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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 29th day of Gathering, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 119 > Articles > A Guide to Winning Trophies #9

A Guide to Winning Trophies #9

by solidus_snake

GAMES ROOM - So, are you ready to win some trophies? This week will be on Dubloon Disaster, Extreme Herder, Maths Nightmare, and Cheeseroller.

Dubloon Disaster
This is a game that requires practice, patience, and a bit of luck. The object of the game is to collect as many dubloons as you can without being blown up by a mine or being sucked into a whirlpool. Use the arrow keys to control the boat. There are many types of dubloons. Some are worth 2 points, others are worth 200. Mines appear whenever you pick up a dubloon. There can be a total of 9 mines on the screen. No more mines appear when there are 9 on the screen. Whirlpools will appear randomly when you pick up a dubloon, but they are very rare. The whirlpools are almost impossible to escape when they appear close by. Whirlpools will suck in all of the mines on the screen and will also try to suck you in too. It’s possible to destroy the mines too. You just have to make 2 of them collide. Mines always travel in your direction and they will move faster when you get closer. Since close mines move faster, you will have to be an equal distance from the 2 mines you want to destroy. If you want to destroy mines, think of an isosceles triangle (2 angles the same and one different). That works out nicely, the two mines are the two same angles, and you are the different one. As the two mines get closer to you, they will get even closer to each other. When they get close enough, they will explode. You can play Dubloon Disaster here.

My strategy: I don’t like to destroy the mines because there is a chance that the new ones will appear right on me. I like to leave all 9 mines on the screen and group them into a large ball. That way, I don’t have to worry about where the mines appear. If you play this way, whirlpools are very dangerous because they will get rid of all of the mines and you’ll have to regroup the new mines.

Extreme Herder
This is a game that requires some skill and a lot of luck. You need to pick up the petpets and put them in the paddock. Use the arrow keys to move around. You pick up a petpet when you touch it and you can put it down by pressing the spacebar. You have 3 lives and you lose a life when a petpet gets eaten, or you get eaten yourself. In the first few levels, there are quite a few things that can help you, but they get taken away as the game goes on. The first things to go are the portals on the edge of the screen. These portals will take you to the opposite side of the screen. Next to go are the paddock entrances themselves. You will be left with one entrance on the left side. The last thing to go is the snowflake. The snowflake will temporarily freeze Balthazar if you pick it up. The orange sphere will give you a speed boost for a short time. You can play Extreme Herder here.

My strategy: In the beginning, it doesn’t really matter what I do. I just keep the petpets away from Balthazar. When there is one entrance left, it gets a lot tougher. I start to depend on the snowflake and orange ball a lot more. I try to get the petpets at the top and bottom first and then get the ones at the right. At the beginning of each level, I stand with the back of the Kacheek’s head in line with the first ‘l’ in level so that petpets won’t appear around the top. If I see that I can’t get to a petpet in time, I try to lure Balthazar away by placing a petpet on the other side of him. This only works if there is a fair bit of distance between Balthazar and both petpets. If Balthazar is too close, then I know I have to sacrifice one in order to save the rest. I try to pick up any speed boost that appears nearby because they help a lot.

Maths Nightmare
Are you good at mental math? Even if you’re not, you can always bring a calculator. This game requires fast fingers. I found this game annoying because of the way the target automatically changes after one of the Babaas disappear. The object of the game is to answer all of the math problems in each level. There are 5 different modes of play that ask different types of math questions. They all give different amounts of NP. You can play Maths Nightmare here.

My strategy: I take a calculator, pick random mode and start doing math. At the beginning of each level, I press the left arrow key before I can see anything on the screen and then do the question that shows up in the bottom left corner of the screen. I can usually get the first three Babaas completed before the auto-targetting system kicks in. To avoid having the system switch on you while you are entering the number, I suggest doing two questions and then waiting for it to switch. After it switches, I press the right arrow and do two more questions and repeat until the level is complete.

What’s more fun than buying a cheese wheel and racing it down a hill? Maybe I shouldn’t answer that question. This is a game of chance. The object of the game is to guess a name of a cheese that’s in stock and then race it down a hill. I got first place in this game and I was first for the first half hour that it came out. I got swamped with literally hundreds of mails asking what cheese I used or how to play the game. Okay, since most people can’t find the names of the cheeses I will put them here in order from least expensive to most expensive.

Spicy Juppie Cheese 150 NPs
Smoked Snorkle Cheese 300 NPs
Triple Mustard Cheese 450 NPs
Honey Cheese 600 NPs
Big Beefy Cheese 750 NPs
Purple Spotted Cheese 900 NPs
Brain Cheese 1050 NPs
Alkenore Cheese 1200 NPs
Mutated Cheese 1350 NPs
Bubbling Blueberry Cheese 1500 NPs
Tyrannian Dung Cheese 1650 NPs
Quadruple Fudge Cheese 1800 NPs
Brick Cheese 1950 NPs
Gooey Snot Cheese 2100 NPs
Peppermint Cheese 2250 NPs
Overgrown Cheese 2400 NPs
Heavy Bark Cheese 2550 NPs
Warty Blue Cheese 2700 NPs
Fragrant Ummagcheese Cheese 2850 NPs
Furry Chocomint Cheese 3000 NPs

Generally, the more expensive the cheese is, the better you can do with it. There are 5 choices you can make while rolling your cheese. Each choice is good for a certain thing. You can do a forward somersault, you can roll the cheese faster, you can hold the cheese steady, you can dive left, and you can dive right. Since this is a game of chance, you will just have to guess which ones to use. You can play Cheeseroller here.

My strategy: I pick any expensive cheese and hope I get lucky.

Next time: Chomby and the Fungus Balls, Feed Florg, MAGAX: Destroyer, and Invasion of Meridell – 300 BN.

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