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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 6th day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 122 > Articles > A Guide to Winning Trophies #10

A Guide to Winning Trophies #10

by solidus_snake

Trophies! Trophies! More trophies! This week: Chomby and the Fungus Balls, Feed Florg, MAGAX: Destroyer, and Invasion of Meridell – 300 BN.

Chomby and the Fungus Balls
You need a fair amount of luck and skill to do well at this game. You control the Chomby with the arrow keys. The object of the game is to pick up the star in each level and return it to the star pad as quickly as possible. The rotating doors can be very useful, enemies cannot pass through these doors unless you push them in. Enemies cannot go through teleports either. Teleports will teleport you to another random teleport in the level. You can still be hit while on a teleporter. There are various enemies in this game, each does something different. The green spotted fungus move in a clockwise direction. They will only change direction when they bump into something. The purple fungus balls move in straight lines and will go in a different random direction when they bump into something. Brown fungus balls move randomly and can change direction anywhere. Yellow fungus balls are like brown ones but the can shoot in all directions. Red fungus balls are the most dangerous, they will follow you wherever you go. You can play Chomby and the Fungus Balls here.

My strategy: I try to finish the levels as quickly as possible. The time bonus is worth much more than the 5 points you lose for restarting. There isn’t really much strategy, just dodge everything. Try to find patterns or safe times when you can move.

Feed Florg
The object of the game is to keep the petpets on the table so Florg can eat them. You control the hand with either the mouse or the keyboard. There is a small bug in this game at the time of writing. When your score gets high enough, Florg’s tongue will stick out and he won’t eat any petpets. Occasionally, a petpet will disappear, but you will not receive points for it. If 5 petpets fall off the table, you lose. You get one point every time you bounce a petpet with the hand and you get points when Florg eats one. The point values for each petpet are as follows:

Slorg 5
Krawk 10
Puppyblew 10
Warf 10
Snorkle 10
Bearog 10
Kadoatie 15
Hasee 20

My strategy: I try to keep the petpets bouncing in a vertical line. Usually, you only have to bounce the petpet once before it gets eaten. You can play Feed Florg here.

MAGAX: Destroyer
The object of this game is to destroy the ghost Neopets. This game requires some luck and some skill. You control MAGAX with the arrow keys and fire with the Spacebar. There are 2 bars, a health bar, and a power bar. When you run out of health, it’s game over. Firing uses power, but the power bar replenishes quickly. If you fire while low on power, you will lose health. The green orbs replenish your health and give a few points. There are 4 types of enemies in the game, the Aisha, which does nothing, the JubJub, which splits into 3 smaller ones when shot, the Chia, which spits poison at you, and Hubrid Nox, who can set you fire and make you lose health gradually, freeze you so you can’t turn for a while or make the ghosts bigger and faster. There is NO WAY to dodge Hubrid’s attack, so when you see him fly down on his cloud, just hope for the best. There is a small bug, at the time of writing, when you get to the higher levels. If you look at the radar screen as the level starts, you will see the enemies appear, but if you shoot them before they appear on the radar, or if you bump into them before they appear on the radar, you will not be able to finish the level even if you destroy all of the ghosts. You can play MAGAX: Destroyer here.

My strategy: I try to finish levels as quickly as possible to avoid getting hit by Hubrid. While playing, I will slow down by turning around before I reach an enemy, then I shoot it. When there is 1 enemy left, I go around the level and collect the extra green orbs that I didn’t pick up. To avoid the bug in the higher levels, I keep pressing left and right to stay in one area so I don’t bump into the ghosts at the beginning of the level.

Invasion of Meridell
This is a strategy game that requires a bit of luck and some logic. The object of the game is to ‘save’ the invaders by reducing their hit points to 0 or lower and protecting the villages. When you lose half of your villages, or if all of your characters get converted to evil, you lose, but don’t worry, you can continue from the same mission instead of starting everything over. You get 5 characters, a Moehog, a Skeith, a Scorchio, a Techo, and a Grundo. Each character has specific strengths and weaknesses. For instance, a Skeith starts with a high attack but can only move 1 square at a time. To do well in this game, and earn a trophy, you have to spread out your saves among all of your characters. It is also VERY important that each character gets his/her best weapons and armour. For instance, a Grundo with a scroll can heal other characters from anywhere on the board, and a Skeith with an amulet can teleport to almost anywhere. Each of your characters can get more stats by saving invaders. In each mission, you have to fight 3 waves of invaders. In each mission, there is a ‘Lost Item’. When you pick it up, all of your characters get +1 strength and +1 defence. Even if you restart the mission, you get to keep the lost item. The lost item will disappear if there is only one enemy left. In the first 5 missions, all of the enemies will stop to attack you if you are in front of them, or diagonally in front of them. In the last 5 missions, there are dark lords that will try to avoid you and try to go directly to your villages. You can stop them by forming a straight line in their path so they can’t move diagonally or forward. You can play Invasion of Meridell here.

My strategy: I always try to pick up each pet’s best weapons. The amulet for the Skeith is very useful and the scroll for the Grundo is also very useful. Your pets will not be perfectly even in saves, so once they are all higher than villager rank, focus on getting your Scorchio to a high rank. Once its rank is high enough, it can attack from two spaces away with a bow. I usually move all of my characters up 1 at the beginning of the level. I don’t move the Skeith up because it can just teleport. When fighting, I try not to get one character surrounded by more than two invaders. When I’m moving my pieces, I try to keep them spread out so they can protect the villages. You can increase the number of saves each fighter has by leaving one enemy and letting it convert one of the villagers. Once it has been converted, just save it again.

Next time: Gadgadsgame, Escape from Meridell Castle, and Miscellaneous stuff.

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