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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 122 > Short Stories > 6458746587...'s Christmas

6458746587...'s Christmas

by holycow81

64587465874368767 woke up in her bed. She looked out the window, only to see that there was no snow. "C'mon, I thought this was winter!" she yelled to the weather. "I command you to snow!" she said aloud. "C'mon, I'll make it worth your while afterwards!" Apparently, whoever made snow knew that 64587465874368767 wasn't exactly the richest yellow Poogle around, and couldn't afford to give him much. "Aww, you're mean." 64587465874368767 walked down to the breakfast room, disappointed. Disappointed, that is, until she saw what the family was having for breakfast.

     "I think Holycow81's gone insane," said 64587465874368767's red Techo brother, Groucho45, through a mouthful of pancakes.

     "Here's your hearty Christmas breakfast, guys!" said Holycow81 quickly as he set a tower of pancakes onto the table.

     "Christmas isn't for two days, Holycow81," said Skyhawk1010, the yellow Kougra.

     "It isn't?" asked Holycow81 with dawning comprehension. "Oh, thank Fyora. What a relief! I haven't even gotten the Christmas shopping done yet."

     "Oh, okay," said 64587465874368767 as she took out a small slip of paper. "My list is pretty short this year." She handed her list to Holycow81.

     "'A Faerie Paint Brush'," Holycow81 read aloud. "I've told you several times this year, 64587465874368767, I can't afford that, let alone buy Christmas Dinner afterwards."

     "But I've been really good this year," said 64587465874368767. "That is, unless you count that thing with the experimental Neocola..."

     "I told you never to mention that again," said Holycow81 as he shuddered, thinking of the infamous Neocola experiment disaster.

     64587465874368767 rode her bike out of the garage and to school. It hadn't snowed, and it was perfect biking weather.

     "Okay, class, before we go today, I'd like to know who would like to be in the school Christmas play this year," said the teacher. 64587465874368767's hand shot straight up. "Okay, 64587465874368767, you can act as... let's see... an elf." 64587465874368767 put on a good gloating face as she left the school that day.

     The next day, after another mistaken pancake breakfast from Holycow81, 64587465874368767 went to school. She was excused from class to do a group rehearsal with the rest of the actors and actresses in the school. "Okay, 64587465874368767, you're by the paper mache fireplace there," said the director. 64587465874368767 did as she was told.

     A blue Kacheek next to her recited his lines: "Ahem... 'So, Santa, what are you going to do about the... um... the...'" The Kacheek couldn't remember his lines. 64587465874368767 started to get annoyed.

     "You're supposed to say, "'What are you going to do about the stolen presents!' Don't you even know that one sentence?"

     "64587465874368767, please stick to your own lines."

     "I'm just saying it will be embarrassing if he forgets his lines in front of the audience."

     64587465874368767 left school late that day, after a trip from the principal's office. When she got home, still seeing no sign of snow, Holycow81 suggested that she visit Santa at the mall.

     "No, he's a fake. I don't believe in him," said 64587465874368767 as she read over her script.

     "Sheesh, you've sure been grumpy lately, Scrooge," said Groucho45.

     64587465874368767 read her script over for the six millionth time before she went to bed. That night, she had a bit of a strange dream.

     "64587465874368767..." said a wavering voice. "64587465874368767..." it said again.

     "Whaddaya want?" asked 64587465874368767 as she got up.

     "I am Holycow81! I used to be your owner!"

     "But you're still my owner. You're still alive."

     "Oh, yeah." The specter thought for a moment. "Well, that doesn't matter. Basically, I just wanted you to know that you're going to be visited by three spirits. Just so you know, don't say I didn't warn you."

     "Uhm... okay," said 64587465874368767 as she went back to bed. As if to make her action pointless, she was awoken by another voice.

     "I am the spirit of Christmas past!" moaned a ghostly voice.

     "Oh," said 64587465874368767. "Well, make it quick. Tomorrow's Christmas, I have a lot to do. There's that play, I have to open my presents..."

     "Ah yes, presents," said the ghost, which looked like a human game show host. Older members could tell that he was a ghost of an old Bruce. "That's not all you cared about before. Let me show you..." The ghost snapped his fingers and, suddenly, 64587465874368767's bedroom turned into a one room Neohome. 64587465874368767 saw a green Jubjub in the corner, looking around at the Neohome in amazement.

     "Hey, that's me!" said 64587465874368767 as she attempted to tap the JubJub's shoulder. She realized that she was, basically, not physically there.

     "Yes, that's you after you were adopted by Holycow81. You were grateful to be with such a loving family, and didn't care about material things," said the ghost.

     "Well, that was when I was young and ignorant, before I knew what paint brushes really were."

     "Not enough for you? Well, I'm outta here," said the ghost as he dissolved into the air.

     "Hey, wait! I have no idea how to get back..." said 64587465874368767 to the emptiness in front of her.

     Suddenly, another ghost came into 64587465874368767's view. "Lemme guess, I've read the book. You're the spirit of Christmas Present?"

     The spirit nodded. It looked like a faded red ixi. "Yes, I am the spirit of Christmas present, thank you very much for giving the mystery away. Just let me show you something." He snapped his fingers and they seemed to be sent to another place. 64587465874368767 looked toward the table and saw the Kacheek in the play.

     "Hey, that's the guy who couldn't remember his own lines!"

     "Just keep looking, okay?"

     The family appeared to be having nothing but gruel and dried prunes. "Sad," said 64587465874368767. "But how is this any of my business?"

     "Geez, is that how shallow you really are? Well, there's only one hope for you now." The ixi ghost snapped his fingers again, and suddenly, 64587465874368767 found herself in a graveyard. A cloaked figure came into her view.

     "So, are you the ghost of Christmas future?" The ghost nodded and lead the way to a broken up, moss covered gravestone. "What a sad grave. Whoever was buried here sure must not have been very popular." She rubbed the moss off and saw the text on the gravestone.

     It read: "64587465874368767 the Poogle, Hated by all."

     "Oh no! Al hates me?" said 64587465874368767 with terror. "But I read all his stories, and I took that class in Lupology..."

     The ghost pointed to the second "L" in "All". "Oh, good," said 64587465874368767 in relief. "Hey, wait, that's even worse. Does that include Al?"

     The specter nodded again. "Oh no! Tell, me, spirit, is it possible for me to change these happenings?" The spirit did nothing. "Hey, I know how to get out of these nightmares! I'll just pinch myself..."

     "OW!" yelled 64587465874368767, sitting in her bed in her room. "Hey, there's still time!" Unaware that in was three in the morning, 64587465874368767 ran outside.

     She went to the money tree and donated everything she could spare. The poor Neopets that quickly grabbed her things were full of joy.

     64587465874368767 then went back home to enjoy a few more hours of sleep. She got up later and went downstairs, expecting to see a big pancake breakfast. Instead, she saw Holycow81 sitting at the table with a bowl of Neocrunch.

     "Hey, where's the pancakes?" said Chiastovsky.

     "What?" said Holycow81. "Is it really Christmas this time? Sorry about that."

     "That's okay," said 64587465874368767, "at least we're all together."

     "Are you okay?" asked Skyhawk1010.

     "Okay?" said 64587465874368767. "I've never been better! Now, the play is in a few hours, we'd better get ready!"

     During the school performance, in 64587465874368767's part, the Kacheek went up to speak: "So, Santa, what are you going to do about the... uh... the..." 64587465874368767 handed him a card with the part written on it. "Thanks, 64587465874368767," the Kacheek whispered.

     "No problem," said 64587465874368767, "Merry Christmas!"

     When everyone left the auditorium, pleased with the performance, they were in for a surprise. It was snowing. All the town was covered in a white coat. All the young Neopets played outside, building snowmen and sledding down slopes. Holycow81 and his pets went home to open the gifts under the tree.

     64587465874368767 opened her gift to find something surprising. "A Faerie Paint Brush?" she said. "I thought you couldn't afford one, Holycow81."

     "I couldn't."

     "If you didn't... then who...?" 64587465874368767 looked up into the sky. This was one Christmas she'd never forget.

The End

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