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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 29th day of Gathering, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 122 > Articles > Trophy-less?


by ericthegrandma

TROPHY CABINET - Think that they are very hard to get? Envious of people with lookups that are swarmed with trophies? Think again. Some people have the misconception that the only way to get trophies is to play flash games. That was my mindset when I started on Neopets and thus I had no trophy to show for the first few months. There are many easy ways to get trophies. There are many games and competitions in Neopia for you to show your skills and talents and to get that shiny trophy for your trophy cabinet. After reading this article you might find that you are on your way to fill up your empty trophy cabinet.

There are many different arenas in which you can win trophies from. Mainly games, Battledome, contests and competitions. Firstly, let's take a look at the easy-to-get trophies.

Easy-to-get trophies

The easiest games to get trophies are Cheat!, Sakhmet Solitaire, Pyramids, Go! Go! Go!, Snow wars, Cellblock. These games do not have limited trophies, so that means that there are trophies for everyone who completes certain levels of the game. First, lets take a look at Cheat!. This is a card game that most of you have played before, maybe with a different name. Advancing through the levels is not difficult, if you lose anyone, you can just restart at the same level and continue. Then, you play your way to the 3rd, 5th and 7th stage, whereby you get bronze, silver and gold consecutively. Second is Sakhmet Solitaire. Many of you have played this game before, either on the computer or with your friends. So why not try your luck at this game and clear the cards twice. It does not have to be consecutive and you add a bronze trophy to your cabinet. Then there is Pyramids. In this game, you have to deconstruct a pyramid make up of poker cards and clear the whole game. If you clear it two times, you get another trophy. Fourthly, there is Go! Go! Go!. This game might seem complicated and most people don't waste their time on playing this game. But if you are familiar with the rules, it will just take a little patience to win this game. Then there is Snow wars. This game is like the game battleship, whereby you find and destroy your opponent's objects on a grid and the first to destroy everything wins. There are 10 levels in this game. It might take a little time because it might not be easy to win the last few stages but the effort will be worthwhile. Lastly, Cellblock. Cellblock may seem hard to many people because it's not easy to get 5 in a row. But there is actually a strategy to bring you up to the last tournament which I am not telling :P. You will have to find out this strategy yourself. See, if you spent a little bit of time sitting down and being patient, you have just gotten 6 trophies, enough to fill up the first line of your user lookup.

The Multi-player Games

Every month, each of the multiplayer games has tournaments. The games are namely Kacheekers, Geos & Armada. You will have to go to the multiplayer game tournament section to participate in the games. It's better if you register for all three as they are totally free of charge. A new game will start every month so if you have registered this month, you will receive a Neomail the next month to remind you to play the game. If you have looked at my user lookup, you may have noticed that I have already gotten all the three trophies. Usually, Neopians whom you compete in the first and second stages participate and never bother to check and play the games when the time comes. Then you can click on the move or lose button and after 24 hours if your opponent haven't made any move, you win the game. This is nearly the same as getting a free trophy. They're one of the easiest games as you only have to make a move a day or just click on the move or lose button. The game Kacheekers is just like a game of checkers where you move your counters diagonally and jump over your opponent's counters to eat them. In the game Geos, you will have to construct shapes of triangles, diamonds, squares and circles by using counters. The earlier person to complete all four shapes wins the game. In Armada, you control a fleet of ships and outwit your opponent. At the end, the person with the most number of ships wins the game. See, you will just have to get through two rounds to get a bronze trophy for each game. But the slight problem with this is that sometimes you might be paired up with an active opponent that checks Neopets regularly. In this kind of cases, you might want to set a time and play the game as you are only given one week for each game. And if you fail to get the trophy in the first attempt, you can always try again the next month as these games do not take up much of your time.

The Battledome trophies

The Battledome may seem a feared place for many Neopians. As all the fighting goes on in there and many pets come out injured or left with no health. Also, many Neopians spend more time and Neopoints on grooming their pets, feeding them, making them happy and training them to be strong. As this is the case, many of them do not find enough Neopoints to buy good weapons for their pets to fight in the Battledome. There are some trophies that you are able to earn from the Battledome. First and easiest of all is the 'Beating the Punchbag Bob' trophy. Punchbag Bob can be found in the one-player challengers and it's automatically a challenger. Meaning you don't have to look for it. This 5000 hit points challenger is actually harmless and will not damage you a single bit as it was created to let Neopians try out the new weapons that they have gotten for their pets. If you persist, you will still be able to beat it after some time if you keep on attacking it. There are a few ways to beat it. First, if you have the ability 'Drain Life', which is an ability that is blessed by a Faerie, you might want to use it on him. Using Drain Life with a weak attack will suck him of 100 health, and you can do it for 9 times so that you have 10% energy left. Then this energy can be used for your two strongest unlimited use weapons with fierce or berserk attack. With a little patience, you will find that you have beaten him and gotten a new trophy for your cabinet.

Another way to get trophies from the Battledome is from the Defenders of Neopia where you face many Battledome challengers. The challengers are actually causing harm to Neopia so they have to be beaten. Some of them require you to find them in certain places Neopia. As you beat the challengers one by one, your trophy will change according to the latest challenger you have beaten. After you have beaten them you will have to go back to the Defenders of Neopia page and collect your reward, which will be a trophy. But you have to keep in mind that some of the challengers are not easy to beat so I suggest you find out more about their weapons and hit points before fighting them. The last way to get trophies from the Battledome is wars. Every now and then, there were wars in Neopia like the Tyrannian Land War and the Meridell versus Darigan war. In these wars, as in the case of the Tyrannian Land War, you have to fight off invaders. As long as you beat one, you are guaranteed a trophy. Whereas in the Meridell versus Darigan war, which has already passed, you fight for one side and get a trophy once you have beaten at least one opponent. If you would like to get war trophies, you will have to wait for another one… but who would want one?

The Contests and Competitions

In Neopia, there are many contests and competitions. First, there is the Mystery Pic and Lenny Conundrum. These are actually puzzles for you to solve and there are limited trophies to be given out. Also, the prizes that are usually given out during the game are the only ones so you might expect a high prize for it. In the Mystery Pic contest, you are given a small picture taken from a certain place of the Neopets website and it is enlarged. You might want to make the picture smaller so that it becomes clearer by using a word document and from then on search for the picture on the website. In the Lenny Conundrum contest, you are given a question, usually it has something to do with mathematics but anybody who thinks hard enough will be able to solve it. Also, the answers will sometimes be lurking around the chat boards so you might want to pay them a visit.

Then there are the art and beauty contests. If you think that you are a good artist, then take out your creativity and imagination and draw and color a picture related to Neopets. If your picture is featured in the art gallery of Neopia, you get 10,000 NPs and a shiny trophy for your cabinet. Also, you can submit a picture a few days before specific species days. These days require pictures related to it to be featured in the art gallery, so you might want to consider trying to draw. In the beauty contest (another contest for artists), you have to draw a picture of your neopet and enter it in the contest. The good thing about this contest is that everyone gets a chance to vote for your picture, so get to the chat rooms, the trading post, your guild, and your Neofriends, whoever you can think of to vote for your pet. There is the overall winner and the species winner. The overall winner is the one who gets the most number of votes in the whole contest whereas the species winner is the one who gets the most number of votes for the pet's species. So you might try considering having a rare pet and entering a picture of it into the beauty contest to increase your chances of winning.

There are contests not only for artists, but also for writers and authors. The first way you can try to get trophy is the Neopians times.

You just have to write a story or article or draw a comic and submit to the Neopian times. If you have put some effort into the article, you have just found a new trophy. But if your article gets rejected, fret not and try to find out what is wrong with your article by checking it over and over again and getting other people to give their comments on it and change accordingly. Another contest for writers is the Pet and Petpet Spotlight. You just have to write a short story or something about your pet or petpet and submit it in and you may have just gotten a new trophy. Also, there are the Story Writing, Poetry and Caption contests. In the story writing contest, Neopets will writing the beginning of the story and from there on, you try to continue it. The best story will be selected and the author will be given a trophy. Then there is the Poetry contest. If you are a good poet, or an aspiring one, compose a poem related to Neopets and if it's good enough, it will be accepted and tada! Another trophy for you. The last of the writing contests is the Caption contest. In this competition, Neopets will post a picture and you are required to submit a caption of it. Neopians usually write creative speech bubbles for the characters in the picture.

The last of all contests require you to play flash games. This game of Better Than You is actually a game where Neopets post a challenger who scored a certain point in a game and if you beat it, you get a trophy, the prize and Neopoints. Usually, these games may seem impossible to beat, but it is actually possible if you have some patience. More on how to win in the games will be included in the next section.

Flash Games

Many people may be good at flash games, earning up to 1000 Neopoints each game but not good enough to get into the high score table or to get trophies. But that is not the case. One example is the game Meerca Chase, a very common game where you use arrow keys to control a Meerca to eat up all the neggs except for the red ones. The score to get the trophies are usually over a thousand. But think, if you get the fish negg, which is the negg that times your score by 50, and you are on the hard level, you get 400 points straight, and then it will take some skill to maneuver the Meerca and poof, you are in the high score table. Most of the flash games are usually based on luck as there are usually some bonuses that are random, so if you are lucky enough to get the bonuses, you will get a very high score.

Another way to get the flash games trophies easier is to wait for the first day of the month. This is the day when then high score tables get reset to 0 and Neopians will get a chance to win the trophies. I suggest you concentrate on playing one game which has bonuses that are randomized till you get a score high enough to secure a place for a trophy and then you send your score. Some people might get frustrated on doing these types of things but it's actually worth the while as you will get a trophy that seems so hard to get. I have tried this method for games like Dubloon Disaster, Usuki Frenzy and others. In Dubloon Disaster, you have to navigate a small boat and collect all the dubloons, avoiding the mines at the same time. In this game, it's actually a matter of time and luck to get a high score. Since the mines are so slow moving, it's almost impossible to get hit by them. Thus, you would just have to paddle the boat around them and keep on collecting. Of course, it would be unlucky to meet a whirlpool but if you do get on, just try again. In Usuki Frenzy, you are a Usuki and your mission is to collect all the items that are on the list below. The items are always the same so it would be good to remember them. Then if they happen to appear in the same room or close together, you clear it in a shorter time and thus your score would be higher. Same rule applies; it takes time, patience and luck.

In the games rooms, there are also the Luck/Chance games. You might think that you will never be that lucky to get a trophy in those but everyone has the chance to do so. Take me for example; I've gotten trophies in luck games like Grarrl Keno and Double-or-Nothing. In Grarrl Keno, you place a bet and choose 1-10 eggs out of 100 which will hatch into baby Grarrls. If you just keep on choosing 2 same eggs, you might just get lucky and win. This game may require up to a few thousand though as it may take some bets for you to win the trophy.

In Double-or-Nothing, you have to click on a coin and if you get heads, your bet doubles. Do that until your bet is enough to secure a place in the high score tables. Usually 2560 on the first day of the month would do. The same rule applies, just spend some time and you will get it eventually. There are also other games like Kiss the Mortog and Tower of turnips (this game has already been taken off) which requires mostly time and patience and a bit of luck.

In the biggest and most complicated game in Neopia, comes the NeoQuest. This game takes a lot of time and sittings to complete. But there are plenty of guides on the Internet and I advise you to follow them unless you are an experienced player. This game took 2 months for me to complete. In this game, you control a warrior, a Lupe and find your way to defeat Jahbal, which by doing so, earns you a new trophy. After completing the easy stage, which earns you the bronze trophy, you go on to the evil and insane levels. In the evil level, the creatures are more powerful and you blackout faster. In the insane level, once you blackout, the game restarts. This is why not a lot of Neopians have gotten the gold trophy for NeoQuest.

After reading this article, you might find that you are rushing to the games rooms or to draw pictures or to write articles, like mine, to earn more trophies for your trophy cabinet. I have not included all the trophies that you can win in Neopia but I certainly have written enough for you to fill up at least 3 to 4 lines of your trophy cabinet. I am also constantly on the look out for new trophies that do not require much skill to be won and I hope that you will be amongst one of the Neopians trying to get that new trophy. Just a gentle reminder: to get trophies, it takes patience and time, and a little bit of luck. Well, I hope that my article has helped you a lot and it has helped me to get another trophy, too.

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