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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 113 > New Series > Legend of Smellyworld: Part One

Legend of Smellyworld: Part One

by y_lime_

A beautiful island Kougra runs through the haunted woods as fast as she can. She dodges large trees, and then darts to the left. Still running, she looks back to see if her attacker is coming closer. -CRUNCH- She runs into a tree with her left side and loses balance, tumbling down the side of a hill and falling into a large area with tall dead grass. She lands on her side, breathing hard. "Keira," says a spooky voice from above her, "Why do you run from me?" She looked up, to see before her was -

     Keira the island Kougress opened her eyes. Standing above her was Darren, the Darigan Eyrie, "Geez, you would think that you were about to have a heart attack with that heavy breathin'. Seems like you had walked from camp last night and slept here." Keira yawns and stretches while getting up. "Just a bad dream," she said.

     "Again?" asked Darren. Keira gave no reply. Instead her attention was on the scar on her left arm.

     "When did I get this?" she mumbled.

     Darren took a look. "Looks like... bark from a tree?"

     Keira noticed slight pain in her left side also, could she really have been in the haunted woods? A handsome battle ready red Zafara sits under a palm tree overlooking the beach. He relaxes as the morning sun warms him. Keira and Darren come walking into the camp. "Morning Nick," said Keira. The Zafara turns his head toward camp and dips his head in greeting, "Anything new? What's that?" Nick was looking at the scar on Keira.

     "Oh that -- that's nothing. Can we go to the market place and get something for it? It stings a bit." They packed up camp and headed for Darren's apartment and the local market place.

     Nick sat on a bench under a short, big leafed palm tree awaiting Keira and Darren. Darren went to drop off the camping supplies at his apartment. He showed up moments later as the marketplace began to fill. Keira walked to where they were sitting a few minutes after Darren had arrived with a bandage around her left arm. "Hey guys! Have you seen that new Darigan Kougra look?" said Keira happily.

     They started talking and laughing like best friends would. Nick stands up and starts working on his battle moves with his rugged Zafara short sword, "I bet this can take down someone like Lord Darigan easily!"

     "Yeah right Nick, like that thing could take down an evil crazed king," said Darren laughing. Nick gave him a cold look.

     A blue Uni passes by right in front of them talking to her friend (another Uni) loudly, "…No, I'm going to Jellyworld in an hour."

     "Ha! Jellyworld? Do you really believe that?"

     "Of course! Honestly, do you think I'm crazy?"

     "What do you guys think about Jellyworld? It says in The Neopian Times that it's just a myth," said Keira. Nick twirls his sword around and tucks it safely into its leather pocket, "I think it's true. What do you say we find this Jellyworld and prove the NeoPets Team wrong?" The group agrees and plans for their journey to start tomorrow morning. After a long day at the beach and running around in the jungles, they decided to walk through town and see if anyone knows where they can find Jellyworld.

     No luck, yet. "Hey wait a sec, he might know something," said Darren, looking toward an old island native sitting outside his store. He appeared to be making a beaded necklace of some sort.

     Nick walks to the native and asks, "Excuse me, but do you happen to know directions to Jellyworld, sir?" The island native looked up at Nick as if he could tell everything about him right then and there, just by looking into his eyes.

     "Ah... yes. In fact, I do. I know of this Smellyworld you speak. I will tell you the legend... roughly two years ago I have heard of this. There was a generous royal family that lived on the 'other side of Neopia', an extended part of Mystery Island some say. Something very big had happened there and the land became smelly."

     "I don't want to know what that 'big' thing was," said Darren jokingly. Keira giggles while Nick tried to hold back a laugh.

     The native didn't understand the joke, but went on, "Go to Techo Mountain. There are passages inside. One, and only one leads to the great Smellyworld." He then began a poem; "It is blocked at day and open at night. Through the mist you will see such a sight. Open your eyes, so you can see. See that it is behind a tree."

     "Yeah. Thanks," Darren said then walked away with his group.

     Keira said, "Do you think it's true? Smellyworld, that is?"

     " 'Course not," said Nick. "Maybe if we find Smellyworld we can find Jellyworld. The poor guy has it all messed up."

* * *

Early morning the next day, they were ready to go. They grabbed their bags from their apartment and left for Techo Mountain. Finding Techo Mountain was rather easy, as it was a popular tourist attraction. The hard part was climbing it! Darren helped his friends up with a few stops on the way.

     Finally, they made it up to the top of the Techo head and decided to stop and gather their energy. Darren took his backpack and started digging around for food. He found one ummagine and held it up to check for damages. The wind blew strongly just then and Darren lost grip, "Oh, man!" The ummagine fell off the side of the mountain and he went after it.

     He caught the fruit just before it hit a rock near the bottom. He began flying up while eating. -SMACK- He had hit his head on some bamboo covering something and he once again lost grip of the fruit. This time, it had smashed on a rock. Darren on the other hand, was more interested in what he had hit. He noticed it was the bottom of the Techo's nose and out of curiosity, started to climb into one of the nostrils.

     "Hey, there are caves in here," said Darren to himself. He climbed out and flew up to meet his pals on the top of the Techo head. Nick was searching for the passage entrance and Keira was at the edge enjoying the view. Darren said, "Hey guys, I think I found the entrance." Nick and Keira followed Darren down to the Techo's nostril with the excitement of finding Jellyworld.

     "Up in here," said Darren, clinging on to the side of a rock. Nick climbed in.

     "HEY! I am NOT going in there! Don't you see those green plants...?!" Keira said disgusted.

     Darren shoved Keira in before climbing in himself. Once inside, they were shocked to find so many trails to go with. By sunset they were searching hopelessly for the right way to go. Most of the halls led to rooms filled with fruits, Gadsgadsbogen accessories, and such. "So, only one leads to the place we are looking for," said Nick. They had stopped to rest and eat in a circular like area.

     "It is blocked at day and open at night. Through the mist you will see such a sight. Open your eyes, so you can see. See that it is behind a tree," mumbled Nick. "What could this mean? A tree leaf covering a door? Hmm..."

     He began to look around for some sign of anything. He spotted Keira, whom was fast asleep. "Probably in a dream again," he said quietly to Darren, who was also looking at her.

     Keira knew this was a dream. It had to be. Or could it not be? If felt so real… she could feel the dirt in between her paws. It started where it left off, in the tall dead grass of the Haunted Woods. The only difference was she had a bandage wrapped around her left arm. She didn't even look up this time, but stayed low, while searching for a safer area. He was after her, an evil person she was so, so afraid of. Keira decided to make a run for it.

     She sped through the grass, into the forest, and into another tall grass filled meadow. She stopped, trying to focus her ears on any sound. Nothing but the dead grass swaying in the wind. She looked around. In the forest, a greyish shadow seemed to be running through the trees towards her. Then disappeared.

     She thought this was just her mind playing games on her. "Keira?" said a soft soothing voice. Could it be her mother? She had lost her parents a while back but has no memory of them. Yet this voice seemed so familiar.

     Ears perked up, Keira peered above the grass. "Mom?" Before she even had time to think, a dark grey shadow of what looked like a Faerie, rapidly jumped at her making a screeching noise and everything went dark.

To be continued…

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