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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 6th day of Relaxing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 122 > Articles > A Petpet’s Point Of View: Livvy The Whoot

A Petpet’s Point Of View: Livvy The Whoot

by arden_starr

SDB - “Petpets -- oh I collect them,” one scornful person (who wishes not to be named) sneered. “They’re a bit silly. I keep them in my Safety Deposit Box, and play with them from time to time.”

Agree? If you do, I had better change your mind. I am Livvy, a Whoot from Mystery Island, and I have written this article to campaign for Petpet Rights. No article has ever been written by a Petpet before, thought lots have been written about them. No, I think it’s about time our voices were heard.

For a long time I have been working for correct treatment of our kind. I am a Petpets Spokesperson, and have been worried about the way we are thought of for a long time. Some people think of us as objects, some think of us as shrunken pets with pea-sized brains. This is wrong. Not only are our brains plum sized, we are also intelligent and can think for ourselves. Not convinced? Read on.

First of all, I had better explain what a Petpet is, and its current role in society. There are many different species, just like Pets -- there are all sorts, from flying to burrowing, water based to fiery types, shy, quiet ones to outgoing, loud ones. Each species has a stereotype- for instance, a Hornsby: “They are sad and prefer to be alone.” Some are like this, but I know a fair few who have permanent grins attached to their faces, and are forever holding parties. Every Petpet is different.

Currently, they can be bought in a shop and sold to people for a certain amount of Neopoints. Alternatively, the free ones that live in Neopia can be discovered by owners, and held captive to play nanny to their spoilt pets. I am lucky enough to live with an open-minded family that accept I will not be treated like this. Dayon, the silver Zafara I live with, has always encouraged me with my work for stopping cruelty, and the majority of pets treat their small friends with respect and thoughtfulness.

There are a few pets that don’t, however. I have heard of Petpets being left alone in a Safety Deposit Box for months on end, because the pet is “bored” and moves onto the next one. It’s not on people! Whenever I encounter cruelty, I have an argument with the owner. They are always petrified of me of course (I’m six inches tall, and have talons I’m not afraid to use!) but somehow they just don’t want to listen.

One reason for the barrier is that a lot of species cannot speak English. Some can only speak Petpetish, the unique language that nobody understands except the species themselves. This shouldn’t stop communication though -- they can be taught English, though it might take some time. It has even been known that pets can learn Petpetish! This is very rare though, and consists of lots of different squeaks and burps that are hard for pets to distinguish from one another.

I have set up a council of Petpets fighting for our rights. F.E.P.E (Fighting for the Equality of Petpets Everywhere) members feel very strongly about our cause. Here they explain their feelings and experiences, all Petpetish having been translated for easier reading.

“I hate it when pets treat us badly,” complains Snowales, a young Catamara. “I cannot speak English, I can only speak Petpetish. But just because I don’t speak to them, doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings! My pet understands this, but a Petpet I know was treated intolerably.”

“Petpet cruelty is not a punishable offence,” Zero the Anubis growls. “I used to live with a horrible pet that dressed me up like a doll, and discarded me for a newer model when she tired of me. I was lucky enough to escape that, but for many others the hell still lives on.”

“I-am-very-unhappy, very unhappppy,” sings Stinky the Spardel, a talented entertainer. “I-am-marvellous, and I-neeevver get work because of my breeeeeed. People assume I’m stuuuuuuupid-but-I’m not. I can do scales and eeeeeeverything….” He adds a trill for effect.

“For years I lived in pain,” Buterbur, a remarkably pretty young Angelpuss whispers. Tears from in her yellow eyes, as she relates her tale. “I had to live in dust bins. People used to kick me and bear bruises. Thanks to F.E.P.E, I have been relocated and live with a lovely family now. I just hope no other Petpet has to go through what I did, because it’s agonising.”

So you have heard their stories- first a Catamara that is frustrated because of her lack of English, an Anubis that was dressed up like a doll, a talented but jobless singer Spardel that is the subject of prejudice and a pretty Angelpuss that for a long time had no hope of a good life. F.E.P.E (that’s Fighting for the Equality of Petpets Everywhere, in case you had forgotten) has been tirelessly working for a while now. Everyone mentioned above is part of the council. If you are a Petpet reading this, and want to take part in our campaign, get your pet’s owner to drop Arden a Neomail- she’s Dayon’s owner and she helped me with this article.

So what can I do? That’s what you’re thinking. Well, basically, the purpose of this article is to stop cruelty, so hopefully after this you will think twice before selling on your Petpet, or trading it in before getting a new model. F.E.P.E (That’s the Fighting for the… oh forget it!) wants to hear of any harm doing to them. Keep Petpets happy, look after them, and talk to them if you can, respect them and keep them company.

We want to hear your Petpet stories. Have you been treated like dirt because you refused to wear a pink tutu? Did your owner abandon you? Are you a victim of Petpet crime? Neomail all to arden_starr, and she’ll pass on the messages. Adieu, owners, pets and Petpets alike. We shall meet again. If you don’t mind, I’m going to put my pen down, my talons are killing me. Phew -- that’s the last time I write an article for The Neopian Times.

Owners Note: A big thank you to all the Petpets involved, their pets and their owners. Mrmirine, istillcantthinkanyth and squinkygyrl -- thank you very much! PLEASE NOTE: F.E.P.E is a figment of Livvy’s imagination. Please ignore her.

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