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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 6th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 114 > Continuing Series > Thief: Part Nine

Thief: Part Nine

by _joleveeflareporeon


If you use that charming memory of yours, you recall me hinting something about an unjust accusation of Viper committing a crime... you'll discover the details of this in this chapter, learning about a couple of new characters along the way... oh, and I should welcome you to my newly renovated home...

Chapter VII-Innocent until Proven Guilty?

About an hour and a half later, Raven and Einstein sat on the new leather couch and Viper lay on the new carpet, all of them reading the Neopian News at 6.

     "...In other news today a silent alarm went off at the Neopian Museum. The object stolen was the Darkness Scarab from the Lost Desert exhibit. Witnesses say the thief was indeed the winner of the Class Three Battledome Tourney, Viper."

     The family gasped, knowing that Viper was totally, completely, one hundred percent, innocent. Shortly after-extremely shortly, at that-the shack door swung open with a crash. Raven screamed as a Buzz in a suit walked into the room, followed by a Draik who straightaway tackled Viper. Before he could fight back, the blue Draik in a suit handcuffed him. Einstein leapt off the couch and extracted his fairly sharp claws and was about to attack, but stopped when the Buzz pulled out a gleaming badge.

     "Officer Cooper, NCPD. RavynnWolfe, we have a search warrant," announced the officer as he walked up to Viper who had given up struggling. "Viper, you are under arrest for the robbing of an ancient artefact known as the Darkness Scarab from the Neopian Museum. Anything you say or do can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to remain silent. You've also the right to an attorney." As he said this, a team of officers came in and began searching the shack from top to bottom.

     "He didn't do anything!" shouted Raven, jumping off the couch and putting down the newspaper.

     The green Buzz nodded. "We have witnesses. They say that they saw him pick open the case and take the Scarab." Cooper frowned and growled bitterly. "They were too afraid he'd attack them if they said anything at the time though..."

     "He's innocent!" snarled the electric Eyrie, pawing the ground angrily. He hadn't been so angry since he had been abandoned at the pound.

     "Cool it, kid, unless you want to get yourself arrested, too." The officer looked at Raven. "We're taking him in for interrogation. We'd like you two to come down to the station as well."

* * *

Twenty minutes later Viper sat cuffed to a chair, in an interrogation room with a bright light shinning in his face. Raven and Einstein were in the lobby, calling a lawyer even though they knew Viper wasn't guilty. The search party hadn't found the Darkness Scarab at the house, but they were still convinced that Viper was guilty.

     Suddenly, the door slammed as an interrogation officer walked in. He was a green Scorchio and he wore one of those cheesy trench coats that people wore in old detective movies. He was the most notorious detective in the force and his name was Crawford, Detective Black-Knight Crawford.

     Crawford leaned onto the table and placed his face right in front of Viper's. "Where were you at exactly 3:37 PM this afternoon?"

     "I was... I was..." Beads of sweat trickled down the mutant's forehead and he looked down guiltily. "I was at the museum."

     "I rest my case," declared the Scorchio proudly. "Guilty as charged."

     "HEY!" Viper snapped, forgetting that this was a police officer he was talking to who clearly had the power to put him behind bars and keep it that way. "I didn't say I took the darn Scarab! At the time I was in the Medieval room!" Only then did he realise that no one could vouch for that, as the room was empty apart from him, Raven and Einstein.

     Crawford bared his teeth and narrowed his eyes, and was about to yell at his suspect when a red Gelert officer ran in. "RavynnWolfe and X2495neo are gone! I think they did a runner!"

     "What do you mean?" asked Crawford, getting up from the table and walking towards the Gelert.

     "They-are-gone! And-Chief-wants-us-to-look-for-them. Got it, Detective?" said the officer slowly, saying each word clearly and loudly. Crawford nodded irritably, growling and muttering, and the interrogation officer left the room with the Gelert, locking the door behind them.

     Then, out of instinct, Viper looked around for something that might help him get loose. There! On the floor beside him, he saw a little paper clip. It wasn't much, but he could pick at the cuffs with it. Viper tried to tip the chair over by shifting his weight from side to side. It was working! The chair tipped from side to side a few times before falling to the ground with a crash. His shoulder and stab wound exploded with pain, but Viper ignored them. He didn't have any time to lose. With his muzzle, he gnawed at the paper clip for a bit, trying to pick up the little object, before finally managing to hook it around one of his canines. He flung it over his shoulder so he could reach it with his paws. The mutant snatched it up in his left paw and untwisted it. Now the only problem was finding the keyhole. Viper tried for one part of the cuff but missed and stabbed himself in the wrist. He winced. This would be so much easier if I had eyes on the back of my head! he thought.

     Out of the blue, something in his head, maybe an old instinct or memory told him that the keyhole was on the other wrist and lower down. Viper obeyed the mysterious voice in his mind, and sure enough he hit his target. The Lupe twisted the paper clip around a bit before hearing a satisfying click. Viper pulled his forepaws and the handcuffs snapped open. He rolled off the chair and stood up.

     Once again, the Lupe searched the room, his heart pumping like a jackrabbit. He couldn't go out the door, but look! A window! Sure enough, on the wall behind him was a small window. Suddenly he heard the clunk, clunk, clunk of someone walking towards the very room he was in. Not even thinking, he leapt straight at the window. The glass shattered instantly, some of the remaining chunks tearing off several of the bandages that bound Viper's wounds and digging into his skin. Luckily it was only a four-foot drop, so Viper landed easily. The mutant could hear the door opening, but he didn't stick around to find out the officers' reaction to his disappearance. Viper's first response to the not so free freedom was to seek out refuge back at the shack as well as see if Raven and Einstein had indeed ran back home.

     "Raven!" called Viper as he burst through the door, panting. There came no reply. "Raven?" Still, silence. He looked about the main room. Nothing... except... On the island sat Einstein's laptop, its monitor open. That's odd, thought Viper. Einstein never goes anywhere without it. Curiously, and a bit nervously, he padded over to it. Its screen was blank. Viper gave a sigh of relief and was about to shut it when little white letters began scrolling across its black screen.

     "Hello...Viper," whoever it was typed.

     The mutant stared, dumbstruck, at the screen.

     "What's wrong? Aisha got your tongue?"

     "Wh-who are you?" questioned Viper, talking to the air nervously. Whoever it was must have had the place bugged or something.

     "Your worst enemy... >:)"

     Viper didn't have the time to respond, for more letters were already scrolling across the screen. "The window..."

     The mutant Lupe cocked his head and went over to the only window in the house, which was in the living room. First, he saw nothing, but then a great orb of light burst through the window, shattering the glass, and struck Viper. Pain seared through his body and then everything went pitch-dark.

To be continued...

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