fyora (and turned down the walkie-talkie as Tahoshi continued upon his meaningless tirade of how Linny should be positively honored to stand near the most powerful and legendary items within all of Neopia), slowly shuffling her feet as she inched over to the beautiful stained glass window in the corner. A heavenly sort of light filed in through the window’s many colors and patterns, bathing the mystical carrot blade in a breathtaking radiance.

      “…Hrm, a food thingy in the Hidden Tower? I’m sure it’s some kinda Faerie joke,” Linny mumbled to herself as she picked it up and held it in her grasp. The metal hilt was a bit warm from baking in the sun for many, many years, however the smell of the carrot was simply intoxicating, far too strong for the hungry and pathetically idiotic person that Linny was to resist.

      She stole one more glance over her shoulder at the Faerie Queen (whom was deeply engrossed while she delved into the fascinating history of the development of paintbrush technology). She was talking so loud and she passionately that she would never ever hear the soft crunch into a carrot.

      Linny chomped into the carrot hungrily, as if she had not eaten for years at a time. Though it was a weapon that was thousands, if not millions, years old, it still had the succulent taste of fresh carrots, which her Cybunny would frequently bring home from the Sunday farmer’s market. It was so juicy, fresh, delicious…

      “YOU!” a hand bit into Linny’s shoulder, the perfectly manicured nails digging into her skin. Quickly she peered over her shoulder with a guilty look as Fyora, her beauty and grace totally forgone, bared down upon her like a hungry Lupe.

      “I diffan eet it!” Linny panicked through her full mouth. However the carrot bits that flew out of her puffed-up cheeks easily said differently as well as the telltale half eaten blade in her open palm. The eaten food sprayed all over Fyora’s face in an orange shower, causing the queen to wretch in disgust as she hastily whipped her face.

      “WAAAAAAHHHHHH!” It wasn’t the most sophisticated thing Linny had ever said, but it was the most pertinent exclamation anyone could possibly make under the circumstances…

      Linny barreled out of Fyora’s grasp as the powerful entity made to wipe her face, screaming as she ran out of the area. Linny scurried down the hall, knocking over what was most likely something horrifically expensive, judging by the beautiful crashing sound it produced, in addition the horrified screams of the pets in the tower.

      “YOU COME BACK HERE!” the disgruntled Faerie Queen bellowed, abandoning her dignity once again as she began to charge after Linny in an insane dash. Fyora’s rage was so completely overwhelming that she did not even notice the three pedestals which she had completely leveled, reducing the inhabitants of those stands to nothing more than a million point mess.

      Never in her life had Linny been gripped by such a fear as she was now, stopping for absolutely nothing as she dashed disrespectfully past the faeries which rushed to and fro about the palace on errands. She did not even bat an eyelash as the palace guards yelled a stern “HALT!” as she darted past them in her continued dash towards freedom. Nothing was in her way; nothing was stopping her! Soon she would be out of the palace and she would be SAFE then!

      Just as Linny had begun to think of the beautiful wooden doors which secluded the palace from the rest of the world, they became visible at he end of the hall! The sunlight beamed in from the open doors, revealing a picturesque view of the bustling, heavenly city outside. She was almost there!

      "Ha!” Linny muttered under her breath, causing her aching chest to heave even more as she rushed into a thick crowd of pets. Through the gap in the large gaggle she saw Fyora stop on the top most step of the castle, her eyes darting about wildly as she looked around with completely mad visage, staring for that thing, which had dared to spit that bit of carrot on her…

      Though Linny would have found it simply hilarious to sit and watch Fyora completely unhinge herself from sanity in front of her entire court and half the citizens of Faerieland, the realization that Fyora had begun to descend the steps to personally search the throngs made the idiotic owner realize that perhaps she needed a place to hide for the time being.

      Traveling with the large groups that amassed into random places in the city, Linny finally made her way towards the traveling depot stationed on the outskirts of the Faerie city. While Linny was rather sure that the Faerie Queen would never find her in with packed quarters of the depot, some small ounce of sense altered her that Faerieland was not the destination which would be friendly to her at the current time. Linny knew that she simply had to go somewhere else, but where?

      “Where to? Where to?” Linny mused, peering at the departure schedules which were written in an immaculately perfect handwriting upon posters in the main lobby. An Eyrie taxi was departing for the Haunted Woods in only a matter of seconds; however, the cursed woods were never a favorite destination with her. The Lost Desert was too sandy for an enjoyable escape, while the Mystery Islands did not have another ferry arriving upon its shores until perhaps late at night …

      As she scanned the list, her choices dwindling as well as her hope, a certain name stuck out to her as thought it was flashing in a spectrum of colors. Upon seeing that name, she knew where to go…

      Quickly, she ran over to the ticket counter where a bored looking Jubjub flitted through a copy of The Neopian Times. Linny shoved her money towards the Jubjub with a smile on her face.

      “One ticket to the Virtupets Space Station, please!”

To be continued...

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