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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 124 > New Series > The Curse of the Dark Nova: Part One

The Curse of the Dark Nova: Part One

by dancepixie100

The morning was flooded with sweet spring air blended with the fresh scents of ripening flowers. The sun slowly rose to meet the tips of the green meadows and the peaks in the distance. Its gentle rays warmed the ground casually as the tiny grains of fertile soil sprang between the early blooms. The lingering cool touch of night slowly evaporated and the last dim stars disappeared under the white foam clouds. It was a beautiful and quiet morning in the kingdom of Meridell and something very special was about to take place.

     Nearby in the castle, a tiny baby Ixi was born. Its fur was a magnificent shade of blue. It blinked open its eyes and let out a squeak. Shimmering strands of hair fell into its hopeful face and the Ixi gently brushed it aside with its paw. The Ixi was cuddled between several layers of warm blankets, which it playfully licked with its soft pink tongue. When it lost interest in that, the little creature looked curiously around its surroundings.

     Huddled around the Ixi was a large group of Faerie's who were all talking excitedly. They were the colors of all the different elements; earth, water, air, fire, and light. Only the Faerie of darkness was missing from the joyful crowd of visitors. The Faerie's affectionately reached out their fingers to stroke the Ixi's ears and tiny pink nose. The creature, in return, stared fascinated by the beauty of the Faerie's and their garments.

     A Water Faerie stepped in front of the crowd. She was dressed in a deep sapphire blue gown that sparkled like the swift currents of the ocean. Small blue jewels and crystals decorated her glimmering bodice and it sparkled like tiny rainbows as the Faerie moved. She silenced the crowd and began speaking. "Sisters, the blessing ceremony for young Princess Ritzalina will now begin. May I have the honor to place the first blessing on the princess?" The other Faerie's nodded and smiled warmly. She turned to address the baby Ixi. "I hereby bless Princess Ritzalina with the gift of beauty. For like the majestic world beneath the blue waters, you too shall grow with elegant and wondrous beauty." She then placed a soft kiss on the baby's cheek and tapped its forehead with a light touch from her wand. A deep blue glowed around Ritzalina and then faded away.

     The next Faerie to step up was an Earth Faerie. She was dressed in a cool shade of emerald green. Wove through her brown hair were golden cornhusks, lush forest leaves, and exotic pink flowers. As she walked to take the water Faerie's place, blossoms that were dangling in her hair fell to the ground to leave a veil of living things. "My gift to Princess Ritzalina shall be the blessing of kindness. She will show great compassion and kindness towards all other living things." At last, she placed a warm kiss on the Ixi and tapped her forehead with her shimmering wand. This time a green color glowed around the princess and then slowly died away.

     After she had returned, a fire Faerie came next. Her scarlet wand shot out bursts of fire stars, which glittered endlessly around the room. Her fiery red hair was tucked neatly behind her neck and a ruby stone pin held it in place. "As the representative of the element fire, I shall bless the gift of strength upon young Princess Ritzalina. When all else is black around her, she shall find strength and shine her light inside." She blew a soft kiss to the Ixi and tapped her wand on her head. A small red flicker gleamed around Ritzalina like a warming flame and then faded.

     Then came the Faerie of air. She wore satin robes of twilight blue and on her head was a silver circlet adorned with aqua gems. Her skin sparkled radiantly with glitter and she smiled upon her listeners. "I am the element of air. I shall bless Princess Ritzalina with the gift of knowledge. She, unlike others, will be able to see the true meaning hidden behind the obscure wind. For some things are not always what they seem." She did as the other Faeries had done and lay a gentle kiss upon the baby's cheeks and made a soft blue color shine around the Ixi until it disappeared to leave not a trace.

     The last Faerie to place a gift on Ritzalina was the light Faerie. She looked entrancing in her yellow gown with her long blonde hair streaming down her back to form bouncing curls at the end. Her face glowed like the warming sun. "I, Faerie of lightness, hereby give Princess Ritzalina the blessing of love. She shall always contain love for her peers and for her kingdom as long as she lives."

     Just as the last Faerie kissed the Ixi and created a yellow glow around her body, the doors at the end of the hallway burst open with an earth-bellowing shatter. Darkness seeped into the fair castle like a shadow before a storm. All of the Faeries huddled by where the princess lay to protect her from the Dark Faerie that stood by the door. "Phaedra," the Light Faerie gulped. This could only mean trouble.

     "Why hello sisters!" screamed Phaedra at the end of the hall. She strode forward briskly, her deep purple and silver dress glided as she walked. "Nice to see that you invited me," she sneered as she flipped her black hair over her shoulders. No one moved or made a sound. No one except for the little baby Ixi whom began to cry desperately. "Ahh, what do we have here!" exclaimed the dark Faerie. "This must be the new addition to the family," she said as she peered at the tiny creature. "Little Ritzalina, is it not?"

     "Princess Ritzalina!" retorted the Light Faerie. "You will address her correctly, as she is royalty."

     "Yeah, whatever," grunted Phaedra. Her eyes cut into green slits as she stared at Ritzalina with disgust. Suddenly, a smile curved onto her lips and she let out a soft cackle. "You didn't expect me to come all the way here without blessing your young princess." Phaedra lifted the blankets to find the little creature trembling with fear. The other Faeries exchanged nervous glances. " My gift to you, little Ritzalina, will be a terrible curse." She laughed dryly. "On your 12th birthday, you shall come across a dark magic artifact and when you touch it, you will unleash the powers from with in it. You and Meridell shall forever be stained by its darkness." Phaedra began laughing so loud and hard, piercing the room with her dark plans. A cloud of purple shadows surrounded the Ixi and she cried innocently at the horror surrounding her. Then the dark Faerie disappeared with a poof of smoke.

     The Faeries were in a state of shock. They whispered and cried as they thought of what to do. Finally, a Fire Faerie had a plan. "Sisters, we must work to protect Princess Ritzalina from this evil harm," she said with a broken heart. Everyone sighed. "I think it would be best if she lived outside of the castle for her youth."

     "And never know she is really the princess?" gasped an Air Faerie with shock.

     "Yes, we shall have to change her name also, so that Phaedra will never know it's her. She will be known as Ritz."

     "Then we should change her color too, that way Phaedra will never recognize her on that cursed day," cried the Water Faerie.

     "So be it. We will paint her with a Faerie Paint Brush."

     "But who should live with her and be her companion?" Just then a yellow Acara stepped up from the crowd. She was very plain but had a warm and kind smile on her face.

     "I shall. I will take good care of her," said the Acara cheerily. The faeries nodded appreciably.

     "Done," said the Light Faerie.

     So begins our tale of a little Ixi crossed by fate, who when she wakes up years later in a small cottage, will never know her true past…. or her destiny.

To be continued…
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