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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 29th day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 124 > Continuing Series > Operation Neopia: In The Beginning -- Part Three

Operation Neopia: In The Beginning -- Part Three

by monarchistknight

"The way to fix the generator is really rather easy. There's a special way to repair it hat only people here know about, so that people would think that it would cripple us if they messed around with this. Cody and Nahum, you two had better climb up that ladder and walk down the catwalk until you reach another computer that looks just like this one. Turn it on. Warren, get an extinguisher. We need to keep the sparks from becoming a fire as soon as possible. I'll be able to fix the rest once the two generator computers are on," said the blue Tonu.

      Instantly, everyone went about their assigned tasks. Warren was easily able to find the extinguisher; the only problem was keeping the sparks down. Warren was really afraid of fire, but he kept on. Nahum and Cody climbed the ladder and ran as fast as they could to the other computer. They turned it on, but the only thing that came up was a message that said, "You won't get off that easy. I reprogrammed this computer. However, there is another way to fix the generator. You simply have to decode this message. -S.M. Antig huy thao. Nuhm hangendere huy juhki op juhki opuh… OOPS, sorry I burned up the rest of this note and incinerated it. Don't worry, though. You'll be fine, or at least better off than Jeff and Timothy right now. -S.M. again "

      "Jeff and Timothy are in trouble, Cody!"

      "Nahum, we've got to fix our problem first. Did you decode the message?"

      "Yup, it was rather difficult. That code's vicious! It seems to be Ancient Meridellian script, you know before it was found, but it's just brutalized! It says, "Reprogram the Computer. Then change the something to something, then", and that's it. I just don't get it."

      "Nahum, you start reprogramming the computer. I'll tell Seth Matthews about our problem."

      "Stop, Cody! What was his name, again?" asked Nahum.

      "Seth Matthews," answered Cody.

      "His initials are S.M."

      "Hmm, they are. We still need his help though. I'll get up here."

      Meanwhile, Warren was having great difficulty keeping down the sparks. His extinguisher was almost depleted. He was losing hope. His shadow fur was being singed, so parts of it came off. While Warren would never confess it, Warren loved his fur a lot. This just made him mad. Warren then did something he thought he'd regret even after his fifth mission with the force. In a mad bout of energy, he jumped onto the generator! He expected to be jolted by thousands of volts electricity, but instead he was perfectly fine. Nothing was wrong, and in fact everything was going well! Warren pondered this for a moment, when he figured it out. A projector caused the whole generator illusion. The only thing real was the sparks, which turned out to just be tiny balls of flames that were shooting slowly out of a little hole. That was a relief. Now to tell the others.


"Hmm, this scroll is very interesting. It's a prophecy that eight young warriors would come, find these lost treasures, and use them to save Neopia. I even recognize a few of them. That one sword is called the Frozen Blade of Ghorchester, and that one shield is called the Shield of Tri Contope. However, this was written some two millennia ago. I don't think any of it will come true, or it has already," said Dawson.

      "Well, thanks Dawson. I'd still like to study this scroll though. It's very interesting," said Jeff.

      "Be my guest, young Lupe."

      As Timothy and Jeff walked out, they noticed something odd. A mutant Ixi was running towards them screaming, "Sir Moshe will have his revenge on O.N., young Buzz and Lupe. Sir Moshe will start with you!"

      "Timothy, run now!" shouted Jeff.

      The two were running away as fast as they could as Sir Moshe chased them. They were getting tired and Sir Moshe was gaining. "I'll get you, yet!" he shouted. They were almost caught when Timothy did something he would never have done. Tired and weak, he picked up Jeff and flew up, higher than Sir Moshe could reach. He stayed in place, hovering, for a while, while Sir Moshe shouted insults at them. "Cowards! Come down here or I'll come up there! I've been blessed by air Faeries long ago, and have the power of Flight. Come down, or else!" he shouted menacingly.

      "Timothy, throw me," said Jeff.

      "NO! You're going to be smashed!"

      "I have a plan. Just throw me!" ordered Jeff, "If it works just right, I can knock him over!"

      "Okay," said the young Buzz, as he threw his Lupe friend straight at the Ixi.


"Ashley, this is getting scary. Why can't we just go?" asked Caitlin.

      "Okay, Caitlin. Let's go and read our books or something. We'll come back later," said Ashley, as Caitlin and she walked away. "Kaleigh, are you coming?" she asked

      "No, I got a plan to trap this S.M," said Kaleigh slyly.

      "Well, fine, just don't hurt yourself," advised Ashley.

      "Bye, Ash," Kaleigh said. Ashley looked at her again. "Sorry, Ashley." Ashley gave her a quick nod, and then walked away. Kaleigh then scoured S.V.E.N. for a net.


"Don't worry, Nahum and Cody. I'll have this computer fixed in no time," said Seth, "I programmed it myself. I can fix it, no doubt. But that someone would hack into the computer like that, it just gives me the creeps." He pressed a few buttons, cut and switched a few wires, and restarted the whole computer.

      "Oh, I'm so glad you could fix it. Now, we can stop the generator from exploding," said Nahum, gratefully.

      "You don't have to!" said a tired Warren, "This whole thing was a diversion! The generator isn't sparking at all. It's a trick. A projector is just showing images of it, but it's not real."

      "Who would do this? Who?" snarled Cody.

      "Cody, calm down. It's someone whose initials are S.M. apparently," said Warren looking at the computer, "and someone who can reprogram the computer."

      Cody, Nahum, and Warren all looked at Seth. "Get him!" yelled Cody. All three grabbed him and dragged him to Dawson.


And then Sir Moshe, the Mutant Ixi, looked up at the Buzz and Lupe, who were cowering up at the… ASHLEY! The Nimmo put down her book startled.

      "What is it Caitlin? Is something wrong?"

      "No, I just wanted to know what you thought about my new style," said Caitlin. She was wearing a nice fur coat, a beautiful hat, and had her pink fur lightened.

      "And how long did it take you to do that?"

      "Um… one hour, but…"

      "ONE HOUR!" Ashley almost fell off her seat.

      "Ashley, please. I worked hard making myself beautiful."

      "I'm sorry I shouted at you Caitlin, and I know you've been working hard, but you just interrupted me at the best part of the book!"

      "Really? What's happening so far?"

      "Well, there's this Ixi and he plans to wreck havoc on this ship called the S.V.E.N. so he sends out this evil robots called Spyder-bots. The Spyder-bots are stopped however, so he then hid in his secret lair on this ship and he plotted revenge! The plot's hard to follow, but it's really exciting!"

      "Ashley, that book seems strangely familiar to something else."


      "Oh, I forgot it! Let's go find Kaleigh."

      Kaleigh was busy in the library, hooking up her new-found net to various shelves, until a triangle shape was made. It hovered right over the check-in desk. All she had to do was wait until Sean Masters, or S.M. walked into her cunning little trap. She sat on a shelf for ten minutes, until the white Grarrl walked in. She pushed off one of the Rocks that held the net in place, and watched it fall on the Grarrl. At that moment, Ashley and Caitlin walked in. When they saw Kaleigh, they eagerly helped her out, taking the Grarrl to Dawson. Ashley brought her book, of course.


Jeff flew through the air and hit Sir Moshe with great force, making him roll on the ground, unconscious. Jeff's idea went flawlessly. Timothy flew down, and together they picked up Sir Moshe, the Mutant Ixi, and took him to Dawson.

      The eight friends soon entered Dawson's quarters, with three suspects. They were now ready to decide who was behind the trouble. Dawson looked at them each with surprise.

      "You actually think my second in command would behind all this? After all you've told me, I can understand. Sure, he likes a good joke and is an expert programmer, but there is no way he could be it," Commander Dawson said. He then turned to see Seth, " This Grarrl happens to be my top spy and head of the investigation branch in O.N! He can't have done it. It's just not like him. Now this um, Chi- Jet- Eleph- OH! It's an Ixi! What is the mutant's name?"

      "It's Sir Moshe," replied Jeff.

      "Sir Moshe," Ashley thought to herself, " Just like the person in the book."

      "Well, Sir Moshe! It appears you're the, where'd he go?" asked Dawson. And, indeed, he had vanished! No-one knew where he was! No-one, except Ashley!

"I know where he went. He's in the deepest part of the heart of S.V.E.N., where it's quiet, dank, and dusty!" she exclaimed, unaware everyone else thought she was insane.

      "Where'd you get that idea?" asked Nahum.

"The Mutant Ixi's Revenge. It's the story of a Mutant Ixi named Sir Moshe, and everything that's happened so far is in the book. I think this Sir Moshe is trying to base his whole life on the story."

      "Well, it's strange, but it's all we got for now. Seth, what place sounds most like the description given by Ashley?" asked Dawson.

      "Just a moment," Seth said. He then thought and thought, until he figured it out. "Of course! He's in the middle of the middle of S.V.E.N., and in that place is the central computer system for the whole ship."

      "Good work, Seth. Let's go catch us some Ixi!" said Dawson.


"We're almost there! Just a few more buttons and we're in!" said Seth, who was opening the door to the C.C.S., or central computer system. Now eleven were searching for Sir Moshe, as Dawson, Seth, and Sean had joined with them. "Yes, it's open!"

      The eleven walked in slowly, cautious of the crazed Ixi.

      "Ashley, what is it supposed to do now?" asked Cody.

      "I'm not sure. I haven't read that far."

      "Then start reading!" said Cody demandingly.

      She flipped open her book and read, "The eleven tried to search for the Ixi, but little did they know that the Ixi could not be seen, for it was painted Invisible."

      "It's invisible," said Ashley.

      "That's just great! Just what we need! An invisible Ixi that could… HELP!" shouted Cody, "The Ixi! It's got me!"

      "Quick, do something! Hit it with something! Kick it! Punch it! Ashley, read the book!" everyone said at once.

      "And then the Ixi grabbed the group's Gelert, and started choking it. The Nimmo, realizing what was happening, raced up to it, and hit Sir Moshe over the head with the book, knocking him out," she read out loud. She immediately did it. The Ixi released its hold on Cody, and slumped onto the floor. Seth and Sean were then able to arrest the Ixi and put it in a prison cell. The day was won.


"That was excellent team! Even though you were unprepared, you came through. I'm proud of you! But there will be more to do, soon. Your next mission will start in two days and will take you to a place called the Frozzen Lands, where you'll meet with the queen to, oh, sorry I shouldn't be briefing you now! You guys just go to your quarters."

      They all did. The quarters were like their rooms and were arranged so that the girls could be together, and the boys would be separated with two in one and three in the other. In the quarters with three, Jeff, Timothy, and Cody were talking.

      "Well, Cody. What do you think of your new life here?" asked Jeff, rolling over to face him.

      "I like it, but that's about it," Cody said. He snarled and went to sleep.

      "Why is Cody like that?" asked Timothy.

      "Who knows? Hey, Timothy, were you thinking about that scroll?"

      "Well, no, not really, why?"

      "I've been thinking about one of the weapons on it," Jeff said pulling the scroll out from underneath his pillow, " This one weapon is called the Frozen Blade of Ghorchester, and in two days we're going to a place called the Frozzen Land. Do you think it could be there?"

      "Maybe, but I don't think it's that important," said Timothy.


"Open up the chest! It's time again," said a Christmas Koi pointing to a massive box. It contained the Frozzen Land's most prized possession.

      "Yes sir!" replied a Christmas Aisha. The Aisha opened the chest to reveal a blade that was made of solid ice and was almost five feet long.

      "Ah, yes! The Frozen Blade of Ghorchester! It's not gone. Close the chest!" said the Koi.



Author's Note: I bet you're wondering what happens to the blade. Well, in the next Operation Neopia, I'll tell you. If you have any comments or criticism, Neomail me! I'd be happy to hear it. The next one will continue the series and tell about Cody and the blade, as there are many Operation Neopia stories to tell!

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