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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 113 > Continuing Series > The Adventures of Lisha and Jeran: This Strange Place Called Home -- Part Six

The Adventures of Lisha and Jeran: This Strange Place Called Home -- Part Six

by ridergirl333

All was back to normal. Chuck, Jeran and Lisha returned to their NeoHome, where Hillary reprimanded them harshly for their actions. "Foolish children, rushing into danger like that." She said, tears coursing down her face.

     "Hillary, I've made a decision," Jeran replied. "I looked for everything here and found nothing. This cannot be my home. I must return to Meridell, for not only am I needed there, I am loved there too." "We love you here, Jeran," Hillary said. "But if that's what will make you happy, go ahead."

     "I want to go with Sir Jeran and Lady Lisha!" Chuck said excitedly.

     "Soft-footed Lady Lisha?" Lisha asked, remembering how he had looked up to Jeran and ignored her when they first met.

     Chuck smiled. A smile that truly radiated the transformation that had taken place. "No, Brave Lady Lisha."

     Hillary sighed. "And I'm left without a Neopet. Again."

     "Not at all." Lisha took her owners hand. "Come with us. Meridell will be great, you'll see."

     Hillary was speechless. So instead of speaking, she hugged all of her NeoPets. They were united as a family.

     Then, the strangest thing happened. Dancing colored lights swam in and out of Jeran's vision. He rubbed at his eyes, but couldn't see. Pictures moved around, visions of Lisha toddling around in a diaper. Playing on the swings with Hillary in kindergarten. Spilling juice on his teacher's new dress in second grade. Running away from home in fourth grade, only to return the next day asking for sweeties. The chandelier sun-charm around Jeran's neck shone with it's own light, like a golden star. Tears rushed down Jeran's face as he realized that his memory had returned. His family had been the key he was seeking. And they had been there all along.

* * *

A few days later, the entire family had moved to Meridell. "Home at last, eh sis?" Jeran asked with a grin.

     "You called me 'sis'," Lisha remarked.

     "Well, you are my sister. What am I supposed to call you? A frog-faced Morthog?"

     "Doesn't sound like a bad nickname," Morris laughed. He, Kaelyn the Zafara and Boris the Blumaroo had moved back to Meridell too, and were now living next door to Lisha and Jeran. Jeran laughed and heard another voice laughing with him. But it wasn't Lisha or Morris. It sounded familiar though. It was the voice of a Lupess.

     A white Lupess suddenly materialized behind a tree. "Did I not say that we would meet again, my Lupe-knight?" she asked softly.

     "Kasha Moonfang. By the flaming faeries am I glad to see you!" The two hugged, then Jeran told Kasha all about his adventures.

     "You have discovered a lot within yourself and your family, is that not true, warrior? You relearned the meaning of courage, which you have known for a long time now. Yet you learned another lesson. A lesson of love. Love for yourself, your sister, your brother and your owner. Life isn't all steel and granite. There is room for warmth and kindness."

     "Tell me about it," Jeran grumbled, recalling the moment when he had hit Chuck.

     "Perhaps there is still room in your heart to love one more."

     Jeran gazed straight into Kasha's deep violet eyes, eyes that were filled with compassion and wisdom. "Perhaps there is."

     "Hey Jeran!" Chuck called. "King What's-His-Face is here!"

     "King Skrarl!" Jeran jumped in shock. "Do I look okay? What's my fur doing?"

     "The cha-cha," Morris said sarcastically. "Now His Highness wants to see you." The Quiggle gave the Lupe a little push.

     "Ah, Prince Jeran Borodere," King Skrarl sighed. "Welcome home to Meridell."

     "Glad to be here, Father," Jeran said, kneeling.

     "I go sincerely apologize for myself and my county if we seemed a bit… unappreciative of all the things you and your sister have done for us. So I wish to reward you in some way or another. Is there anything I can do?"

     Jeran thought for a minute. He had the king in the pad of his paw, asking to do a favor for him. He could do anything with this favor, yet only one thing seemed proper. "I wish for nothing, Your Majesty, but this. Lisha is as good a warrior as I am, and she deserves more respect than she gets. I am at least treated civilly because of my princely status. Yet she doesn't have this and is scorned because she is a lady. She saved my life, battling a full-grown Skeith despite numerous injuries and much fatigue. Also, she gave herself up to kidnappers for Meridell and for me also. Therefore, I ask you to show her honor in some way. Give her something that would prove her worth. I ask this not because she saved my life but because of her skill and ferocity in battle."

     An awkward silence reigned.

     "I suppose if that is what you request. I shall give her a title. Sir Lisha, approach."

     Lisha obeyed, her heart racing. She kneeled before the King, joy coursing through her veins.

     "For your valor in saving the Meridellian Prince and your loyalty for the cause of Meridell, being taken captive, I give you the title 'Lisha the Lioness'. From now onward, enemies of Meridell shall fear that name. And citizens of Meridell shall honor it."

     Tears were freely flowing down the Aisha's face as she was presented with a blue shield with a gold lioness painted on the front. "It's what I always dreamed."

     "But surely there must be something you want, Jeran," King Skrarl said, puzzled.

     Jeran fingered the sun-charm around his neck. "I have all I need here," he said. "My family at my back, my memory restored, my sword in my scabbard, my best friend Lisha at my side, and a beautiful Lupess waiting for my return."

     "The way shall be rocky, Lupe-knight," said Kasha. "And you shall have many more adventures before you hang up your sword."

     A mischievous gleam came into Jeran's eye, not unlike the gleams that his little brother was prone to getting. In that eye, a thousand hopes, dreams, memories and adventures were reflected. They glittered there like the sunlight off of the ocean's waves. He summed this gleam up in three words. "I can't wait."

The End

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