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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 113 > Continuing Series > The Rebellion of the Alien Aishas: Part Three

The Rebellion of the Alien Aishas: Part Three

by nindail

GARLAK VI, NIRZIP, CRUISER GARAGE, 11:29 PM - Millions of troopers were boarding transports. With The Faerie Queen and all of Neopia on the Faerie side, they would need all the firepower possible. They also knew that if Neopia were able to become mobile in less than a day, their artifacts would be an easy target. Cruisers were boarded and blasted out of the numerous garages like swarming bees out to protect their hive. Xelqued donned his helmet as his 5 Elite cruiser pilots followed him. They walked to a separate garage, where their silver cruisers sat, ready to blast to Neopia. The five boarded their cruisers and blasted off with all the others.

     "Okay men, we will arrive on Neopia in approximately 2 hours. Be prepared to start fighting as soon as we arrive on Faerieland, where the forces of Neopia are getting ready to destroy us. Fight until you cannot fight any more. Victory MUST be achieved! FOR THE ALIEN AISHAS!" Xelqued spoke into his intercom that was linked to every other cruiser in the fleet. He glared deep into space, not knowing the dangers before him…

NEOPIA, FAERIE LAND, FAERIE CITY, 1:42 PM - Hundreds of thousands of Neopets boarded giant transport ships, similar to the transports Sloth used (Courtesy of the Virtupets Space Station) at the front of the castle, bringing along any and all weapons available. All sorts of races and colors boarded the various ships. Even pets from Meridell, Tyrannia, Mystery Island, The Lost Desert, and even The Spooky Forest have joined the war.

     The Faerie Queen glanced at the Neopets boarding the ship. She smiles sweetly at the thought that so many caring Neopians would help out the Faeries. The Light Faerie from the news broadcast walks up to The Faerie Queen.

     "You've done a great job recruiting so many noble Neopians," the Faerie Queen told the Light Faerie.

     "Anything for my Queen, your highness," the Light Faerie replied with honor.

     Almost instantly, a flash of light blinded everyone for a second and a loud explosion rattled Faerieworld. One of the Transports just exploded. Everyone looked up to see a long and giant black ship descending on Faerie World. As the Neopians in the transports exited, everyone begins firing at the Aishan transports. The fire from the Neopians was minuscule, and the Aishan Transports land right outside of Faerie City. A battle began!

     As the Cruisers began assaulting the Transports, Troopers from the transports exited their ships, burst through the gates of Faerieworld, and flooded the city. As the faeries began fighting back, they created blockades of cars and other things they found on the streets. The Fire Faeries, positioned at the top of the Blockades, sent fireballs at the direction at the troopers. Laser bursts rattled the city. The Chia Police soon began assisting the Faeries. Xelqued, with his five elite pilots, secretly landed right behind the Castle. The six sneaked down to the front of the castle, and hid behind a small tree. Xelqued pulled out a ray gun and aimed it at the Queen. He held one eye always on the Queen, with his finger ready to pull the trigger. He took one second of hesitation, and then FIRED!

     The Light Faerie looked around, as the Queen's primary targets were the Cruisers. She saw Xelqued hiding behind the bushes. Then, a small beam of light shot out of that little bush! The Light Faerie jumped in front of the Queen. The Queen looked back at the Faerie. ZZZZKRAKOW! The Faerie was decimated to a pile of ash! The Queen knelt down; shedding a tear for her fellow sister, then angrily stared at Xelqued. Her eyes seethed with fire and hatred.

     "Uh oh…" Xelqued responded.

     The Faerie Queen flew up in the air and launched a barrage of purple energy balls at Xelqued and the Elites. All six of the Aishas dived and scattered through the gardens. But Fyora was one step ahead. Quickly, she flicked her fingers rapidly and lifted them into the air. As soon as she did, all of the Aishans hidden in the gardens shot up into the sky and landed right in front of Fyora. She flew back into the sky and began charging up purple energy.

     Xelqued squirmed and shuffled, but was somehow mentally restrained to the spot, along with his Elite force. He looked up. Over twenty cruisers was circling the pulsing Faerie, all trying to shoot her down, but everything being deflected magically. The pulsing energy got stronger with every shot. This was his doom… unless he could find a way to break free! He looked at his surroundings. Neopets firing at the cruisers, others running into the streets, large cruisers circling overhead that are destroying the city, faeries flying everywhere, ray gun--

     Ray Gun? He looked in his pocket. There it was! His trusty Ray Gun! Shuffling slightly, he pulled out his Ray Gun. He looked up. He would have to rely on his instincts to shoot Fyora down and not his cruisers… or his ears. He took a big gulp and fired- straight into Fyora's hair, setting it ablaze. The Faerie screamed as all of the energy disappeared and the cruisers parted. She rushed down and dove right into a small fountain. She emerged from the fountain wet, angry, and part of her hair burned off. Xelqued shuffled and noticed the restraints were gone, but before he or the Elites could get up, a HUGE force knocked them straight into a nearby building.

     The force of the impact knocked Xelqued unconscious. Everything just went blurry and black in a matter of seconds. He wobbled around, dazed, until he dropped onto the cold, hard ground.

To be continued…

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