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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 28th day of Storing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 119 > Articles > Unlocking Sutek’s Tomb: A Special Investigative Report

Unlocking Sutek’s Tomb: A Special Investigative Report

by gypsybaby

LOST DESERT - Sutek’s Tomb is one of the most addictive games I have ever experienced. It’s extremely fun and challenges your mind. And from the number of plays the game received in its first day, I know other Neopets players think so, too! (I bet Sutek would turn over in his grave if he knew so many tomb-raiders were going to attempt to unlock his door!)

Sutek’s Tomb gets all the more interesting when you know some strategies to succeed. Here are some great tricks to get you started on your way to unlocking Sutek’s Tomb!

The object of Sutek’s Tomb is to switch tiles around so that you get three (or more) tiles of the same type next to each other in the same row or column. Once you do this, the tiles will explode and more will fall down to replace them. It’s a similar philosophy to that of Gadgadsbogen game, which is another very fun game to play. More twists to Sutek’s Tomb are bombs and Lucky Coins (Wild Cards).

1. Look for the “V” or the “Boomerang.”

One of the basic tricks that a real Sutek’s Tomb master knows is to look for the “V” or the “Boomerang.” All you do is search for three tiles of the same type, in a “V” shaped form. Once you’ve played this game several times, you’ll get quite adept at spotting “V’s” on your game board. For now, you can refer to this sample game board to see how to spot V’s:

So you see those V’s, outlined in red? Well, the minute you have three tiles in a V-form like that, all you need to do is move the center of the “V” into line with the other two tiles. The blue arrows I’ve drawn show you how to do that - just click the tile you want to move, and then the tile adjacent to it (in the space you want to move into) and the game automatically switches the two.

2. Two-by-Two

Now that you’ve mastered the “V” trick, you’re ready to go on to spot two of the same tile. Whenever you see tiles of the same type next to each other, focus in on them. Is there a third tile of the same type, exactly two tiles away? Let me make this easier to remember: two of the same tiles, third is two tiles away! This is why this trick is called “Two-by-Two.”

So let’s now look at an example:

Two tiles that are the same, and are together, are circled by red. Now let’s examine each pair carefully. Only three of these five couples of tiles have a third tile nearby. So let’s look at the pair of palms in the bottom left, the pair of Desert Lupes in the center left, and the pair of Scarabs to the right. Step 1: A third tile of the same pattern is nearby. Check. Step 2: This third tile is exactly two places away. One, two. Check. The third tiles for each pair have been circled in blue on the diagram. Step 3: Move the third tile into position. The third tiles are now moved into position on the diagram by switching them with the tile their arrow points to.

Pretty simple, eh? Now we get to the last and toughest trick.

3. Thinking Ahead & Using Bombs

Bombs are extremely useful. If they are dropped more than two rows, they will destroy all the tiles above them. So this strategy makes the most of the Two-By-Two trick and the Bombs. Of course, there are variations on this strategy. You’ll have to find out the variations on your own, as you become a Sutek’s Tomb Master.

Let’s focus on this example. Look at the bomb in the top left corner (in the blue square). Zowie! There’s also two Two-by Two’s (the two Desert Lupes are a definite Two-by-Two, but we can easily make the two Gebs into a Two-by-Two pair also -- you’ll see this in a few minutes) conveniently placed by it. They are in the red ovals. Hmm… wonder if we can use this to our advantage?

Here we go! Now think ahead. If we move the Desert Lupe in purple down to the other two, those three tiles will disappear. Before they are blown up, the board will be something like this (the X’s represent tiles that will go away):

Now let’s look at what’s left. We’ve got a clear Two-by-Two of Gebs (circled in red)! If we move the third Geb down and destroy the trio, the bomb will fall more than two rows, thus destroying the entire part of the column above it.

So it’s pretty easy to think ahead to see what effects your actions will have. Anytime you see that there is some way to destroy a column of three below a bomb, you know you can get rid of the entire bunch of tiles above that bomb. As you get more practiced at it, you’ll see these patterns almost as clearly as if they were marked on here.

4. Using Wild Cards (Lucky Coins) Using Wild Cards is a great way to go, if you can’t see any other way to get three in a row. Remember this rhyme anytime you need some extra time. (Getting a combination of three gives you extra time.) Now, the basic philosophy of Wild Cards is that they can substitute for any symbol. The game automatically will use a Wild Card if it is beside two of the same symbol, so make sure you don’t let this happen if it will adversely affect your strategy. However, when you are in dire need of extra time and can’t see any other combination, use a Wild Card. Wild Cards are also great if you can make more than 3 (4 or 5, or even more!) in a row: you’ll get extra points.

So here’s how to use a Wild Card:

Do you see the Wild Card circled in red? Now, if you look below it, you can see two Gebs side by side. If you strategically move the Wild Card down, you’ll have a Combo of three. Of course, there’s also another Geb waiting nearby, can you spot it? You can also use the Two-by-Two strategy here, rather than using up a precious Wild Card. It’s best to keep your Wild Cards until you really need them, so don’t put them between two of the same symbol (they’ll disappear automatically).

So, now that we’re at the end of this article, let me end with something the Techo Master might say. “Good luck on your quest to become the Master of Sutek’s Tomb, grasshopper!”

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