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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Collecting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 122 > Articles > Another Year of Change

Another Year of Change

by too_kule

NEOPIA CENTRAL - Last month, I celebrated my third year on Neopets. It’s been lots of fun, playing around the ever-changing Neopia and chatting with my friends. Heck, I’ve even been lucky enough to be featured in The Neopian Times.

Last year, on my second anniversary, I wrote an article called ‘Two Years of Change’, which highlighted some changes of Neopia since I’d joined. It’s been another year, and many more things have happened. I’ve decided to jot them all down in this article. Note that I’ve decided to step away from the merchandising front. May the joyful tears and nostalgic comments commence!

  • In the early days of January, Neopia witnessed a startling sight: the repercussions of the triumph of Lord Darigan in the Meridell War. What remained of the proud land was not much. Many of Lord Darigan’s followers began to question their allegiance as they discovered what he and his troops were beginning to do to Meridell.

    Where did everybody go?

  • In much happier news, The Neopian Times welcomed a new editor, Snowflake, who since then has done a terrific job!

  • Both in the same week, galleries were made official hobbies as the Gallery Spotlight was introduced. On top of that, Boochi was welcomed into Neopia. You’d better watch out, unless you want this Random Event - and who would?

    Something has happened!
    Oh no! Boochi fires his ray gun and turns your Neopet into a Baby!!!

    No, folks, that wasn’t an actual Random Event, just something terrible that COULD happen.

  • A much awaited feature was added in early February... PETPET BATTLES! Yup, these little critters are actually quite vicious. Don’t worry, there’s no need for Snorkle Lightning Beams and Tigermouse Frost Cannon; all these little guys need are themselves to duke it out!

  • The beginning of March marked the annual Gadgadsbogen festival on Mystery Island! In addition to the periodic rush of players trying to round up the last few fruits before their retirement and those trying to nab some of the new ones just being released, a new puzzle came along. Fans of the Terror Mountain Murder Mystery and the Neopets V2 plots were not disappointed. And who could forget the makeover or the Island Mystic?

    A round of Peachpa Coolers on the house!

  • Writings fans across the globe were greeted with this adorable Quiggle, telling them about the new Adventure Generator! I wonder what’s lurking on page 212...

  • Who could forget the April Fools Day terror of Year 5? For ages, players will remember the day the front page was changed to feature some horrific new layout. Come on, admit it, you were fooled! Even worse than that was the addition of Nick Neopia, who luckily didn’t last long. Click here if you forgot what the joke was like.

    ‘Sup, dude?

  • What has been deemed the coolest (and most expensive) Paint Brush by many was released on April 10th. The Darigan Paint Brush still costs a very pretty penny, however, and has even risen in price.


  • In a move that definitely embarrassed some of Lord Darigan’s minions (such as myself), Lord Darigan harnessed the power of the orb and changed himself to a much stronger form. His attempts to destroy Neopia were in vain, for it was only with the brave help of Majal_Kita that he was finally overthrown. Serves him right!

  • The first make over of the year belonged to the Uni, which was given a much sharper look. Gone were the plastic body and out-of-proportion features, and in were the dorky smile and the still-out-of-proportion features. Still a change for the better, I say.

  • Far more controversial than that Uni was the Grundo make over, which occurred on the first day of May. Though this could be said to be opinion and not news, the creature was ‘cuteified’, taking away from the muscular intergalactic beast feel. And on that same day, Edna was also given a change!

  • It began half a year ago, and STILL nobody is sure what these strange creatures that have been spotted in the ruins of Maraqua are. They certainly are spiffy looking, though.

  • Petpet owners were striving to keep their little Greebles and Rocks attached to their pet when they discovered what the Petpet Protection League was all about!

  • I’m still not sure whether this is a good or bad thing, but ever since June 11, Neopets have been spotted being infested with strange little insects.


  • It’s the 18th of June, and currently I am wondering where my Ona has marched off to...

  • It’s the 23rd of June, and I am so relieved that little Starlight has found her way back home. But where could she have run off to? And even stranger is this sticky green substance stuck to her fur. It smells like... jelly.

  • Mini-Worlds have arrived! The first of these worlds is Roo Island, an isle located off the coast of Neopia Central, and renowned just as much for its staggering Blumaroo population as it is for its frequent Dice-A-Roo competitions.

  • And the third Neopet to be awarded a make over is... the Cybunny! Hundreds of thousands of Cybunnies woke up to find their bodies had been attacked with pen and paint, and now they look much better! Better than the old ones, I mean, not better than the Cybunny to the left. Now THAT is a cool Neopet!

  • ISSUE 100! ISSUE 100! Yes, the 100th issue of The Neopian Times happened months ago, but I’m still so excited! ISSUE 100! ISSUE 100! Thanks, Snowflake, for the pretty Starry Paint Brush!

  • Looks like the Money Tree has some competition. The Meridell Rubbish Dump is just like the Money Tree, except you have to get dirty to reach your rewards.

  • Following the Cybunny, a promise for a Lenny revamp was made. I must commend the artist for making them look so much more realistic, and for making them much more fun looking than that other nerdy Neopet. However, unlike the other make overs, this did not boost the Lenny population. They still sit as the least popular Neopet that is not Limited Edition or Retired. Shame, ‘cause I still like them!

  • Hoorah! The NeoChat got an overhaul, and is now the NeoBoards. It works much more different, and is more of a forum than a screaming mess of beggars and n00bs! Though it is much more organized, it doesn’t seem to have gone over well, or so a certain front page poll says...


  • And only a couple of weeks after the announcement of the Lenny revamp, Poogles also changed. They’re still the adorable critters they have always been, but now they don’t look so... saggy.

    Aaaw, aren’t I so... JELLY!?!

  • Grarrls weren’t left out of the Neopet revampathon; they were given a new look as well. I have to say, they look a lot less ferocious, and a lot more... well... let the picture below explain it.

    I love you, you love me...

  • NEOSCHOOLS ARE OUT! Wait, no they’re not. The Neopets Team lied again.

  • To go along with the release of the Neopets TCG, a new staff competition began! This one featured a group of staff members duking it out with their cards. Did you guess the winners right? I know I didn’t.

  • Who wouldn’t love to spend a relaxing weekend at Kiko Lake trying to get the silly pedalo to work? Kiko Lake, the second mini-world, is complete with a coral furniture shop and a sugary sweet shop! Enjoy!

  • On the 23rd day of September, the NeoBoards were teeming with a group of curious people asking where the Tombola Man and that funny Kyrii in the diaper went! It seemed something had taken them away... only what? Well, they soon found out that it was another mystery! Hundreds of people chased Fire Faeries and giant Moltenores through winding volcanic tunnels. Luckily, all the missing islanders were found, and peace was restored to that mysterious isle once more.

  • Snazzy! For the second time since their release, Skeiths have gotten a tune-up! They're still the gluttonous dragons they always were, but now they can’t seem to get up. Watch the brave attempts of this striped Skeith.

    Too... many... cupcakes...

  • October 27th will be a date remembered among all Neopian Times writers for years to come, for it was the day a little white critter popped up in Neopia. Thanks, Snowflake!

  • Neohomes were given a purpose the moment they announced that the Neohome Spotlight was underway. Congratulations to The Neopian Times’s very own Stoneman3x for winning it the first time with his modern and innovative Stoneman’s Cave.

  • Another competition revolving around the hot game Hannah and the Pirate Caves involves you creating a level and submitting it!

  • Make it really feel like December with the Snow Paint Brush! This brush comes with the magical ability to freeze your pet, as well as give it a top hat, scarf, carrot nose, and many other holiday articles. Be sure to keep these creatures out of the Lost Desert, though. That could get rather messy.

  • You can’t forget the annual opening of the Advent Calendar! All December, folks were buried in white Onas, Seasonal Battle Ducks, (evil) Seasonal Shoyru Gnomes, and Feepits!

    We love the Advent Calendar!

  • Tears in their eyes, throngs of bundled up Neopians flocked Happy Valley, waving good-ye to Year 5. It was a good year, though Year 6 will undoubtedly be better.

    This is too_kule, wishing you a happy Year 6 as I’m signing off. Over and out.

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