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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 6th day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 122 > Articles > The Lost Art of Font-Making

The Lost Art of Font-Making

by bardock2494

CHAT PREFERENCES - I'm sure we've all been wandering around the NeoBoards one day, when we wandered into a topic. All of the sudden, you were hypnotized by a very good-looking font! Chances are, that person had another person make that font. Why? There are very few font-makers in the enormous world of Neopia. That stops here and now, for I'm going to teach you how to make your own font! It takes hours of practice, is mind-boggling, and virtually impossible. Or at least, it DID... till this guide was invented. Now, it's as easy as Dirt Pie!

First, think of the font you want. Do you want it to be green and pink, yellow and blue, or simply to match your avatar on the NeoBoards? You'd really be surprised by the number of fonts; there's a whole world and a half of them! Once you've decided what you want your font to be like, you move on to the next step: Actually making it.

Obviously, since this is the title of the article, this step is the main focus. It is long, and divided into several paragraphs, yet not hard. Here it is, the Lost Art of Font-Making!

Step 1: Devising the font: Before you add any extras, like glows or shadows, you must design the font! First type something like this into the font box: [font c=blue s=5 f=new times roman] What that means is you simply told the font what it will look like. 'C' is color, so after it, you type '=[insert color here]' and that will be the font's color. It accepts colors such as black, pink, purple, red, blue, light blue (no spaces when you type it), dark blue (no spaces when you type it), green... I can't list every one here, it would simply take too long.

Next, 'S', is the size. There are several sizes, 7 to be exact. Size 1 being the smallest and Size 7 being the biggest, and Size 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 being medium-ish. So, you type after 'S', '=[insert number 1-7 here] and you get your font size! Hooray, we are almost at the next step!

Finally, you need to know about the 'F'. What does it mean? It's the font face. In other words, you type script for cursive, new times roman for the font you see now, blah, blah, blah. You can start up your computer's WordPad, it'll have a list a faces. Anyway, onto what you put after the 'F': '=[insert font face here]' Yeah. I only use new times roman, script, and Arial (a face quite similar to new times roman). Now, we can (finally) move on to the next step!!

Step 2: Adding a Glow: I'm sure you've seen a font that was pink, and had a shade of yellow, and was glowing blue (or at least something similar to that). You thought the glow was cool, right? Then, go ahead, add one to your font, as soon as I teach you! Here is an example of adding a glow (as before, we'll go over the separate parts): [glow c=purple] I'm sure that made as much sense as Chewing Dung to you, but you'll get it eventually.

First, we analyze the 'glow' part of the font. Yes, 'glow' can stand alone in the glow part of the font. Like this: [glow] It doesn't have a really interesting color, just a yellowish tint. Unless you want your font to glow yellow, you might as well add a color to it. We will go over how to do that next.

The 'C' part of the glow. Hmmmm..... What do you think the 'c' stands for? If you said color, congratulations! You are getting the hang of font-making! Anyway, you simply put a color there, after that '='. The same ones you could use in Step1 will still work here. Well, the rest is self-explanatory. Onto Step 3!

Step 3: Adding a Shadow: Wow, we are almost done now! Anyway, here's the example shadow code:[shadow c=red s=5] Unlike glow, shadow cannot stand alone. It needs the extra features. Now, I' ll explain the extra features.

'C'. This seems vaguely familiar to you, now doesn't it? Right again, Mr. (or Mrs. or Ms.) Font-Maker! It's the COLOR! As before, the same colors in Step 1 will work here.

'S'. You may not remember, but think back to the first step. Now, what does the 'S' stand for? Right, size. With shadow, the same sizes work. Yep, 1-7. I don't have to show you what comes after the '=', it's pretty self-explanatory.

Step 4: Extras: Yay, this is the one-before-last step! Extras are those fonts that sparkle, the fonts that automatically post emotiocons, the fonts that have words before and after their post... There's also rainbow and double glow fonts, but that's to learn another time. Extras are VERY simple, and require no code. Here's how to make extras:

First, how to get a sparkly font. This will ONLY work if your font has a glow, and sometimes won't work anyway. (^__^) After all your font, glow and shadow code, you put the code for the emotiocons you want. It MUST be animated. Here's an example: *violin* NeoHTML *violin* The 'NeoHTML' part is changed to what you post, whenever you post. The *violin* triggers an emotiocons where a little blue smile head plays a violin. Any animated emotiocons works though.

When you do the sparkly font extra, you automatically have emotiocons before and after your post, but you can add non-animated ones, it just won't make your font sparkle.

Having words before and after your post is similar to the emotiocons way, just type what you want to be there after and before 'NeOHTML' in your font box.

Step 5: Ending the Font: Compared to all that you just did, this is as easy as blinking your eye. After 'NeOHTML' in your font, put [/shadow] [/glow] [/font] IN THAT ORDER. This is critical to your font, you need it. Well, that was simple, wasn't it?

Congratulations! You have just created your own font! I told you it was simple, didn't I? Also, if you were curious to see how the example font looked, here it is: [font c=blue s=5 f=new times roman] [glow c=purple] [shadow c=red s=5] *violin* 'NeOHTML' *violin* [/shadow] [/glow] [/font] Heh, you might want to try that out! Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read my guide. Happy font-making, and have a great year! Author's Note: Thanks goes to the user samsb11, who not only taught me how to make fonts, made me a font, and inspired me to write this article. Thank you samsb11! Also, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to Neomail me, even if it's negative! I want feedback!

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