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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 117 > New Series > Jay and the Super Authors Strike Back: Part One

Jay and the Super Authors Strike Back: Part One

by erika_idle

Is "the end" really the end? For here in a dark cave in the forests of Neopia, sits Harriet the Aisha, Sebastian the Lupe, Albert the Chia, and Rosie the Ixi, all of whom have been painted Faerie (a reward from the Library Faerie for vanquishing an evil Meepit named George). These four creatures are not just your ordinary super heroes, they are the core of the League of Super Authors! Saving the world from all of an author's woes, one blockhead at a time!



     Let's just say that it was another slow day at the Headquarters.

     Jay, the self-appointed agent for the League, was sitting quietly in a wing-back, reading the latest issue of the Neopian Times. Rosie was laying down in front of the fireplace, reading another detective novel. Harriet had splurged her allowance on buying the Usuki Dreamhouse Extension Pack, and was busy trying to fix the balcony, which had fallen apart within the first five minutes. Spot, a converted-from-evil Writer's Block, was doing his best to help her.

     Sebastian and Albert were staring at the ceiling, their Bingo game was far to boring to continue. All six sighed in unison. Rosie turned over a page in her book.

     "I'm bored," Sebastian announced. "I want to go on an adventure, like we used to! Remember when we single-handedly stopped George the pink Meepit from taking over Neopia? Or did you guys forget that already?"

     "Forget? Sebastian, that was last week," Rosie replied, turning over a page in her book, and not bothering to look up.

     "Oh, yeah. Right," Sebastian said.

     Jay yawned. "I'm going out for a walk," he announced. "Be back in an hour. You five better be in bed when I get back," he said, glaring at them all in turn.

     Harriet nodded, turning her attention away from her Usuki Dreamhouse Extension Pack. She now had to fix the garage as well as the balcony, for Spot had sat accidentally sat on it in his efforts to help.

     "Five Neopoints that Jay just went out to get a cup of coffee," Albert muttered.

     Sebastian nodded in agreement as the five toddled off to bed.

     Early the next morning, Rosie was the first to awake with a start. She yawned, stretched and stood up. She flew into the kitchen on her Faerie wings, where Albert, Harriet, Sebastian and Spot were already assembled.

     Rosie looked around. "Is Jay up yet?" she asked nobody in particular.

     Albert shook his head from behind the latest edition of The Neopian Times.

     Sebastian yawned showing a mouthful of fried egg on toast. "Hhsss' nhot ihn hhss r-r-rhoom," he yawned and chewed at the same time.

     Rosie rolled her eye's at Sebastian's appalling manners, and turned to Harriet and Spot, both who were reading the Usuki Dreamland Playhouse manual.

     "You guys seen Jay? I wonder where could he be?" Rosie said, when Harriet and Spot failed to respond.

     "OH NO!" cried Albert suddenly, causing Harriet to spill her orange juice on Spot, and causing Spot to oxidize at a rapid rate.

     Sebastian and Rosie turned to the Chia. "What? Do you know something about Jay?" they said, simultaneously.

     "UNI, Inc. is down 45 percent from last week!" moaned Albert. "My life savings! GONE! How could I have missed it? I thought they were going to merge, but not with MRCA, Co. Stupid, stupid, stupid!" Albert then proceeded to whack his head on the counter top, in rhythm with his 'stupid, stupid, stupid' chant.

     Rosie raised an eyebrow. "I'll just go check to see if he's back in his room," she said over the thuds of Albert's head hitting the marble.

     Rosie wandered down the hall of the cave into Jay's room. "Jay? JAY?" she called, but to no avail.

     Sebastian, Harriet, Spot, and Albert all appeared in the doorway. Albert was sporting a large, nasty-colored bruise on his forehead. "He's still not here? That's sketchy," Harriet pondered.

     "Maybe he's decided that he doesn't want to help a bunch of adolescent crime-fighters anymore," Sebastian said, rather glumly.

     Rosie turned a bit pale. "He wouldn't leave without telling us, though?" she asked.

     Albert shrugged. "He's a grown Eyrie. Maybe he's gone on to bigger leagues."

     "Maybe he works for the Defenders of Neopia now," Harriet supplied.

     Rosie shook her head. "That doesn't sound like Jay," she said. "Let's look around the cave one more time, just in case."

     The five split up, searching every inch of the cave and the thick forest surrounding the cave. They all met back up in Jay's room, all of them unsuccessful. "Where could he be?" cried Rosie.

     Albert walked over to her, with a piece of paper in his hand. "I didn't find Jay, but this was taped onto his window," he said, handing the paper to Rosie.

     Rosie read it over. "It's in some sort of foreign language."

     Sebastian grabbed at the paper, and looked it over. "It's not in a foreign language, Rosie, you pea-brain! It's a derived form of our language!"

     Rosie grabbed the paper, glared at the Lupe, and with some difficulty, translated it.

     "Leeg uv supr athrs -- we hav J. hahaha. u r nevr going 2 c him again. HAHA. and u all smell like dungwiches. luv not -- DUNT U WISH U NEW!"

     Harriet scratched her head. "Sketchy," was her only comment.

     Sebastian dropped the paper onto the floor of Jay's bedroom. "Now what?" he said, looking at Rosie for advice.

     Rosie shook her head. "This is terrible! What would we do without Jay? What would life be like without Jay?"

     Sebastian shrugged. "Well, I wouldn't have to share a room with Albert. I mean, once Jay moved in, I mean... he kind of took my room..."

     Rosie and Harriet glared at Sebastian. "How could you be so ungrateful? He's helped us in so many ways, and here you are, complaining about sharing a room with Albert!" cried Harriet.

     Albert rolled his eyes behind his thick glasses.

     Sebastian bared his teeth. "And you're only defending him because he's devilishly handsome!" he growled. "But I have to admit, he has helped us out of a few tight spots," he added, after a moment's pause.

     The five sat in silence for a while. Finally, Spot spoke up. "Let's go rescue him!" he chimed.

     "Yay! A rescue mission!" said Harriet, ecstatically.

     Rosie and Sebastian looked at each other, and exchanged smiles. "A rescue mission it is," said Sebastian. "Get out the old capes, cloaks, and spandex, guys! We're going to save Jay!"

     Everybody cheered.

To be continued...

Didn't you know that these brave heroes and heroines would eventually be back? What has happened to Jay? Is he in over his devilishly handsome head? What will Spot look like in a spandex suit? And not to mention Bill! Find out in the next thrilling chapter of... Jay and the Super Authors Strike Back!

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