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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 28th day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 117 > Continuing Series > The Lady Knights: Part Two

The Lady Knights: Part Two

by nighthawk_moonshadow


I snuck stealthily towards the field, with sword in hand. My brow was feverishly sweating. If they had Nighthawk, I would destroy them with my own hands. I will not lose another member of my family. Not again… It was seven years ago, before the coming of humans. I had a brother named Kisheto. We were best friends and could never be separated. Then one day he was gone. My parents said that he had been taken by a pack of Lupes, but I did not understand until years afterward.

     I soon reached the field and to my horror saw an unconscious Nighthawk tied to a tree on the side of the field, with two silver Lupes guarding her. Her clothes were slightly tattered, and the scar on her cheek had opened up again for some reason, and blood was trickling down her cheek. I growled angrily and snuck to the side of the field. I tried to get close to Nighthawk, but couldn't get past the Lupes. I paused a moment and listened to what they were saying.

     "The time has come!" said one who seemed to be the leader. "We have found that our enemy is of her family. Now we can get the one who is of the clan that wronged us! Now we can have revenge! We have already taken it on the Hoofbeats. Now it is time to finish our revenge on the Starfrosts!"

     I froze. They knew who I was! And who was the Hoofbeat? I had to find out later, but now was not the time to think. Now was the time to act! I quickly knocked out the two Lupes and slashed the ropes holding Nighthawk. She slumped to the ground. I dragged her behind the tree and to my bike. I had just gotten on when I heard howls. The Lupes had discovered me!

     Nighthawk started to stir. She looked around and then said, " We have to get back to my bike!" I helped her up and we started making our way to the bike. We reached it and crawled under the side attachment. Nighthawk held out her hand and mumbled a few words. A small flame formed in the center.

     She rummaged through the wreckage of the bike until she came upon a book. She handed the book to me to me. "Hold onto this. It's important." It was an old book. It had a dusty cover covered with ancient symbols. I flipped it open. It had hundreds of spells in it and odd pictures.

      "Where did you get this?" I asked.

     "Shhh, now is not the time. Get down!"

     We crouched low in the wreck. It was then that I heard the footsteps of a Lupe. I shivered and readied my sword. We peeked out from the wreckage. The leader Lupe was pacing around, waiting.

     "You will not escape!" he said. "It you come out now, your death will be quick!"

     "Now!" yelled Nighthawk. She shot a beam of flame at the Lupe. He yelped and staggered backward, temporarily blinded. We ran and ran as fast as we could. I noticed that Nighthawk was carrying the book. It must have been really important to risk getting caught by the Lupes by going back to the bike.

     We reached the house and dashed inside, several Lupes on our tails. We locked the door, but they crashed into the door and tried to get in. Nighthawk mumbled a few words and pointed at the door. There was and explosion outside and a couple of painful yelps. Then they stumbled away. I sighed in relief and flopped down on the couch. I closed my eyes and wished for sleep. It came immediately.


I paced around the throne room, glancing at the door leading to the king's chambers every now and then. My tail hit the bottom of a nearby staircase. I winced as pain shot up the base of my tail. It was paralyzed, but it was still painful in the base.

     I was trying to figure out why I had been summoned to the king's court. What had I done? I hadn't done anything wrong, nor offended anyone; at least I didn't think so.

     I heard the door swing open and looked up. The Scorchio king strode towards his throne. I immediately kneeled.

      "Your majesty," I said.

     "Enough," he said. "Stand up and give me your ear. I need to speak privately." He motioned for me to come closer. I moved in and he began to speak.

     "You know that a silver Lupe clan has been terrorizing the towns, stealing from people, even killing a few. I need you to track them down and stop them. You're the best knight I've got, and with Ruby_Hoofbeat, your partner, there is almost no way you can lose. Do you accept? The reward is great."

     I paused for a minute and then asked, "What is the reward?"

     He chuckled and said, "If you're that eager, you will each receive thirty thousand Neopoints, a new rare sword, a pick of an item from my treasury, and instead of being Realm Knights, you will become Dragon Knights!"

     I gasped in awe. "So much reward! Is this not too much?"

     "Would you like me to give you less? Maybe I should take off…"

     "No!" I exclaimed. "Never mind me."

     "Hehe, I thought so," he chuckled. "All right then. Do you accept?"

     "Absolutely," I said. "No Lupe could defeat me."

     "All right then. Here is the decree for their capture, dead or alive!" He handed me a rolled up parchment.

     "Thank you your majesty," I said. "I won't let you down!"

     "I know you won't," he said. "I know you won't…"


I peered through the bars of my small cage. A teenage girl was coming in with her blue Zafara. She wore all black, a black shirt, black pants, and a black cloak. She had a sword on her belt and a dagger on her boot. She began to look around at the cages, probably searching for a new pet. I turned around and I slumped to the floor. I didn't want an owner. I wanted my family back…

     I once lived in the forest with my mother and father in our clan. It was made up of Unis. My mother and father were Unis. We lived in peace and harmony for years.

     One day we were attacked by a pack of wild silver Lupes They killed everyone except me. My father defended my mother and I while we ran, but my mother was caught and told me to keep running. I ran for hours, trying to get away. I finally made it to Neopian Central. I was so exhausted that I collapsed on a sidewalk. A man from the pound brought me there. This is where I had been for a few weeks.

     The girl and her Zafara looked around at the cages, checking the names. She shook her head at every name and continued on. Then she came to my cage. She looked at my name, then nodded to the Zafara and then said to me, "Are you of the Hoofbeat clan?"

     "I am," I replied.

     "What happened to you?"

     "We were attacked by a pack of Lupes My entire clan was killed. I escaped to Neopian Central and was brought here. I am the last of my clan."

     The girl looked at me and smiled. The she motioned for Doctor Death to come over.

     "This is the one I want," she said. The doctor opened the cage door, but I huddled in the back.

     "No! I want my family!" I cried. "I don't want an owner!"

     "Listen to me!" said the girl. "You are in danger! Your family is gone and there is nothing you can do. But if you come with me I can protect you and we can be your family."

     I gave in and slowly walked forward and out of the cage. The doctor gasped when he saw me in the light. My once sleek golden fur was brown and matted. My horn was dirty and my mane was knotted and covered in dirt.

     They brought me to a back room and cleaned me up. My new owner was finished with the papers and motioned for me to follow her. We stepped outside and I followed them down the street. My new owner began to speak. "I am nighthawk_moonshadow, but you can call me Nighthawk. Your sister is Sapphire_Starfrost."

     "Sapphire," said the Zafara.

     "Fine," she said. "Sapphire is her nickname. We are both Knights-Errant, and I am a fire mage. Do you want to be a knight?"

     I was amazed. She talked so fast that I didn't have time to react. I stammered and then just kept quiet.

     "Sorry," she said. "I'll try to go a little slower. First, what do you like to be called?"

     "Topaz," I said.

     "All right then. Lady Topaz_Hoofbeat will be your proper title."

     We walked onto a small path on a dim road. Nighthawk pushed aside a bush at the end. Before me lay a magnificent castle. We walked forward up to the moat. Nighthawk called to a person on the tower, and the bridge was let down. We walked in. There was a magnificent front hall. People clad in armor walked around. My sister and owner waved to people as they passed. Some asked about me, and Nighthawk said I was her new pet. She wouldn't tell them anything else, which I was grateful for. I didn't want anyone knowing where I came from.

     We walked up many flights of stairs. I was about to collapse when she stopped at a door. "This is your room Topaz. If you need any help, ask your sister and the other knights. I have to leave for a few days, but I'll be back. Don't worry," she added with a smile. "I'm not usually like this. It's just that this matter is urgent. I'll see you in a few days." She kissed me on the forehead, and then strode away. I looked at my sister, who was looking at Nighthawk with a wry smile. She looked at me and smiled.

     "Don't worry. If she seems a bit mushy, it's only because she wants you to feel welcome. You should see her normally. She has a very dark personality. But she is close to her pets, you'll see. I've got to go now. Settle in, why don't you." Then she walked into the room beside mine.

     I entered the room. I didn't really have time to look at the room, because I collapsed into be and immediately fell asleep.


I paced nervously outside the castle. My back hooves clopped against the cobblestone street. I was standing on my back legs, wearing my breeches and a tunic. My belt held my sword and dagger. A hawking glove was on my right hoof.

     I put my hoof into my tunic and fumbled with my necklace. It was a topaz jewel hanging on a golden chain. This jewel was a family heirloom, and I had a feeling that it also increased my magical abilities.

     My Horus, Crimson, was flying in the sky, looking to see if he could see Emerald through a window. He flew back down to me and landed on my arm. "No sign of her," he said. "Wish I knew what was up".

     "I wish I knew, too," I said.

     I heard the door creak open and I turned around. Emerald walked out with her Anubis, Sidus, and looked at me, smiling.

     "New job," she said, "and a good one too! Lots of rewards!"

     "Then let's get on it!" I said. We walked out of the castle grounds and to the supplies shop.

     We entered the shop and were greeted by a fire Nimmo. He led us to the front counter and then went behind it.

     "Welcome to my shop ladies," he said. "What can I do for you?'"

     We got our provisions and then headed out to the stables. We readied ourselves for the journey. Emerald put on her armor while I saddled up. When we were all ready, we left and went out onto the path leading to the forest. A town located in the middle would be our first stop. I galloped down the path, Emerald on my back. We would find the Lupes, and destroy them with our own hoofs.

To be continued...

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