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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 115 > Continuing Series > Eleanor’s Gift:Part Six

Eleanor’s Gift:Part Six

by arden_starr

I chased after Ellie, running as fast as my little legs could go. She was an extremely fast runner and was ahead of me by a long way, but I carried on.

      "Ellie stop!" I yelled, pausing for breath. She turned and looked at me sadly, and I stumbled over to her. "Please do this play," I pleaded. "You're brilliant, and if you don't the school won't have anyone to do it. Besides, can't you prove Spyke wrong? You have made something with your talent -- surely Megan and Tilly would have appreciated it. Do it for them." I saw that Ellie was considering it, and she was no longer crying.

      "Well, I must get there soon," she answered, smiling quickly. "And I had better prove him wrong, eh? It's such a shame he acts like this- we could have really got on well." I hugged her tightly, and we headed back to my NeoHome, where Mum was waiting nervously.

      "Are you going to do this?" she asked Ellie, who nodded determinedly. Mum beamed, and hugged Ellie tightly. "I'll be watching from the audience, with Tiff," she said. "Spyke can come if he wants to, but don't let him ruin your performance. Come on, let's set off." She glanced at her watch. "You wait here a minute, while I ask Spyke if he's coming." She hurried inside, but returned quickly. She shook her head sadly.

      "Let's go then!" I cried, smiling bravely, but feeling very disappointed inside. We walked up to the school, which didn't take very long, and left Ellie at the side entrance, where she was going up to get changed. "See you in a minute," I called to her, and she laughed and waved. Mum and I went up into the audience inside the Hall, finding two chairs next to a man with two Ixi.

      "I can't wait, can you?" I whispered to Mum.

      "I know, it's exciting isn't it?" she answered, winking. But we didn't have much time for talk, as soon the play had begun.

      "Welcome to the play Mystery On Mystery Island!" Mr Trunkles voice boomed over a loud speaker, and soon the characters were onstage, looking bright and colourful. The acting was superb, and soon you were involved in the Play, totally sucked in. When Ellie walked onstage decorated in her flowers and grass skirt, the audience clapped loudly, and when she sang a hushed silence filled the Hall as all were entranced by her melody. For a full hour and a half, it seemed as if the world had stopped, just for this play, and everyone loved it. As the end music played and all the characters bowed, EVERYONE cheered and clapped and whistled and screamed and shouted and stamped their feet, while some people even stood up declaring their love of it. Ellie looked absolutely delighted, and I had never seen her this happy. Her face was rapturous and flushed with joy, her fur radiated with a glow and as she curtseyed everyone whistled. I glanced over at Mum, who was crying.

      "Mum, what's wrong?" I asked, taking her hand.

      "Absolutely nothing," she whispered, smiling brightly through her tears. "That's just it- look at her. Absolutely nothing. She's so happy! I want her to stay with us forever. But…." Both of us knew she was thinking about Spyke. And I knew why Mum was crying- with a kind of bittersweet happiness. Knowing that she wasn't able to stay with us forever.

      Mum and I stood up waiting for her as all the characters stepped offstage and went to greet their friends in the audience. Ellie came straight over and hugged us both.

      "Well done!" I cried. "You ROCKED!" All three of us laughed. But soon Ellie had stopped laughing, and was staring at the two Ixi next to us.

      "Is that… Megan? And Tilly?" she said curiously, and the Ixi spun around, beaming with happiness. One of the Ixi was blue, with flecks of gray in her coat that showed her age. She had huge eyes, similar to Ellie's except a bluey- black, and she looked very thin, but healthy. The other Ixi was red, and young- perhaps younger than me, but this Ixi looked sickly and frail. I knew who they were. But then the blue Ixi spoke.

      "Hello Eleanor," she said, in a rusty sort of voice. "Is this your family?" Ellie looked at us, who were smiling, and nodded.

      "Yes," she said simply. "This is my sister Tiffany, and would you like to greet my Mum?" This was too much for me- I burst into tears, simply sobbing with joy.

      "You don't know how long I've wanted you to say that!" I whispered.

      "So you're part of the family now!" Mum declared. The Ixi were smiling.

      "And this is our Dad," the red Ixi said, pointing to the elderly man sitting next to them. He had a long gray beard, pale blue eyes and a kindly face.

      "That's the man that visited us in the Hut!" Ellie said. "What happened?"

      "Well, when you managed to escape, this man -- Fred -- managed to grab us and take us back to his home. We've lived with him ever since," Megan the blue Ixi replied. "We don't know what happened to Master, but I hope he's very happy." Her voice was bitter.

      Ellie hugged both of the Ixi, and turned to the man.

      "Thank you for rescuing Megan and Tilly," Ellie said. "Please visit us sometimes. I'd like to stay friends with you all."

      "That won't be a problem," the man smiled. "I'd be welcome to see you all again." I cleared my throat.

      "Does this mean that Ellie will be staying forever then?" I asked Mum hopefully.

      "Yes," came a familiar voice from behind us. I spun around to see Spyke there, holding an asleep Murgle.

      "Spyke!" Ellie shouted, and hugged him tightly. He hugged her back and kissed her on the cheek.

      "Welcome to the family, Ellie," he said. "And I'm really sorry for being a jealous brat. I thought that Mum and Tiff were paying you too much attention. But I felt guilty after you all left, and snuck into the back of this Hall to watch. You were amazing."

      "I take this is your brother then?" Tilly asked.

      "Yes," Ellie said. "And this is my baby brother Murgle, fast asleep thank goodness." Everyone laughed, and began shuffling out of the doorway.

      "I guess this is time to say our goodbyes then," I said. I was now holding baby Murgle in my arms, who was stirring.

      "Yes it is," the man Fred answered. "Well goodbye Eleanor and your family!"

      "And goodbye to you," my Mum shouted, smiling brightly.

      "Murgle want sister Ellie!" Murgle said, who had just woken up. I willingly passed him to Ellie, who was looking overjoyed.

      "Come on, let's go home," Spyke said, as we watched Fred, Megan and Tilly disappear around the corner.

      And all of us -- Mum, Spyke, Murgle, Ellie and I- linked arms and disappeared into the distance. My family -- united as one.

The End

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