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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 6th day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 122 > New Series > Operation Neopia: In The Beginning -- Part One

Operation Neopia: In The Beginning -- Part One

by monarchistknight

"Hey Caitlin! Want to join us? We're playing Gormball over here!" said a green Acara.

     "No way, Kaleigh! Can you imagine how horrible I'd look all wet, like Warren over there? I'd be… simply repulsive!" replied Caitlin the pink Kacheek.

     "HEY! I don't look repulsive!" shouted Warren the Wocky.

     "Yeah, you are Warren. You look… oh… what's the word I'm looking for?" Caitlin asked, "Hey, Thesaurus! Repulsive."

     "Caitlin, I told you not to call me that. Anyway, synonyms for repulsive: peculiar, disgusting, horrible, Caitlin…" said Nahum, a purple Mynci.

     "URRGH! Some best friends you all are!" Caitlin screamed, running away into the dense forest.

     "Don't worry about it, Nahum. She'll get over it. You know how Caitlin can be sometimes," comforted Ashley, a warm-hearted, green Nimmo.

     "Yeah, I know, but don't you think we're being rather hard on her?" asked Nahum.

     "Well, no not really, but maybe we should check on her anyway," suggested Ashley.

     The four friends left with three of their other friends following closely behind.

     "Okay, we haven't found her yet, so let's start scanning the landscape for her," said Jeff the blue Lupe. Everyone considered Jeff the leader, so they went searching the forest for her. After two hours, she was nowhere to be found. Everyone went back to the biggest tree, which was the place to stay if you were ever lost.

     "She's not even here! Where could she be? Did you see her at all Timothy?" asked Cody the yellow Gelert.

     "Nope. I flew over half the forest, no sign of her," replied Timothy the brown Buzz.

     "Oh well, maybe we should just go home," said Warren, "It's almost dark. She'll find her way."

     "Okay," agreed Jeff and together the seven made their way home.


"That was something, wasn't it Warren?" asked Timothy on the way. "Warren? Warren?? WARREN! Where are you??"

     "What is it, Timothy?" asked Ashley whirling around to face her Buzz companion.

     "It's terrible! Warren's missing, too!" cried Timothy. He was expected to cry, being the youngest of the whole group by one year was hard on him.

     "You're right, he is gone!" said Kaleigh.

     "What should we do, Jeff?" asked Nahum, shivering a little.

     "I don't know. Maybe we should keep going. If we got lost on our search, you all know what'll happen," said Jeff.

     They knew. They pressed on through the woods, only six.


"Commander, the one you wanted to speak to is here," said a Tonu in a shiny blue uniform.

     "Good. Let her in, General," said the Techo commander. A pink Kacheek entered, slowly paced across the room, and then looked at the Techo. She did the most natural thing at this situation. She screamed.

     "JEFF! CODY! NAHUM! KALEIGH! WAHHHHH!" cried Caitlin.

     "I've never been able to understand Kacheeks," said the Techo, rolling his eyes.

     "Where am I?" Caitlin asked, still crying.

     "You're in a space station known as SVEN, Operation Neopia's space and command vessel. We are currently orbiting Neopia free of radar detection," replied the Techo calmly, "There's nothing to be afraid of here."

     "What do you want with me?" the Kacheek said, calming down.

     "I'll tell you that when the rest of your friends enter the new portal that Tonu you met in the corridor set up for me," said the Techo.


Warren was now on board SVEN. He seems a lot calmer that the pink one, the Tonu thought to himself, That's a relief!

     "Hello. Where exactly am I?" said Warren.

     "You're in SVEN," said the Tonu. "Come with me. Your Kacheek friend is here as well."

     Together, they went off to the Techo commander's room.


"Let's recap," Nahum said when the six got home and got reorganized, "we started with eight and now we only have six."

     "No, five," said Kaleigh sadly, "Something happened to Cody."

     "Oh. Well, we only have five, now. So what should we do? Look for them or wait for them? We'll cast our votes now," said Nahum. "All in favor of going out for them raise your hands, now." Jeff's hand went up, which caused Timothy's hand to go up, too. He'd always do whatever Jeff did, which annoyed Jeff a lot sometimes. "All opposed." Kaleigh's hand went up. "That's two including me. It's two-two, so… just a moment! There shouldn't be a tie. There were five in here before and now's there's only four! Where's Ashley?"

     "Ashley disappeared, too. This is getting too much for me. What if I go, too? What if the others are all dead? What if I have to go to the dentist right before I've eaten garlic? What if…" said Timothy nervously.

     "ENOUGH!" boomed Jeff. Timothy instantly stopped and cowered in fear. Jeff gave a small laugh. "Sorry, Timmy if I scared you but that kind of talk won't get us anywhere. Now here's what I think we should do. Nahum, Kaleigh, and you should stay here. I'm going to look for those other four."

     The three agreed after much deliberation and the Lupe left in search of the others leaving his remaining three friends scared and alone. He didn't return that night, but he was somewhere as was Ashley. But the other three did not know this.


"Kaleigh, I'm sc-sc-scared!" wailed Timothy.

     "We all are," Kaleigh replied, "but I'm even more scared that we disobeyed Jeff and went looking for him."

     The three were out in the middle of the woods searching franticly, but to no avail.

     "We'd better get going to your house now, Kaleigh," said Nahum tiredly.

     Kaleigh slowly nodded. Then she turned at Timothy and shrieked. "Timothy! Nahum, look! Timothy's disappearing!"

     That was exactly what was happening. First, the Buzz's head. Then, his arms. It looked he was crunching into a little ball. And then it disappeared.

     "Kaleigh, that was really scary," Nahum said trying to hide his fright a little, "Kaleigh? Kaleigh?"

     Nahum now knew he was the last of the eight. No-one else but him. Nahum fell on the ground and started to sob. He wouldn't normally, but he was in a situation he couldn't solve, no matter how hard he tried. He walked around a bit, trying to absorb everything that just happened. Then, he tripped. But, it wasn't on a rock. It was on a Tonu!

     "Oh, there you are, Nahum. Are you Nahum? Your friends told me that was your name."

     "It is."

     "Oh, okay then, Nahum. Jeff, Cody, Caitlin, Ashley, some Acara and a Buzz, and Wary or Warden or, oh something with a W."

     "You know my friends? Where are they?" asked Nahum.

     "They're down that corridor. I'll take you there."

     Nahum soon found the Techo's commander room.

     "I see you've met Gen. Seth Matthews. He's going to be your guide around SVEN," said the Techo.

     "What's SVEN?"

     "Operation Neopia's space and command vessel. We are currently orbiting Neopia free of radar detection," everyone said at once.

     "I'm really sick of that definition. Can't you make a better one?" moaned Caitlin, who now heard it eight times.

     "Well, no because that's a password. You're going to have to memorize it or else half the locks and the front entrances to many of our on-ground compounds won't open," replied the Techo. " Anyway, let's start with the explanation. I'm Commander Dawson, but most just call me Dawson, Daw, or that weird Techo in the blue suit. The last one's a favorite of my enemies. So, now you can all introduce yourselves."

     After the introductions, Dawson went on with explaining. "Operation Neopia or O.N. is an organization that restores justice all over Neopia. Similar to those Defenders, but we're a lot better than them and more secretive, even if we don't have superpowers. We don't need those. You eight are ON newest recruits and you'll be sent on missions and help O.N.'s cause."

     "But, why us?" asked Warren.

     "Young minds are the easiest to train, and you are the best set of young minds for this. You're friends so you have confidence in each other and you've learned to value each other's strengths and help during their weaknesses."

     "OHHH," they all said in unison.

     "Your first mission will be coming up soon, but first training and a tour around SVEN. Follow Seth and he'll show you the training course."


"How many of you have played Defender Trainer at the D.O.N's headquarters?" asked Seth. Six hands went up. "Not bad. Timothy and Caitlin haven't done it yet. This training course is estimated to be… what's that number again?"

     "It's 6.839%"

     "Oh, thanks Nahum. I'm a little forgetful now and then. 6.839% harder than the D.O.N's course. Here the rundown. Each of you has a specific job to do in this course, so listen carefully and find the spot with your name on it." After everyone found his or her place, Seth continued, this time through a bullhorn, "Warren, you are going to run through this obstacle course. When you get to the end find Ashley. Ashley, when you're found, you are going to JUMP out of your hiding place and make your way towards the bridge over there where Cody is. Cody you're going to have to cross this rickety bridge using only three planks. I'm confident you'll figure it out. Then go to Kaleigh. Kaleigh, you must grab hold of that handle and zip line across the ravine Cody just crossed. Then run until you've found Timothy. Timothy, you must fly to the top of the arena here and grab the flag. Then bring it down and hand to Caitlin. Caitlin, you're going to be flung out of the catapult you're sitting in over to Nahum, 40 feet away. Nahum, you must solve the code on each door, until you find the one with Jeff in it. Jeff, you must then run straight to me. If you do it in less than 20 min. we're done for today. Otherwise, we're doing it all over."

     The clock started and Warren sprinted out towards the obstacle course. It was only when he was running he noticed something was wrong, very wrong.


Meanwhile, somewhere in the darkest part of SVEN, an indistinguishable form was talking to another over a strange communication device. "Master, I've done it. I've infiltrated the SVEN authority and they actually think I'm a general! The plan is going flawlessly. All the must be done now is for me to remove of these new rascals, and then the weird Techo in the blue suit will be ours!"

     "Perfect, S.M. Your ways astound me. Keep it up and you'll be second in command and no-one will be left to stop us in our conquest!"

     "Yes, master."

To be continued...

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