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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 9th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 115 > New Series > Race for School President: Part One

Race for School President: Part One

by saneeya1000

“Hey look at this!”

     Sireana, a Faerie Cybunny, wheeled around, and found her long, Aisha friend, Lana, staring at the school bulletin board.

     “What is it?” Sireana asked walking up to her.

     “The elections for student council! Look it says right here, and you know what since we’re in our last year, we can run for school president!” Lana exclaimed enthusiastically.

     “Oh don’t tell me you want to run for president,” Sireana said rolling her eyes, “we all know it’s a popularity contest, and we all know the barely one-tenth of the school knows us.”

     “Who said I’m going to run? I thought you would like to run.”

     “Are you kidding Lana? I just explained why it’s pointless for either of us to run for president.”

     “I know, but it would be nice to be school president wouldn’t it?” Lana said as they made their way down the hall to science.

     “Maybe, I don’t know, but I do know it’s a lot of work,” Sireana said as she turned around, “Drat! I forgot my book! I have to go to my locker, see yah!”

     Sireana flew as fast as her Faerie wings could, and thankfully one of the hall monitors didn’t spot her, and she was immediately at her locker. Next to her locker was the usual gang of Tory and her friends chatting like a bunch on Polarchucks. Tory was the most popular person in school, and there was no doubt in Sireana’s mind that she would run for president, in fact it was what they were talking about that very moment.

     “You are running right, Tory?” a tall blue Shoyru asked.

     “I suppose I’ll have to, can’t have a dork leading this school,” Tory said wryly, casting an ugly smile at Sireana.

     Sireana clinched her teeth, as hard as she could. She and Tory at been enemies forever, and both were happy, when one of them was giving the other a hard time. Unfortunately for Sireana, because of Tory’s popularity, she was usually the one given the hard time.

     Sireana opened her locker, and a great pile of sludge fell out. Sireana barely managed to start hovering as the sludge missed her foot. Tory, and her friends started howling with laughter.

     “Oh my Sireana, I didn’t know you were that much of a slob!” Tory said through tears rolling down her cheek.

     Sireana stomped away down the halls. She was absolutely angry, she was always teased by Tory, but this was just the last straw. She had been called a dork, and have had too many piles of sludge stuffed up her locker. It was time to get even. As she took a seat in science, she started thinking off a way to make Tory absolutely angry. She kept on thinking throughout the whole lesson.

     It was when she was walking with Lana towards lunch later, that it hit her.

     “Lana, I know how to get even with Tory. It would be the sweetest revenge ever!” Sireana exclaimed.

     “Oh you’ve been thinking off all different ways to get even with her since we were little kids. Don’t tell me you’re going to sink to her level of being annoying?” Lana said with a raised eyebrow.

     “No not that kind of revenge, where I throw dung at her, though that would be funny. But revenge by defeating her at what she wants to be, and that is school president! Since she thinks she is all perfect, she would consider herself to be the only person qualified to be school president. And if I run, and beat her, her whole self-centered ego would crumble in front of the whole school!” Sireana said with wide eyes, imagining a defeated Tory in her mind.

     “You mean you’re running! Oh this is wonderful! Hurry we have to go to the principal’s office right now, since it’s the only time to sign up for school president!” Lana said quickly grabbing Sireana’s arm, and dragging her towards the principal’s office.

     “Okay! Okay! Stop pulling me!,” Sireana said wringing her arm free, and chasing after Lana who was running ahead of her.

     They entered the principal’s office, where Mr. Brown, the principal, was seated behind his desk with three others standing in front of him.

     “Oh more candidates? This is excellent! So are you both running,” Mr. Brown said staring at Lana and Sireana.

     “Oh no, I’m just running,” Sireana said as she stared around the room, and locked eyes with Tory, who was as usual giving her the evil look.

     “All right then, so we have four candidates, Tory, John, Sireana, and Melissa,” Mr. Brown said scribbling down the names in a piece of paper.

     Sireana looked away from Tory, with her bright blue Usul ribbon and her cheerleader outfit, and turned to look at the other two people standing in the corner. There was a short, skinny Kacheek with glasses. That was John, the know-it-all wiz kid, who many kids rumored to have skipped a couple grades. Be hind him, putting on eye shadow, was a Faerie Ixi, named Melissa. Melissa was the richest kid, Sireana had ever known, who always had what she wanted whenever she wanted it. It was always wondered why she didn’t go to some private school.

     “Well,” said Mr. Brown, clearing his throat, “now we have all the candidates for president. This is the most important position in the student council. I hope you are all up to the job! Remember voting takes place in two weeks, you give your speeches in three days. You can have posters, adds in the school newspaper, or fliers for your campaign. What I do not want is dirty campaigning! So play clean, or you will be disqualified! That is all, you may now go.”

     John and Melissa went out the door first, with Lana, Sireana, and Tory following.

     “Well this is going to be the easiest thing for me to win ever!” Tory exclaimed delightfully, “There is that short, skinny nerd running, then Ms. Moneybags, then a Cybunny who wishes she had a life!”

     “Why you…!” Sireana yelled wheeling around, her fist raised in the air.

     “Sireana!” Lana said quickly grabbing her arm.

     “Well we’ll see who wins,” said Tory coolly, walking past them, “although that’s not too difficult to know.”

     “Oh I’ve had it with you! We’ll see who wins!” Sireana yelled after Tory, “We’ll see!


      Over the next two days, Sireana carefully picked out her campaign team. She was the manager, then there was Lana, who was the co-manager. Jane, who was the art manager, and was left in charge of designing the poster, and fliers. And finally, there was Luke, who they couldn’t really come up with a position to call him by. He was in the debate team, as was the most persuasive speaker anybody had ever known. Also he wasn’t hard to miss, as he was a tall, red Lenny. So naturally Sireana quickly had him in her campaign team, before any other candidate had a chance.

      So the day after she declared her candidacy, Sireana spent three hours after school with Luke, working on her speech. It was frustrating, because every time she messed up, which she did, Luke would start lecturing her on how to be a good speaker. The next day, was when the speeches were given out. Sireana thought she did pretty well, as she didn’t stutter, or lose focus.

      “I think people liked your speech,” Lana said, as they walked out of the assembly room.

      “Well at least I didn’t mess up like that Scorchio running for vice president did,” Sireana said in agreement.

      The next day, posters went up all over the school. There were posters of all colors, shapes, and sizes. But the only ones Sireana cared about were the ones by the other candidates running for president. Melissa’s posters were all fancy, and obviously she had spent quite some money for them to turn out so nice. On her posters the said things how a good leader should have money to help the followers. Also there was John’s, done on computer, they said things like how a good leader should have brains, and be able to make wise choices. Tory’s were handmade, and said that a leader should be someone who everybody knows. Then there were Sireana’s, also handmade, by Jane. But they didn’t say much, but to vote Sireana for president.

      “Oh,” grumbled Sireana, at lunch, sitting with her campaign team.

      “What’s wrong?” Lana asked, drinking her soda.

      “Well all these other posters, they keep saying what a good leader should be, and well they all say a leader should be somebody unique, and have many different talents. And well it hit me, I’m not unique, I’m absolutely normal! Tory’s popular, John’s smart, and Melissa’s rich! I don’t have anything special!” Sireana said exasperatedly.

      “Oh come on,” Luke said, “Being normal is a good thing. You’re like the rest of the school practically. People would want to vote for somebody most like them.”

      “Well I hope so,” Sireana said, finishing off her lunch.

To be continued...

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