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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 29th day of Gathering, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 122 > Articles > A Guide to Making Hannah and the Pirate Caves Levels

A Guide to Making Hannah and the Pirate Caves Levels

by gkskis

GAMES ROOM - Now that you can build and play your own Hannah and the Pirate Caves levels, there should be a guide to doing so. So that's what I made. Enjoy!

First of all, it has to be challenging. So here are some types of traps and features you can put in your level:

The Exploding Ladder

Place an upwards facing arrow crate on a platform which would hit from below. That arrow crates should shoot up and trigger a wooden dynamite crate which sets off arrows left and right. Those arrows should hit different arrow crates which should lead to an arrow on each side hitting vertical rows of metal dynamite crates.

There should be a ladder above where the original upwards arrow crate is. The vertical metal dynamite crates should extend up on either side of the ladder.

The effect of this is after you hit the upwards arrow crate and jump up onto the ladder, you should have to scramble up the ladder so the dynamite explosion don't kill you.

The Boulder Trap

A boulder trap is a simple but easy thing to put in your level. It makes the player run across the room as fast as they can, often into another trap.

They should be placed mid-level, because the player is sometimes more into the level, and it might stop them if they aren't thinking.

One other good place to put them are after an easy part to your level (discussed later).

To build a boulder trap, simply place an up arrow at the entrance to the room. Above that arrow, put a wooden dynamite crate. Extend the wooden dynamite crates as far left or right (whichever direction they are going to run) as you want the boulders to fall. Now sitting on top of the wooden dynamite crates should be several layers of boulders. This is to make sure that the player's path is blocked if they don't run fast enough across the room.

A different version of the boulder trap can be called The Trick Boulder Trap. You build the boulder trap the same, except that you put treasure on top of the boulders which are on top of the wooden dynamite crates. That way, the player is forced not to run across the room to avoid the boulders blocking them so that they can get the treasure. There might be some sort of boulder or platform that they can jump on to get to a passage out of the blocked boulder trap.

Exploding Platforms

Exploding Platforms well, explode!

To build them place platforms that you can jump between in a chamber where you need to get to the other side. Put a row of metal dynamite underneath the platform touching it.

The first thing the user does is hit an arrow which allows them to get into the . But the arrow goes and hit other arrow which should trigger the dynamite. If the player jumps fast, they should stay ahead of the explosion.

Remember, make sure the player hits the arrow that it doesn't take too much or too little time to hit the dynamite. This is solved by making the arrow before the final arrow which triggers the first dynamite platforms. While that is happening, some dynamite that was hit by arrows below should be trigger the next arrows, which hit the next platform and trigger more dynamite, and so on. If built right, your Exploding Platforms should work like a charm.

The Spike Pit of Doom

Another good thing to put in your level is the Spike Pit of Doom.

A Spike Pit of Doom can be placed in a fairly large chamber. Just put spikes on the bottom of the chamber so they can't walk along the bottom. :)

The Underwater Spike Tunnel

This is one of my favorites. Basically a sideways tunnel underwater that is five water squares wide. The top and bottom are spikes; therefore making the tunnel seven squares tall. The player has to be careful when swimming through the spikes. The way this is most effective is deep underwater where you have to travel through the spike tunnel and shoot up towards trapped air.

The Triple Arrow Boulder Trap

This is one of the best traps in Hannah and the Pirate Caves. The player hits an arrow box, and an arrow box pointing in the opposite direction is hit by that arrow. The player must get out of the way of that arrow. When that arrow hits another arrow crate that is in the opposite direction, the player must jump yet again. Then they should wait for the arrow to come back at them a third time and jump over it and go to the room where the boulders are overhead. Running, the player must get across the room without getting crushed by boulders that will start falling.

To build a triple arrow boulder trap, follow these instructions:

1. Place a sideways arrow box (left of right).
2. Place an arrow box that is pointing in the opposite direction as the first box where the first box's arrow will hit.
3. Place an arrow box that is pointing in the opposite direction as the second box where the second box's arrow will hit it.
4. Have the third box's arrow hit an upwards arrow box.
5. Place a row of wooden dynamite crates at the top of the room.
6. On top of those dynamite crates, place 6 or 7 rows of boulders.
7. The upwards arrow box will shoot an arrow when hit that hits the row of wooden dynamite crates above. This will release the boulders.
8. Make sure that the final sideways arrow crate that is hit before the upwards one blocks the entrance into the room where the boulders will fall.


Here are a few good combinations of traps:

Exploding Platforms with Spike Pit of Doom-

These are great together, but really don't do much, since the way across the room explodes, anyway.

Exploding Platforms, Boulder Traps, and Spike Pit of Doom-

My personal favorite, the boulders and exploding platforms make you move faster, but the spikes below enforce you to be more careful.

Boulder Trap with Spike Pit of Doom-

With this combination, the Spike Pit of Doom needs to be covered by a platform

This can be really tricky if the player doesn't know what they are doing. After the boulders fall, you need to jump through the fallen boulders. If you built the boulders so that they fall in a weird pattern, this will work really well. Then you can continue on in the level.

As you can see, Spike Pits of Doom may be simple, but can really help make your levels more challenging.

Building Your Level

Now you should be able to design a fun level of your own.

Using traps, ladders, and anything you want, begin placing the things in your level.

If you work on one chamber at a time, building your level should be easy. Remember to be creative and most of all, have fun!

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