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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 28th day of Gathering, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 122 > New Series > The Christmas Cookie Heist: Part One

The Christmas Cookie Heist: Part One

by apollo_lunar

It was Christmas Eve in Neopia. The air outside was still and cold. More like freezing. In fact, it was so nippy, that the only way you could survive outside was to buy about a couple hundred fire motes and tape them to yourself, or, alternatively, you could shrink yourself so you're able to share a bottle with the fire Faerie. It was that cold. (Or you could put on some extra layers of clothing, but why go through all that trouble?) Thus everybody stayed inside setting their presents under the tree, singing carols, and waiting patiently for Santa Kaus's annual trip.

     Slyndar was crouching in a dark corner, in his living room, behind the Christmas tree. He did this often for the fact that he didn't want to be seen. His shadow hue and black designer suit definitely helped.

     He stayed there silently, occasionally poking his head out to check for the presence of his family members. He glanced around the living room, eyes darting like angry airborne buzzers. Never trust those eyes. They rarely missed a detail. Slyndar was watching. Always watching, watching for a signal, false move, or even, perhaps, the slightest twitch. And he was still watching when he took a swift bite of a nearby gingerbread ornament that hung on an evergreen bough of the Christmas tree. He paused for a second, savoring the flavor. Mmmmm. Gingerbread. Then the cookie was popped in to his mouth and chewed hastily as he crept out of the corner Aisha-like.

     That move was pretty hard to achieve, considering the fact that he was a Shoyru. He had spent hours mastering that one.

     The mischievous Shoyru silently scaled the stone wall and quietly crept on the wooden dinner table. Here, he would have an ideal view of the kitchen. He quickly scanned the kitchen and focused on his objective -- the cookie jar.

     Okay, so even though the Shoyru was the sneaky, mischievous type and he the fact that he knew the best burglar tactics, didn't mean he couldn't have a soft spot for cookies.

     He tiptoed into the kitchen and then positioned himself on the edge of the orange jelly table and swiftly unfastened a long, slender rope from his belt. Slyndar made a loop on one end, tightened it, and made sure it was secure. Then, using his never-failing perfect aim, he swung the other end of the rope towards the glass ceiling fan. It grasped on. He glanced around behind him and climbed the rope quickly. The cookie stealer then crawled into the loop so that his waist suspended him in mid-air. He smirked visibly as he caught the sight of some old tin cans, tied together by some colorful string, lying on the kitchen floor near the counter where the jar of cookies were located. Lame, even by Neopia's security standards. Slyndar sneered. Never expected an attack from above, did they? He stretched his arm towards the lid of the cookie jar and-

     It was this moment that Slyndar's teenage owner, Elayth, happened to stroll into the kitchen. She was quite surprised to see him there, but then again, who wouldn't be? Slyndar had hardly made a sound during the whole operation.

     The cookie-napper froze. Drat, foiled again, he thought as he swore under his breath. Softly. He couldn't afford to get into bigger trouble.

     Elayth tossed her dark hair over her shoulder. With her hands on her waist, she shook her head. "Naughty, naughty!" she scolded as she shook her finger. She took the cookie jar and locked it in a high kitchen cabinet, along with the other cookie jars that Slyndar had been caught stealing from, out of reach, or so she thought. When the Shoyru saw this, he wasn't worried. Lock picking is child's play.

     Elayth turned to him. "You have to stop stealing. I've told you many times now!"

     Slyndar just glanced at her and smirked.

     Elayth silently fumed. No respect, pets these days. Then again, pets usually didn't show respect, ever. "Don't give me that attitude, mister!"

     The cookie burglar stared at her, unmoving, waiting for her to give in.

     "Okay," Elayth admitted, "Your strategies are good, and I've only caught you a few times, but that doesn't mean you can keep on robbing the cookie bank."

     The shadow pet grinned. He was a pro at cookie robbery. The only times he had been caught were by sheer luck. He couldn't believe he was caught this time. The plan was so perfect and he had gone through quite a bit of work, too.

     "Now, I hope this is the last time I have to tell you- Stop stealing cookies!" Elayth scolded, returning to her favorite method of lecture. "Okay?"

     "Yeah, yeah. Right. Whatever." The Shoyru slid out of the loop and sat on the counter unhappily, as a sign of defeat. Actually, his brain was sparking with ideas on how to get his hands on the cookies in the cabinet. His thinking process was suddenly interrupted by an adorable, diminutive pink figure that just toddled in.

     It was Slyndar's baby sister Floof. Floof sleepily rubbed her eyelids and yawned.

     "Aww," Elayth cooed. "Did the big, bad Shoyru wake you up from your nappy?"

     Slyndar rolled his eyes. Did the big, bad Shoyru wake you up from your nappy? Honestly. He hadn't made a single detectable sound during the process and here was Elayth, blaming him for everything- as usual.

     Floof nodded, obviously not fully comprehending the question. Elayth ruffled the baby pet's fur lovingly.

     Slyndar rolled his eyes a second time. Typical. Female teenage owners always favored the cuter pets. Who could resist his sister, a baby Uni? No one. Muttering darkly, he quietly took this ideal opportunity to slip away so he could avoid punishment. He sat in a nearby dark corner, hidden from view, as he eavesdropped on his family's conversation.

     "Sly stealing cookie?" Floof asked with a sickening cute expression.

     Slyndar grimaced at the sound of his nickname.

     "Yes, Sly tried to steal cookies," Elayth replied. "Again."


     Moments of silence passed.

     "Well," Elayth suddenly asked, "Are you excited?"

     Floof blinked. "For wha?"

     Elayth ruffled her fur some more. "For Santa Kaus, silly!"

     "Santy Kaus?" Floof asked as her eyes lit up considerably.

     "Of course," Elayth half said half sung. "It's Christmas Eve!"


     Then, being the sweet, caring, goody-good baby Uni she was, Floof suggested that they should bake cookies for "Santy."

     By now, as I'm sure one can imagine, the dullness of the conversation had nearly lulled Slyndar to sleep, but when the phrase "bake cookies" was mentioned, he was instantly alert. He switched to an upright position as he listened.

     "…Santy would be all covered in thoot and would be very habby to get cookies!" Floof finished.

     "Why, I bet Santa would love that!" Elayth gushed, completely ignoring the fact that she had mispronounced several words. "What a great idea! I tell you what. I'll go get the ingredients and you pick out the cookie shapers!"

     Floof was happy. "Okay!" She scurried towards the kitchen, only to trip over her own hooves in the process.

     Slyndar saw this and tutted silently. Perhaps he'd instruct her in agility sometime, but then he thought better of it. Agility was the key to his cookie-stealing career. No need to give his rivals the advantage. He glanced into the kitchen. His teenage owner was busy gathering the ingredients. Slyndar spared a few seconds to calculate. It would take about an hour to mix the ingredients and an hour and half to bake. It didn't take the average person that long, but considering the amount of dilly-dallying Floof and Elayth displayed, the estimate would be appropriate. Well, knowing cookies, the bake time usually depended on the type of cookie it was.

     The burglar licked his lips and hoped it was chocolate chip, but then his hope plummeted. Considering his recent bad behavior, he probably wouldn't be allowed a single crumb. He slumped and sighed unhappily. Most of his elaborate schemes revolved around cookies. Hey, he couldn't help liking cookies. Syndar's stomach rumbled like a force 7 earthquake. A determined expression soon replaced the despaired one. He had to get those cookies! He crept up the stairs to his bedroom to do something of vital importance -- come up with a plan to get his hands on those cookies!

To be continued...

Note to readers: Slyndar and Floof do not belong to me. I made up the names myself though. One day I searched their names, and they were already taken. Surprise, surprise. Please remember to read the next part!
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