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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 113 > Articles > Cumulative Trophy and Whack A Staff Member Tips

Cumulative Trophy and Whack A Staff Member Tips

by deke_plushies

GAMES ROOM - One fun trophy, one not so fun trophy. Think you know what it takes to get them? Well, despite the contrast, both are actually pretty easy to achieve. My article will provide tips and tricks for both games. Hopefully, you will be able to get these trophies after reading this.

Cumulative Trophies.

Cumulative trophies are perhaps the easiest games in Neopets yet Neopians have the misconception that they are the hardest trophies to achieve. Cumulative games are easy as most of them are mostly based on luck and simple deduction skills. The only hard part is having the patience to keep playing them over and over again.

Since the cumulative scores are NEVER reset-[and shouldn't be, considering how much effort other Neopians put into them!]- It’s no wonder that not many Neopians strive for these trophies since there are other easier trophies to be won.

That is why this article may help you plan your strategy to get that elusive cumulative trophy. Well, it may help you plan, but whether you stick to it or give up halfway is another thing. Anyway, I am getting depressing so let’s move on.

Currently, there are 5 kinds of cumulative games in Neopets- Meristones, Pyramids, Scarab21, Sakhmet Solitaire and Neggsweeper.

These are the current scores for a minimum trophy- that means bronze:

Meristones- 1 mill.

Pyramids- 5.6 mill

Scarab21- 2.5 mill

Sakhmet Solitaire- 3 mill

Neggsweeper- 4 mill

Oops... at this point you are probably going to go NO WAY! But please hear me out a little more.

It is actually possible to get the trophies! I myself have recently achieved the meristones cumulative trophy and so has my friend. Thus, anything is possible as long as you persevere and put your heart into it.

Okay... so what happens next after you make up your mind to go for one? Well, first you have to do a little calculation. For example, if you plan to start for a meristones cumulative now [I highly recommend this as it is the easiest to achieve.], here's what you have to do.

Step One:

-Calculate your goal.

Be practical. As more than one person will go for the trophy, I suggest that you add about 100-200k more to your goal. For instance, say you are starting from scratch for meristones, aim for about 1.2 mill [No, it is still not considered a lot. You have to STOP thinking about it that way and be positive. lol].

-Now that you've calculated your main goal, try a test run for a day. Play the game for as long as you can and see how much score you get.

The objective is to see the average amount of points you can achieve in an hour and also to give you a rough estimate of the number of hours you play Neopets a day or week. That way, you can calculate the number of weeks it would take you to achieve that trophy.

This is an example of how much my friend and I calculated:

We get about 10-12k in meristones per hour and can play about 3-6 hours a day [depending on whether it is a weekday or weekend.]. After dividing the total score [it was 800k then] by the number of score per day, we could roughly get the trophy in 16 days [not that long after all eh?]. Oh course, in reality there are always complications like school and work and a million other things so we added another 5 days or so to the count. Viola! 21 days and a new trophy would appear! Of course all this calculating is easy... and it's not lie that there is lots of hard work to come.

Step Two:

-Since you are going to be spending an enormous amount of your time on that game, I suggest you read up about tips and tricks for that game. Fan sites usually have their help guides that can help you increase your game score.

Imagine you get 500+ per game instead of 300+. It would really make a difference in the long run so do try to improve your skills.

-Another thing you can do is get a friend to climb up that board with you. Encouraging each other does help make things less dreary and the fact that you would have someone online with you at the same time makes it go faster as you can chat while playing... etc.

A way to make things interesting is to reward each other as well. Racing up the board is fun and you could make a game like rewarding the first one to reach 400k or a trophy... etc. It doesn't have to be much- just a scratchcard or some food, but believe me it works once your competitive drive kicks in.

Step Three:

-This is the toughest part- Actually playing the game. All I can say is look to the future. Since you spend so much time in Neopets, doing it to achieve something rather than loiter around would feel good. Especially once the trophy arrives in your lookup. Try to surpass your target of the day. If you do this regularly enough, you might even finish faster and hence will have to achieve less score- Remember, cumulative trophy increases with time, so if you keep putting it off the target just gets higher. I have observed that the cumulative scores increase by about 100-200k a month! So isn't doing it sooner more worth it than later?

Even a little bit counts so scrimp and save up as much score as possible and in the long run you'll have an easier time.

If you get really depressed while playing, take a look at the high score board, once you are in the board, even playing ONE more game will increase your position. This is especially true when you are on the lower rungs. So instead of aiming for how much points you can get that day, aim for a position with that score and work towards it. Believe me you will feel much better as you can clearly see your improvement this way.

Thus, cumulative trophies aren't that scary at all. In fact, they are the trophies that ANYONE can achieve, even if you are hopeless at games. Yes, it may be a little depressing and boring at times, but just remember your final goal and work towards it. Do reverse psychology on yourself if it helps- tell yourself you already put in ***** score for the trophy and should not let that effort go to waste. Cumulative trophies are ultimately a fight against yourself, so prove that you’ve got what it takes to be strong!

Don’t let boredom defeat you! All you need is determination and some good moral support. So go for it and best of luck to all! Now for the more fun trophy…

Whack a Staff Member

This is one of my favorite games in Neopets -- not only is it good for making NPs *500-700 per game* but it’s pretty easy to get a high score too. Not to mention that the Donna Trophy looks cool in your lookup..;)

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get that cute trophy:

1. Play during the score reset.

On the first of every month the score reset means that you only need about approximately 1400 pts for the trophy. This is one of the easiest things to achieve.

2. Hit the GIRLS first.

Hehe, I agree with the Neopets team that girls should be worth more, especially since there are only 3 girls:

Donna- 12pts

Snowflake- 8pts

The-Shrugging-Baby-Voice-Girl*- 9pts.

Personally, Snowflake is my favorite staff member *both on and off the game*. She is the pretty lady in white that says things like *meow!* and *quit it!*. Although she is not worth as much as the other girls, I find that she appears the most, even in the lower levels. Since you need as much score as possible in the lower levels to get a high score, I HIGHLY recommend going after her first. Plus, the way she says things is kind of cute too. Lol.

2 of the guys are worth to hit:

Orkboss - 10pts

The-guy-whose-head-is-shaped-like-a-pear*- 6pts.

Don’t aim for the guys first, especially Adam. I know he appears the most *annoying sometimes* but DON’T go for him, esp when there are girls around. My brother, ongty, tried to play a game hitting only Adams… lol. I personally don’t think I should tell you the score he got. Remember, do hit the girls first. I know I’ve repeated this a zillion times but it is CRUCIAL that you train yourself to hit girls first. Just please don’t do it in real life. Lol.

3. Don’t hit the Neopets. It's a -10pt penalty.

With practice, you might go through the whole game at most hitting 2-3 Neopets only. This is the ideal situation you should achieve if you want that trophy. Remember, for every Neopet you hit, you have to hit an average of 3 staff members to make up for it. That wastes valuable time so it’s better to be selective beforehand rather than make up later.

4. Practice. It will definitely up your score.

I went from a mere 800 to 1500 score from practicing three times everyday for a month. Hehe, of course, I was also doing it for fun but still, you get my point.

5. Be calm.

Panicking will not get you anywhere, ESP on the higher levels. I know what it’s like to panic when you can’t hit anything but the trick is to stay in one spot and hit around that area. I personally prefer to stay in the foreground as the target is bigger but I recommend staying in the back as more people appear there. Practice will help you get use to the speed so you won’t panic.

6. Treat EVERY level like its level ten.

I’m not asking you go about hitting everything in sight, just be selective and fast, even at the lower levels. This will prepare you for later. Also, remember that you should NOT be hitting any Neopets in the lower levels. NOT AT ALL!

7. Don’t hit randomly hit everywhere and hope to hit something.

Even in higher levels this is not recommended because chances are you’ll end up hitting a Neopet rather than staff. Panicking does not help so just be calm and selective. Even if you don’t hit anything in the higher levels, at least you know you didn’t undo your work in the lower ones.

8. Be selective.

Practice will help best I say, be very careful what you hit. But not so careful that you get a lousy score. As I said, to get the balance right you just have to practice. Surely that’s not problem considering its once of the most fun games in Neopets. Leave your mallet in the centre of the screen if there is nobody appearing. I don’t think I have to explain why…

Overall, this is the scoring system:

J. Boogie, aka Jason.[the one in the red shirt]- 2pts

Adam, aka, Number Six [blue guy-you can’t miss him he appears most]- 3pts

El Picklesaur [crazy yellow bugger who thinks he’s a hero]- 4pts

The-guy-whose-head-is-shaped-like-a-pear*- 6pts.

Snowflake [pretty girl in the white dress]- 8pts

Penelope the Wadjet Trainer [the shrugging baby voice girl]- 9pts.

Orkboss [the big evil laugh guy]- 10pts

Donna [the blond]- 12pts

[*Sorry! I do not know the name of this person.]

Scoring aims.

You do not have to follow this scoring if you are playing for fun. But when you actually go for the trophy here’s what you should be getting per level.

Level One: Minimum of 145 pts.

Level Four: Minimum of 600pts.

Level Five: Minimum of 800pts.

Level Seven: 1200-1300 pts.

By the time you finish level 9 or 10, you should be able to get at least 1400 pts if you follow these aims. It is not impossible, even when I play for fun I achieve these aims two out of three times. All you have to do is keep practicing.

I hope my article helps you get these two trophies. Best of luck to all! Feel free to Neomail me if you have any questions. ~deke

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