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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 6th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 124 > New Series > Neoschool of Nightmares: Part One

Neoschool of Nightmares: Part One

by lunagirl52

"Wake up time, you're going to be late for Neoschool. Are you even listening to me Torkkin?" Lunagirl52 scolded. Torkkin was her only neopet, a blue male Eyrie who was generally good-natured but was now rather aggravated. He hated waking up early.

     "I don't see what all this fuss is over some dumb old thing called Neoschool," he remarked. "Why can't I just stay home?" This of course was a rhetorical question to which he already knew the answer.

     "Because you need an education, Mr. 'That is like such a boring book!' Besides, you can't spend your entire day doing nothing."

     "I like my sleep, and it's not like you're much of a morning person either, you know. By the way, your shoes are on the wrong feet." Torkkin chuckled to himself knowing that his owner Lunagirl52 was the last person in all of Neopia that you could call a morning person. She merely grumbled and fixed her shoes.

     "Anyway, you need to get downstairs and eat breakfast before school, and you also need to get your stuff together," Lunagirl52 remarked while looking at Torkkin's Usuki clock.

     Torkkin groaned and ruffled his wings as he stretched. "YAHH!" Torkkin quickly spun his head around and ran out of the room.

     Lunagirl52 might be in trouble, after all, Torkkin thought to himself as he flew down the stairs, I'm quite fond of her even though we may tease one another a lot. As Torkkin reached Lunagirl52 he saw that she wasn't in trouble, she had just tripped over his overexcited Whoot, Ridge. Ridge had been a gift to him from Lunagirl52 and the little petpet seemed to be nothing but mischief. Just the other day the little creature had gone missing and turned out to just have been sleeping in his owner's sock drawer. Lunagirl52 stood up and brushed herself off and had then proceeded to catch the chattering Whoot by the scruff of his neck.

     "You're extremely adorable you know, but you're still a pain Ridge. Now run up to Torkkin's room and stay there," she said while releasing the little petpet into the stairwell and watching him flitter upstairs. Turning to her Eyrie she smiled at him and said, "I've got your omlette ready along with orange juice. Just hurry up, okay? It's not good to be late to school, trust me, it's not worth it."

     "Okay, okay, I won't be late." He quickly gobbled down his breakfast and ran up to his room, gathered his school stuff and bolted out of the front door to school.

     "HYAA!!" screeched a mysterious figure as it leapt into Torkkin, knocking the Eyrie over.

     "What in the!?" Torkkin squawked before he got a good look at his assailant. It was his best friend Shadowcat, a female red Eyrie belonging to Lunagirl52's friend, Mystique_ish. "Oh, hi Shadowcat, you've been roped into going to Neoschool, as well?" he asked upon seeing her back pack.

     "Yah, it sounds really dull but you know how owners can be, 'You need an education' it's all rubbish to me," Shadowcat chuckled with her imitation of both their owners attitudes. Torkkin nodded and readjusted his backpack.

     Both of the young Eyries walked to school with one another until they arrived at the school building. "Here comes a boring trip to nowhere," Torkkin sighed with Shadowcat nodding her head in agreement. As the two friends walked into the building they found it strangely deserted "Odd," remarked Shadowcat.

     Suddenly, Torkkin felt something writhing around in his backpack and looked inside, with Shadowcat peeking her head over his shoulder and looking inside. They both let out a yelp of surprise as a streak of brown came whizzing out, "RIDGE!" yelled a rather startled Torkkin.

     Shadowcat having now recovered from her shock began laughing, making little noises as her beak clicked. "Your petpet? What's Ridge doing here?"

     "That's what I'd like to know," muttered Torkkin. "Ridge, why did you hide in my pack?" The little Whoot merely hopped around and hugged Torkkin.

     After having had the surprise of the little petpet, the two Eyrie's noticed the building's silence, and began to wander about the halls looking for everyone. "Where do you think everyone is?" asked Shadowcat.

     "I'm not sure, they should be here," said Torkkin as her looked around trying to keep from stepping on his Whoot.

     Torkkin followed Shadowcat as she peered into a dark classroom and bumped into her as she came to a quick stop, "Ow," grumbled Torkkin as he rubbed his beak, "what's the hold-up Shadowcat?" When Torkkin saw what had made her stop so suddenly he gasped, a skeleton was sitting in a cobweb covered teachers desk.

     "Torkkin," Shadowcat whispered, "I think we're in the wrong building." Torkkin was horrified, a skeleton! Shadowcat shuddered at the sight and Ridge just stared. Suddenly, the little Whoot decided to run into the dark room, "NO!" shouted Shadowcat and Torkkin in unison, dashing after the petpet.

     Suddenly, the door slammed behind the Neopets and they spun around at the sound and scrabbled at the door but it was stuck. Suddenly, Ridge came running back, hooting in fear and hid behind Torkkin's leg. Torkkin and Shadowcat turned to what had frightened the Whoot so badly other than the skeleton; they wished they hadn't looked. A Ghostly young Lupe walked out of the shadows and advanced towards them.

     "Wha-wha-what are you?" stammered Shadowcat.

     "I'm Vrandir, please don't look at me like that, it's rather embarrassing," murmured the ghost Lupe.

     "Umm, okay then. What is this place Vrandir?" asked Torkkin.

     "This is a cursed place, and you three are here to lift that curse," stated Vrandir motioning to Torkkin, Shadowcat, and Ridge.

     "What curse? And why us?" snarled Shadowcat defiantly.

     "Oh well, I may as well tell you since you're stuck here until this curse is lifted," sighed the Lupe. "Twenty years ago this was a school of sorts, not an ordinary one mind you, it was a school for Neopets to learn magic, before faeries."

     Torkkin and Shadowcat nodded, Ridge merely cocked his head to the side. This was getting interesting. "Well, I was one of the students here, I was new and the other Neopets wanted me to go on a dare to prove I was good enough to be here with them. The dare was to steal the head teacher's magical amulet."

     "You did, I'm guessing?" said Torkkin.

     "Correct, only this amulet had a curse on it, of which none of us except for the head teacher knew of, that's why she always had it locked up," sighed Vrandir. "I broke into her office and stole the amulet, only when I presented it to the other students who sent me on the dare began to toss it about when it fell and broke in two. What happened next was horrible, the headmistress came running from the school waving her paws frantically when a great black mist rushed out of the broken amulet and covered the school; everyone was dead within hours, none could escape for the mist had somehow prevented anyone from leaving." Vrandir said with his head lowered. "My spirit can't find rest, I feel so guilty over what happened that I can't find peace until I find the two halves of the amulet and reunite it and put all the other pet's spirits to rest."

     Torkkin and Shadowcat understood how Vrandir must feel and agreed to help the ghost Lupe, "we'd be happy to help you find peace Vrandir," said the two Eyries and the Whoot nodding.

     "Thank you," said Vrandir, "the first half is somewhere outside in the old school field, let's go there first." So the two pets, Torkkin's Whoot, dark field that had been overrun with weeds in it's unkempt state and the old trees that were once green and vibrant were now dead, black, and were twisted with their limbs like deformed claws reached for the gray sky as if begging for sunshine. "This place gives me the creeps," muttered Torkkin.

     "Don't be such a baby Torkkin, after all, your owner's room is way scarier than this place," chortled Shadowcat.

     "I don't mean to interrupt, but I think that we'd best be looking for the amulet half rather than making comments on one another's owner's rooms," said Vrandir blankly.

     The two Eyries lowered their heads, they had almost forgotten about why they were here. Suddenly a cloud moved, revealing a small shaft of sun that hit Vrandir and made him jump back and hide. "I'm sorry," said Vrandir looking quite embarrassed, "I can't go into the sunlight or it I disappear for a while."

     "I see," said Shadowcat clicking her beak. She was about to say more when she noticed Ridge darting across the field and dash into a dark hole in the field. "Ridge, what are you doing!"

     All three of the pets ran after the small petpet and looked down into the hole after him, "It's the amulet he's after!" cried Torkkin. "He's not hopeless after all!"

To be continued...

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