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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 125 > Short Stories > Mystery of the Shadow Usul

Mystery of the Shadow Usul

by alvredus

It is commonly known by all that the Shadow Usul is a mysterious being that appears only under the darkness of the night. What is not known is the motive of the Usul. Records dating back to ancient times have shown strange encounters with this creature. But from those I could not solve the mystery, and in hoping that somebody can, I have recorded some major incidents involving the Shadow Usul.

Blackleaf, Thomas. Year 1

This is the earliest record of the Shadow Usul. According to Mr. Blackleaf, a Kyrii, the Shadow Usul apparently stalked him to his house after his long day in the farmlands. Below is a full account.

     Kreludor was shinning in the night sky of Meridell. Farmer Blackleaf was about to continue his work sorting the cheops plants when he noticed that fog was rising, and he knew that if he didn’t get home soon he will be lost in the white smoke. Blackleaf packed up and left the farmhouse, walking slowly home. In front of him a dark, brown-tinted country road lay, and he was humming quietly to shake away his fears, for he had heard tales of things that come out in the dark.

     Blackleaf was about a mile from his house when he noticed something strange; everything seemed to have a faint shadow, and though fog was thickening, Blackleaf could dimly see an odd shape on the road further on, and that shape appeared to be a shadow without a physical form to cast it. It looked dark and black, and through the fog he could see nothing other than the blackness.

     He called out nervously, “Hello, there! Who might you be, traveler?” Blackleaf’s voice echoed in the silent night, and suddenly a chill went down his back. The Creature did not answer, and Blackleaf walked forward uneasily, calling out to the Creature once in a while, but still it did not respond.

     After some time, Blackleaf decided that the Creature must be some kind of a stump of a cut tree. He conjured up his courage and walked past it, but while the Creature was right next to him, Blackleaf sneaked a look at it and let out a low gasp; two red gleams glowed in the Creature’s face. Blackleaf staggered, mouth still wide open in a silent yell, and ran from the Creature as fast as he could. The Creature seemed then to make its first movement: it turned to face Blackleaf, and a glint of white could be seen, bent like the moon; it was a smile. Blackleaf was terrified, and in less than ten minutes he was at the door of his wooden house and fumbling with his keys.

     Blackleaf looked around, and there, in the fog but nevertheless distinctly clear, stood the Shadow Usul. Every line of its body was glowing with an eerie black, and as Blackleaf opened the door, it smiled wider, revealing more white, contrasting sharply against the black. Blackleaf swooped inside his house and shut the door securely, and that was the last time he ever saw the Shadow Usul.

Lisa, Sunny. Year 3

The elderly Wocky was off to sleep in her small apartment in the crowded area of Neopia Central. After turning off the night lamp, she gradually fell asleep. In her sleep Lisa dreamed of unearthly things, and they were not at all pleasant and nice to the eye. She tossed and turned, then finally waking up. Lisa decided that a cup of water would best help her back to sleep, so she slipped on her slippers and walked to get a glass. It was not long before she returned that she sensed another presence in her house.

     “I could feel that something was in the house with me,” Lisa later said, “I could feel it; I was not alone.”

     After taking a few uneasy sips, she grasped her broom nearby and walked as quietly as possible to her room. Lisa was at the door when she stopped, for she could feel the presence ever clearer. Lisa looked bravely into her room, and there, illuminated by the moonlight, stood the Shadow Usul. Its eyes were glinting, and Lisa grasped her broom tighter, cold sweat running down her forehead. They stood staring at each other for quite a long while, and Lisa broke out of the silence.

     “What do you want with me, Shadow Usul?” she asked, unable to suppress the trembling of her voice.

     The Shadow Usul widened its eyes, and in it a small black pupil could almost be seen. It was quite an unnerving sight: a tiny dot with a large area of white around it. Lisa was more horrified than anything; her limbs gave way and she fell slowly to the floor. The Shadow Usul then “smiled,” and revealed a mass of shinning white. Its fur seemed to bristle, sharp at the edges.

     Lisa, with all her might, threw the broom she was holding at the Usul, but the broom’s handle just went right through it. The Shadow Usul neither retreated nor advanced; it simply stood there. Lisa watched it intently, cold perspiration wetting her face. Suddenly, she realized that the Shadow Usul was fading. Slowly, but steadily fading. It was ten minutes before the Usual completely faded. Lisa later described a lingering “faint outline of the Shadow Usul,” which stayed in her room, flickering, as if it were smoke. Lisa finally fainted      and fell asleep in the door.

Bluesand Hunting Party. Year 3

Inhabitants of the Mystery Island had also experiences with the Shadow Usul. One of the most famous is the tale of the Bluesand Hunting Party.

     A tribal elder had gathered up his hunters and hounds for a hunting trip in the deep forest of the central of the island. They marched triumphantly into the trees’ midst, and were having such fine time killing animals that they didn’t realize that the sun had gone down. Unfortunately the hunters were separated from each other, and it was some time before they were all gathered together again and setting home. There was no moon, and all about them eerie cries rang out into the night.

     The elder led them to a clearing between the trees. The hunters were amazed, for they had never been there before. The elder was himself astonished, and for a moment he gazed disbelievingly at the open space. It was so dark he could barely make out anything, except the Shadow, which he spotted moving toward them. As fast as lightning he drew out an arrow and set it on his bow, and very soon after a twang echoed into the darkness.

     The arrow shot straight for the Shadow Usul, but it went through its body. The Shadow Usul was motionless, and the elder ordered the hunters to catch the Usul. The hunters sprinted. The Shadow Usul then faded away, leaving nothing but a smoky imprint of its image. The Bluesand Hunting Party looked about them in astonishment, and suddenly a hunter spotted the Shadow Usul, which was now further to the right, and cried out.

     The Party sprang after the Usul, but once they were close to it, it faded away. Another hunter spotted the Usul, and again the Party rushed after it, and again it faded. Around and around the Shadow Usul lead them in the forest, and by dawn a villager found the hunters “sleeping as though they were on sofas” against a huge tree.

Ednoth, Tech. Year 4

This incident is perhaps the strangest yet, as Ednoth the Techo experienced it for himself.

     Ednoth often took midnight strolls around a nearby park, for it helps him in gathering ideas for his writings. Today was the same; he put on a coat and set off, preparing for a writer’s bock-free night. The moon was shining brightly in front of him, and his shadow lied on the path, facing him.

     Ednoth whistled softy, then suddenly he stopped, for he was looking on the ground, and noticing something very strange; both his shadow and the moon was in front of him. He looked back, and saw, to his horror, his real shadow. Not daring to turn back again, he raced off. When he was long away from the Shadow, he sneaked a look and saw it lying there, and what’s more, it was revealing a white glow around the top like a sickle. It was smiling.

     Of the things in this world little do we understand. Many strange happenings remain unsolved. The Legend of the Shadow Usul is merely one of them. Who knows why or how the Shadow Usul appear, or how it fades. Is it perhaps a spirit, a ghost who took to physical form? Or is it a being with wraithlike qualities. Is it friend or foe? Only one thing is for certain, and that is until a yonder day, the mystery of the Shadow Usul shall remain a mystery.

The End

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