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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 113 > Continuing Series > Thief's Neopet: Part Eight

Thief's Neopet: Part Eight

by adoriblelapin

also by tracypaper12

Sazbae held out her own weapon, a frost cannon, with a large smirk plastered on her face.

     Buffy stuck her head through the bars. If only she could reach, she could get to Sazbae, and stop this whole mess. Carefully swinging the cage, she leant out, and...

     "YEOW!" Sazbae cried, knocking the cannon over. A bolt of ice shot across the floor, and hit one of the 'guards' of Ye Magnificente Museume with a sickening crack. He was encased in a glacial prison.

     "Oops, oh well," Buffy said sheepishly. The Chia Police took this opportunity to handcuff Sazbae, and the other thieves.

     ”It was a genius plan!” shrieked Sazbae nastily, struggling against the Chia police fiercely. “I had everything plotted, much more than what you two idiots could have ever done. Much better…”

     ”Unfortunately,” Lapinnie snapped back, “your little plan failed to work. You faked your Top Academic Award winning by using your thievery skills to steal your original report and exchanged it, did you not? You knew I was going to get upset, Sazbae?”

     Sazbae smiled and said, “You’re not as dull as you look. I did – I put a bug on you two, making these stupid beasts” – she pointed at the ‘guards’ of Ye Magnificente Museume – “notice you all. It almost worked, I almost had my revenge on Buffy for making a fool out of me two years ago! Did you not know how humiliated I was? That wretched mutant stepped on my foot after I insulted her owner. I fell right in front of all my friends --”

     "That's a very logical reason for making hundreds of people in danger, Sazbae," Lapinnie said sarcastically. "Besides, you started it with insulting Tracy. Tracy's a great owner, you -- brat. Chia police?" The Chief of the police nodded.

     "You'll be going away for a long time, young lady," the Chief said, leading Sazbae out of the room.

     "Chief, would you mind releasing all these poor forced thieves, and Lucy and Monica from the thieves' guild's headquarters and training area? I also believe that Fozaibae has done a wonderful job of brainwashing everyone to steal. They were only under his orders -- none of it was the Neopets' fault," Lapinnie told the Chief with a glint of hope in her voice.

     The Chia chuckled, "Of course, anything for the heroine." The Aisha blushed at this and turned to her Cybunny friend.

     "Come on Buffy, we'd better help out," Lapinnie said, beckoning towards the other struggling Chias.

     "I... I can't."


     "My head is stuck." Sure enough, Buffy couldn't get her head back through the bars, despite her hardest efforts. Lapinnie limped over to help.

     "Your leg, is it okay?" Buffy said, her fur ruffled and messy. A Chia policeman inspected it.

     "Very sorry about that. It's just a minor breakage; all it needs is a cast. But as for you," he said, pointing to Buffy, "it looks like we'll need to call out the rescue team."


Someone knocked at the door, Buffy and Lapinnie springing up from their seats by Lapinnie's oak bed. It was two weeks after the incident already, and they felt as though time moved along quite rapidly. Most of their summer was spent in the hospital and in the thieves' guild training centre.

     "Mine was mostly spent in that ruddy old museum where our mission was supposed to be, trapped in a cage," mused Buffy as Lapinnie reached for the door.

     Lucy and Monica were at home with their friends, Tracy promising to have a friend party before the summer ended (which made Buffy decide to have their sleepover in Lapinnie's house instead), and thought this was the best time to do so. Apparently, they had escaped from the guild headquarters grasps before the Chia police arrived, as their Spardel and Cobrall helped them escape. They only had minor injuries and recovered in a matter of days, as did Buffy and Lapinnie. While the Aisha was recovering, Lappiny volunteered to help her sister in any way possible.

     The thieves from the thieves' guild were released, but had to swear that they would not steal anymore. They would also be monitored for three months. Lapinnie and Buffy were more than happy to see Grachil, their Chia friend, and the others free. They had thanked them more than a hundred times and were now enjoying life without too more tension. For the thieves, the freedom was almost like paradise.

     "Hi, Sakura!" Lapinnie said. "Really? ... Oh, well, yes, it's true. Yes, sure! Okay, see you then!"

     Lapinnie came back, starry-eyed. Buffy glanced at her and asked, "What's up?"

     "Lapin and Marie arranged for me to stay at my friend Sakura's house! She was my best friend back before we moved over here," Lapinnie added, after seeing the slight puzzlement on Buffy's face.

     "She's not a brainless Grundo, is she?" Buffy said with disdain.

     Lapinnie smiled and replied, "Nope. She's actually a quite intelligent Kau, although she's not the reader in the family. Anakin is -- he hangs out with Lappinny."

     "That's surprising."

     Buffy tried to picture Lappinny, but when one memory came up, she grinned. Lapinnie had been fetching some snacks for her while she was in the dining room. Lappinny had whizzed into the living room, hit a couch, and watched it fall over. The couch nudged a small ice sculpture, while Lapinae, his older sister who favoured him, came into the room. Lappinny had smiled, Lapinae nearing him and tripped over the ice sculpture. By the time the rest of the family had come, and Buffy had risen from her chair to the living room, the room was in ruins.

     "We're going to sleep over at their house for the rest of the summer. It'll be fun!" the Aisha squealed in delight. "I'll miss you, though, Buffy."

     "Yeah," Buffy said, "I will too. It's been one eventful summer, though -- I can't believe it all started with that droning awards assembly."

     Lapinnie giggled at this, as the doorbell rang. She went to get it; Buffy was left to roam around her room. Lapinnie's room was temporarily shared with her Kyrii sister, Lapinae, until Lapin could get enough Neopoints to make separate rooms for them, and her side was very neat and tidy.

     Opened on her desk, she had a large, thick journal. Buffy evaded the temptation to read it, but her eyes flickered toward certain words scrawled neatly upon the open pages: 'Buffy', 'always', 'best friend', and 'forever'.

     "Buffy!" Lapinnie called from downstairs. "Tracy's here to pick you up."

     The mutant Cybunny hurried down the stairs and greeted Tracy. She turned to Lapinnie and said, "Well, have a nice summer, Lapinnie..."

     "You too!" Lapinnie said with a smile. Buffy thought it must have been contagious -- she couldn't help but smile in return. "Have a nice trip to Mystery Island."

     "Myster -- er, yeah, bye, Lapinnie," Buffy said coolly, as Tracy lead her out the door. She was about to question the information of the trip in surprise, for she had not known about it, but Tracy, however, had hushed her.

     Tracy and Buffy headed out of the door, closing it silently behind them. The words of her journal floated inside the Cybunny's mind. Buffy smiled, turning back to Lapinnie's house contrasting with the blue sky, seeing the disco Aisha peek her head out the window and waving mournfully after her best Cybunny pal. Buffy stopped to wave back, mouthing a last farewell.

     "You'll always remain my best friend, too," Buffy whispered before speeding after Tracy.

The End

Author's Note: Feel free to Neomail us if you have any questions or comments!

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