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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 8th day of Swimming, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 122 > New Series > The Haunted NeoCamp: Part One

The Haunted NeoCamp: Part One

by baby_dragon_81

It was near the end of fall and Neocamp was starting up again. Shawbrea the little striped Shoyru sat on her bed gazing out the window as rain flooded the streets. She sighed. "Soon Hillary will force me to go to Neocamp," she said to herself. "But I don't want to go, I'm perfectly happy here." Lightning flashed outside making her jump back for a moment. "As soon as these rains clear up the weather will be perfect for a while, and I will have to go no matter what," she said hopping off her bed. She sadly strolled into the kitchen where I was calling her for dinner.

     Dinner was quiet as it usually was. Being an only pet, Shawbrea didn't have much to talk about. She usually just thought. She was more of a thinker and listener than a talker, and was pretty shy when around pets and people other than me. Then for the first time in a while she spoke up: "Mommy, do I have to go to Neocamp?"

     I shook my head and rolled my eyes. "Shawbrea, I've told you a million times, yes you do have to go, I've saved up for months just to send you."

     Shawbrea sighed again. "But I don't want to mommy," she said. "I don't want to leave home and camp out at some unfamiliar place, I might miss you."

     I got up from my chair and hugged her tight. "It's only for a week and by the time it's over you won't want to leave."

     "Really?" she asked. Her baby black eyes looked up at me full of pity. "But... what if I don't know what to do or can't make any friends?"

     I sighed and sat back down. "If you have trouble just ask the camp counsellor, and I know you'll make friends, everyone does." I continued eating. Shawbrea was silent for the rest of dinner.

* * * * * * * *

To Shawbrea's horror when she woke up the next morning she could see that the storm had passed and the rain had stopped. "Great," she mumbled. She slipped back into her bed and pretended she was asleep. If I'm asleep when the camp bus comes then I'll miss it and won't have to go, she thought.

     Suddenly, the door opened. "Today's the day!" I announced. "Shawbrea! Rise and shine! You have to go soon!" I shook her and she had to get up.

     "Mommy, I don't want to go!" she wailed. I picked her up and brought her into the kitchen, seating her for breakfast.

     "You are going," I said setting a plate down in front of her. She crossed her arms and turned away.

     "I'm not eating if you make me go!" she said stubbornly.

     "Fine," I said picking up my plate. "You're going to be hungry then." I walked onto the porch to see if the Mystery Island boat was here. "Not yet," I said to myself. So I walked back in. Shawbrea's full plate was still on the kitchen table, and she was gone. I groaned and marched into her room where she was probably hiding.

     "Shawbrea, come out now!" I snapped. There was no answer or movement. "If you stay hidden you're going to be in even more trouble!"

     There was a faint squeak that came from under her bed. I dropped to the floor and peered under. There was poor Shawbrea huddled in a ball weeping. I sighed and pulled her out.

     "Shawbrea," I said calmly. She looked up at me, her face wet with tears. I wiped them out of her eyes and sighed. "Okay little one, how about if you don't like camp after one week, then you can call me and I'll take you home."

     Shawbrea thought for a moment. Then with a sigh she agreed. I smiled. "Good girl," I whispered. She gave me a hug and I carried her outside where the boat was waiting.

     "If anything goes wrong you can call me," I said. Shawbrea nodded wiping her tears. She gave me one last hug then got in the boat. "Bye Shawbrea!" I called waving. She waved back from inside the ship. "I hope she'll be okay," I said to myself as the ship sailed into the distance until it was completely out of sight.

     Shawbrea sighed and looked out the ship window. She was in the way back, which was deserted. She preferred to be alone. Up front there were many pets chatting about camp, swimming, arts and crafts, and even scavenger hunts. How can they even think about having fun at camp, thought Shawbrea. This is the worst thing that's ever happened to me. She couldn't stop the tears flowing out of her eyes.

     After a while, the boat made another stop at a pretty plain Neohome. Only one neopet was waiting here. It was a small fire Gelert. He looked pretty eager to go to camp. "Please don't come back here!" prayed Shawbrea. The Gelert skipped the first few seats. "Stop, sit there!" whispered Shawbrea to herself, but the Gelert continued towards the back where she was. Shawbrea covered her eyes and waited until she heard the Gelert sit. She looked forward. He wasn't in the seat in front of her or across from her. In fact, she couldn't even see him. Good, she thought. He must've moved back to the front. She sighed and turned back towards the window.

     "Hi!" came a bark that made her jump. Shawbrea quickly turned wide eyed to the figure that was beside her in the seat. It was the fire Gelert. "Hi," he barked again.

     "Hi," Shawbrea said shyly turning away. The Gelert barked again.

     "What's your name?" he asked. Shawbrea turned back to him, rather annoyed.

     "Shawbrea," she answered. "I'm Dabumb2000, but you can call me Dabumb. He said. Shawbrea sighed.

     "Okay," she said. "Nice to meet you Dabumb." She was beginning to get more comfortable with this stranger, so much so, she was kind of enjoying the talk.

     "Aren't you excited about camp?" Dabumb asked. Shawbrea shook her head. Dabumb looked rather confused. "Why are you going then?" he asked.

     "My owner made me," she replied sadly, her sentence interrupted by sniffles.

     "Oh, mine did too, but I wanted to go anyway," said Dabumb happily. "But don't worry Shawbrea, I'll stay by your side and protect you if you get scared." He puffed out his chest in pride. Shawbrea laughed and wiped away her tears.

     "You're funny," she said.

     "You really think so?" Dabumb asked. "No one's ever told me that before."

     Shawbrea laughed again. "You know Dabumb," she said. "With you by my side I may get along at camp just fine."

     Dabumb barked and stuck out his paw, "Friends?" he asked. Shawbrea smiled and shook his paw.

     "Friends," she agreed.

     "So, do you have any brothers or sisters?" Dabumb asked Shawbrea. She shook her head. "An only pet eh?" he asked. Shawbrea nodded. "I have three younger brothers, a Cybunny, Techo, and a Shoyru."

     "Then you must know our ways," laughed Shawbrea referring to Shoyrus. The Gelert nodded. "I'm not really a people person," said Shawbrea sadly. "I've never been around other pets, you're the first."

     "Hmmm, that's tough when you're going to camp, you have to have good social abilities, or you're not going to do good at all."

     "Yeah, I know," Shawbrea said sadly, "but I can't help it. My owner never takes me out and I have no clue why she never adopts some more pets."

     "Well, it was a good thing for her to send you to camp," said Dabumb. "You'll have a good opportunity to meet some other pets.

     Shawbrea smiled. "Yeah, I guess you're right." Dabumb nodded.

     The two talked the whole way to camp, so much, the three hour trip to the camp didn't seem to take long at all, and Shawbrea didn't even notice the pets sitting in the surrounding seats. "Well, we're here," said Dabumb as the boat pulled into the harbour at the camp. "We might as well get out and see the camp counsellor." Shawbrea nodded and followed Dabumb and the other pets off the boat.


"Welcome to Neocamp!" boomed the counsellor. "I am counsellor Jannen." He was a big mutant Lupe with a gleam in his eye which made you think if you disobeyed him you were in for a severe punishment. Most of the pets cowered at the sight of this giant, but brave Shawbrea and Dabumb knew that there was no reason to be afraid of a camp counsellor; they were there to help, not hurt.

     "So, do we have any newcomers?" Jannen asked. Shawbrea and Dabumb quietly raised their hand while looking around, and to their horror, they were the only newbies. "So," said Jannen, his booming voice echoing across the area. "We have two newbies, now all you two have to do is introduce yourselves to the others and you're all set."

     Dabumb and Shawbrea quietly stepped up to where Jannen was standing. Dabumb spoke first: "I'm Dabumb2000, but you can call me Dabumb, and I'm a Gelert." The other campers clapped. "You're turn Shaw," whispered Dabumb.

     "Uh, I-I-I'm," stuttered Shawbrea.

     "Come on, don't be shy!" boomed Jannen.

     "I-I-I'm, Shawbrea... the Shoyru," she said quickly. She sighed in relief that she had managed to introduce herself. The campers clapped. So did Dabumb.

     "So, now that that's out of the way, why don't we assign cabins first, then we can start the fun stuff," said Jannen. The campers cheered and rushed off towards the cabins.

To be continued...

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