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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 113 > Short Stories > Seaveil: Waves of Flight

Seaveil: Waves of Flight

by adoriblelapin

Luke Sky-Veil, or 'Seaveil', as he preferred, glanced at his torn wings and shrugged rather emotionless. He was a Shoyru, living in an area full of prissy and brainwashed Neopets, or at least, that was what he thought of this town. Seaveil lived in a place called Nuage, located at the peak of Faerieland. Practically every Neopet there was painted or born a graceful colour, including Faerie and Cloud.

     The Shoyru turned toward his aunt, Fyndoria, who was looking at him very critically.

     "Don't do that," she snapped at her nephew in her ironically graceful, song-like voice.

     "Do what?"

     "Manners, Luke. You are supposed to question, 'Pardon me, ma'am?' or 'Pardon me, Aunt Fyndoria III?' You see, unlike your wretched mother, I am a Fyndoria. Also, do stop slouching. What will the others think of me when they see you? Horribly raised you were, Luke," Fyndoria said with a sigh.

     Seaveil scowled. He disliked when anyone called him Luke, especially his aunt. He had been encouraging everyone to call him Seaveil since a few years beforehand. Unfortunately, his aunt Fyndoria had not yet grasped the clues he had been throwing right at her face for many years.

     Seaveil had small memories of his mother, barely remembering any of them. She had, as the rumours told, ran away to join a Dark Water Faerie. She came back once and a while to her hometown, but after a while, she had stopped visiting. The rumours said that the Dark Water Faerie had betrayed her and brought Seaveil's mother to torture, and many people believed this.

     He himself did not know whether he would believe such or a tale or not, but he would have much preferred to be raised by his mother instead of this critical oaf, Seaveil was more than sure. This was why he drew his breath and muttered, "I was nay horribly raised."

     "See that? That's a sign, right there, Luke. I pity that school of yours doesn't help much. Nothing does, of course, you stubborn child," Fyndoria commented, pacing around the room and flapping her wings boastfully. "As long as you pass that exam, you will be sent to a much better school, and hopefully a more strict one," she added.

     "Nay, I ain't," Seaveil burbled.

     "Excuse me, Luke?"

     "I said I ain't passin' that stupid exam, and I ain't gonna tolerate none of yer stupid criticism anymore!"

     Fyndoria furrowed her brows, and Seaveil knew he had angered her. It happened quite a lot, and he was hardly concerned whenever she opened her mouth widely to yell, but that was not the case at this moment. He was furious with her. He had had it, all her lectures and criticism. Could he not be whom he wanted? Could he not set his own goals?

     "You will..." Fyndoria hissed. "YOU WILL PASS THAT EXAM IF IT'S THE LAST THING YOU DO!"

     "I ain't!" snapped back Seaveil. "Ye know it well! I been telling ye for years and years, I ain't be one with the sky. I is of the sea, yet ye nay pay heed, ye be disregardin' all the facts!"

     "You will pass that exam!" Fyndoria screamed. "If you do not, I will throw you in Solnoir!"

     Seaveil gritted his teeth. Solnoir was a wrecked town, overlooked by many more richer Faerie cities. The buildings from the other towns cast shadows upon it, and many dark creatures roamed there, as was rumoured. But he didn't care; anywhere would be better than to live here with his aunt. "Fine!" Seaveil said, storming out of the door.

     Outside, the wind breezed past him. Seaveil folded his scruffy wings and hurried off, away from the house. After going a few paces, he stopped at a stone by a flowing river and sat down on it. Puffy clouds were packed beneath his feet and he kicked them loathingly. He would do almost anything to retreat from those clouds... almost anything. Yet he did not know why he had such a growing passion for the sea, water, and the flowing waves. Perhaps it had to do with his mother, but nobody had told him his mother had ever came near him at one point.

     "That was certainly some argument you had back there," a muffled voice said behind him. Seaveil turned around, only to see a Nuranna swimming in the river. He frowned as the PetPet continued, "You could at least fix up your grammar, you know. I mean, what kind of accent was that? If you want to head out to sea, an accent really isn't really necessary."

     Seaveil felt anger stir in side of him, yet it dissolved a moment later when he reminded himself he had been freed from the house.

     "What a cliché life you lead, however eventful it may be," the Nuranna said, changing the subject.

     Seaveil continued to frown. "I nay lead a cliché life."

     "You do."


     "You do."



     The Shoyru gritted his teeth and turned away. Clouds surrounded him as always, hovering in the bright blue sky above him. The Nuranna behind him splashed in the water of the river behind him and smiled. He swam a few small circles before sighing, "Fix up your grammar and I'll lead you to sea."


The next day, Seaveil reluctantly left for school. He stuffed his books in his backpack and hung it over his shoulder casually, ignoring the penetrating glare from his Aunt Fyndoria. He walked as slowly as he could to school, not wanting to meet anyone along the way there. Today was the day of the exam, and a few days after he and his aunt had argued.

     They had now grown a silent barrier between them. Fyndoria kept making signs of wanting to continue lecturing Seaveil, but he ignored her best he could and remained silent when she spoke. Everything she wanted to do was for her and her ruddy reputation, and that she showed in her lectures.

     Seaveil saw the school towering above him, but he made no sign of wanting to approach it. He did not quicken his pace, walking along silently, leaves crackling under his feet. At this moment, he stopped to ponder. Did Faerieland have trees? The Shoyru fluttered his wings curiously and peeked over the edge of a cloud. Down below, he spotted specks of green, brown, and blue. Perhaps the leaves made their way up to the clouds. Shrugging, Seaveil was about to turn around and continue walking, when something grabbed onto his backpack.

     "Gah!" Seaveil exclaimed, leaping backwards.

     "Hi, hi!" said a sweet voice. When the Shoyru turned around, he saw that it was only his classmate, Regraiy. The Faerie Moehog classmate flapped his wings and smiled at Seaveil. He then said, "Could I walk to school with you?"

     Regraiy happened to be the only Neopet Seaveil could ever talk to at school, mostly. The others usually backed away from him, glared at him, or taunted him. Regraiy talked to Seaveil, and the Shoyru was grateful for it. But most of the time (or rather, all of the time), Regraiy talked a little too much.

     This was why Seaveil hesitated before answering, "Y-yar... err, sure, I mean."

     "Coool!" said Regraiy exasperated. "So, are you excited about the exams that start today? Are you? Are you? Huh, Seaveil?"

     Regraiy was about the only person that called him Seaveil, and when he did, the Shoyru smiled. "Not really," Seaveil admitted, facing the ground.

     "Aww, why aren't you? It'll be really, really fun! We get to fly around all day, practice our Faerie Abilities, and we'll be singing! It'll be excellent. I'm sure of it, Seaveil! You're going to pass for sure, too, because you're so dedicating and things like that," Regraiy said very rapidly, without catching his breath.

     "Thanks," Seaveil said, walking along the path beside the hovering Moehog. He half expected Regraiy to snap at him and say that he shouldn't use such an informal word as 'thanks', but the Moehog was smiling at him, waiting for Seaveil to continue. "I nay really know, though. I think I'm more of the... non-flight type. I nay fly very well, yer know. I'm sure ye'll pass with ease."

     Regraiy smiled, and faced the Shoyru, starry-eyed. Staring at the Moehog's large, sparkling eyes made Seaveil jump.

     "Really? You think so? Maybe I'll be part of the council! Oh, that'd be sooo great. If I am, I'll make a section of the school for the non-flight type so that I could make more friends like you. Will you look at that? We've been talking so much and haven't been looking at where we're going -- we're here, Seaveil!"

     Seaveil's heart skipped a beat as the large, lofty building. The clouds around it were cleaned and gleamed in the sunlight. Students crowded around the entrance, as the clock tower rung its soft, ringing bell. Regraiy hurried ahead of Seaveil excitedly, thinking that the Shoyru would do the same. Seaveil, however, did not hurry. If he was late for the exam, would it give him an easier chance of failing?

     Seaveil looked around. Everyone was filing into the building gracefully, their wings flapping behind them. Clouds bounded toward the building, holding several Neopets, who also hurried into the academy. Seaveil watched them and stayed there, until he saw the distinct shape of a Faerie fly toward him and calling him.

     "Luke -- or Seaveil, rather. Please go inside."

     The Shoyru resisted the urge of saying 'aye', and hurried inside the building. He had never seen the Faerie in his life, and he did not know her. How did she know his name? It occurred to him that the Faeries watched Faerieland thoroughly, as he walked to his classroom.

     He seated himself in his regular seat, as his teacher took attendance. He was one of the last students on the list, and the teacher did not even turn her head when he came in. Seaveil sighed. Finally, his teacher called his name.

     "Arr, I'm here."


The exams were rather boring to Seaveil. Everyone else was very excited, anxious, and eager to do a task. The Faerie Council stood before them, marking their flight and song. Seaveil did not do well in neither of these, and he could see that all of the Faeries looked disappointed, but for the one who had told him to go inside the school earlier on in the day.

     Seaveil, however, was rather good at his Faerie Abilities. His flame, air, darkness, and earth abilities were below average, but he could see that many were impressed with his water and light. Seaveil was not surprised that his water abilities proved to be the best out of all of them, but he was shocked that he even could manage a single light ability.

     Finally, the final thing that they would have to do was a special task. It was a rather important one, and they did not discover what it was after their last task. The Faeries gathered and stood in front of their judging table, which was a puffy, yet sturdy, cloud.

     "The last task we shall ask of you is speech," said one of the Faeries. Her voice was incredibly graceful, soft, and melody-like. Everyone but the Faeries and Seaveil felt tranquillized by this.

     "This will determine your goals and your ability of making an amazing speech," said another. Her voice was rather more hoarse and the students snapped awake and aware. She smiled, and continued, "It is a very important part of your career."

     The other Faeries nodded. At last, the Faerie Seaveil had crossed earlier came forth and spoke.

     "You have all been an amazing bunch of students," she said, her melodic voice filling the air. Even Seaveil began to fall into a trance, now. "We, the Faeries, are all very impressed by your amazing abilities, songs, and flight. For this, we should congratulate you."

     The students smiled. Seaveil did not.

     "I," the Faerie continued, "am Shahallari, an Über Water Faerie, and the daughter of Shikariilari. It's a mouthful," she added, with a gentle smile. The others (the Faeries, students, and teachers) did not smile back. Shikariilari was the Dark Faerie rumoured to have betrayed Seaveil's mother. He winced. "As I was saying, you have all been a great bunch. Even if you did not do well on your other tasks, which does not refer to any of you, as far as I am aware, the speech is the most important test. You will be speaking one at a time, beginning with Group A."


While Seaveil waited, listening to the droning voice of the students, he found Regraiy by a small pond. He was talking to someone.

     "I'm going to give you wings and fly! Won't that be something, Ángel?" Regraiy giggled.

     It took a few seconds to realize that Regraiy was speaking to his PetPet, a Nuranna. The Nuranna, 'Ángel', rolled his eyes at the Shoyru. Seaveil recognized the Nuranna. He was the one from earlier -- Regraiy was his owner?

     "Hi," Seaveil said bluntly, stepping up toward Regraiy and his Nuranna.

     "Hello, hello, hi!" said Regraiy. "You did fantastic on your exams. I think you're going to pass!"

     The Nuranna rolled his eyes again. "You don't need to feel sympathetic, Regraiy," he said, but Regraiy did not hear him. Seaveil looked at the Nuranna.

     "Oh! That's my Nuranna, Ángel. Isn't he a charm? Mom figures I should get rid of him for a Faerie PetPet. I have a Faerie PetPet Paint Brush, and I've been trying to paint Ángel ever since I got him." Regraiy explained in his fast-speed speech.

     "You might as well put a big, fat, pink ribbon on me," the Nuranna retorted. Regraiy still did not hear the PetPet.

     "Ella Bellabell, Regraiy Joanhansen, and Jinger Ringer, please come to the podium and prepare to perform your speeches," came a loud, echoing voice.

     "That's me," Regraiy said. "Do me a favour and look after Ángel, please."


     When Regraiy hurried off, Seaveil turn to he Nuranna. He had a feeling this PetPet did not like being owned by a Moehog of that sort, but he did not feel very sympathetic for this rude and picky Nuranna.

     "So, have you fixed up your grammar yet?" asked the Nuranna curiously. "If not, then I'll wait. If you refuse to, I'll just choose someone else to replace you, Luke."

     "Arr, Ángel, I nay know," Seaveil shot back mockingly.

     The Nuranna glared at Seaveil, then laughed. "Call me Deague, Seaveil. You know what else? I think you should really try your hardest on that speech, because I believe there's something you really want to say out there."

     Seaveil raised his eyebrows. He had no idea what the Nuranna -- Deague -- was talking about. He heard a familiar squeak at the podium and recognized Regraiy's voice soon afterwards. BellaBellabellabella or whatever her name was must have made a quick speech, Seaveil noted as he struggled to listen at his friend's song-like voice.

     "H-hi," Regraiy began shortly. Immediately, Seaveil could see small figures of Faeries bending down to their papers and scribbling some notes on their paper. He saw that Shahallari took the least amount of time to write.

     Regraiy regained his confidence and continued, "I am Regaiy the Faerie Moehog! I really love living here and being a Faerie. I love all of my friends and my family and the puffy clouds and the brilliant wings and the soft wind and -- I love Nuage. It's a great place, really. And I'm sure a lot of you agree.

     "I've been living here for most of my lifetime, although visiting my relatives down at Solnoir. One day I hope to be part of the Faerie council and make Solnoir a beautiful place like Nuage with puffy clouds and give everyone brilliant wings and soft wind and a family and friends and make everyone a beautiful Faerie!"

     Seaveil turned toward Deague. He didn't know Regraiy had relatives in Solnoir, and he wondered if the Faeries liked his idea of raising the land. He also pondered if it was just his imagination that Regraiy said 'and' a million times in each sentence.

     "I've always wanted to be a teacher," Regaiy continued, "because I absolutely adore helping others! I love making friends and being a friend and knowing that I'm there for people and that I can make a difference in Neopia, Faerieland, or maybe just a little part of Nuage. It makes me feel really good! Maybe I could study water or light abilities and help everyone and be a healer! Or maybe I could sing beautiful songs to cheer everyone up or help them fall asleep at night. I want to be someone! I want to have a wonderful career and live up to my expectations! 'Verae! Ae! Verae!'" ('Free! Live! Free!')

     The percentage of listening students audience cheered, and the Faerie staff clapped politely, as Regraiy stepped off the stage and hurried back to Deague -- or Ángel, rather -- and Seaveil.

     "How did I do? How was I?" asked Regraiy excitedly, petting Deague, the Nuranna looking scornfully at his owner.

     "You were great," Seaveil said.


Seaveil felt very much like sleeping after most of the school had already piled up to the podium, said their speech, and hurried back down to talk to their friends. Regraiy was now getting very nervous, yet was excited and optimistic at the same time. Seaveil was almost up, and he waited for the people with last names beginning with 's', before realizing that they were not ordered in alphabetical order.

     "Luke 'Seaveil' Sky-Veil, Cherri Bomberry, and Helena Wrigley, please come to the podium and prepare to perform your speeches."

     Seaveil's heard skipped a beat. It was his turn, and he was the first of the three.

     The Shoyru walked to the podium, not in any hurry. He worked his way through the crowded yard, full of chattery students. Regraiy was flying behind him, holding Deague in his arms.

     Seaveil hopped onto the stage and looked down at the many students. He was very high up, the puffy clouds looking like mere pillows, and the students looking as small as bottled Faeries. Nobody, but the Faeries, Regraiy, and Deague turned to him when he stepped up onto the podium and cleared his throat.

     "A-arr..." he managed to mumble through his nervousness. The students talked on. "I be Seaveil the Shoyru, and I be har to make a speech for yer'all..." Seaveil trailed off, looking around. The Faeries and Regraiy did not appear to be hearing him.

     He cleared his voice again, before starting again. "Hi," he said, with more courage. "Hi." Seaveil looked at Deague, and remembered about his grammar.

     "I am Luke Sky-Veil -- or Seaveil, as I would much prefer. And --" Seaveil was stuck. He didn't know what to talk about. Then, he turned to Deague, who was gesturing for Seaveil to continue on. "-- I have a reason for having that name.

     "I've lived here for all of my life, or so I've been told. I don't know if that's the truth or not, because... I don't know why. I love the sea, the waves, the rain. I love water, the ocean, the tides..."

     "You're starting to sound like Regraiy," mouthed Deague from down below. Seaveil could, somehow, hear him clearly.

     "I mean -- I'm not exactly sure if you've all noticed, but my wings weren't exactly made for flight. They're torn, useless, nearly. I can hardly hover with them, and that's something we all learned to do when we first came to this school.

     "Nuage is a beautiful place," Seaveil said, "and I believe that this is a grand place for futures, opportunities. But everyone has a destiny, a thing they must do, a place they must be... and I believe that this place was not made for me."

     A few more students below were listening, and the teaching staff was now alert and attentive, although not listening as hard as Deague. But they were listening. Regraiy was nudging some of his friends to get them to listen, and for that, Seaveil smiled gratefully.

     "I belong in the sea, that is what I believe," Seaveil continued, forcing his voice not to crack, "and that is the place I must go. For we all have our destinies, our goals, our place. The sea is the place for me.

     "Although I do not know exactly why I am so intent to the sea, it just calls out to me. I'm sure many of your goals call out to you too, and by this time ours should have been set.

     "I have no intent of betraying our land and whatnot, but I will leave... someday. Perhaps even soon. I suppose this is more of a goodbye than a speech toward Nuage." Seaveil stopped. Regraiy was sniffing and getting more people to listen to Seaveil's speech. He was shocked when a second later, all eyes turned toward him.

     "I've enjoyed living here. I'd really like to thank Regraiy for being my friend. And... goodbye to you all for now, I guess."

     There was a pause after Seaveil's speech, when he stood at the podium, slowly turning away and tearing from the view of the crowd. He clambered down the stage's tall stairs and came down to meet Deague, who had escaped from Regraiy's grasp.

     Deague smiled broadly. "Are you ready, Seaveil?"

     "I was born ready."


The sea's water swept the ship toward the sea. Waves sloshed against the ship's sides gently, the sun shining brightly ahead. Seaveil leaned over the boat's edge and smiled. Behind him, Deague was watching the Shoyru intently.

     "What are you looking at?" Seaveil asked, although not demandingly. He did not turn away from the sea.

     Deague changed the subject. He hopped to the Shoyru, to the ledge of the ship. "You ought to thank me."


     "I told you about the speech thing, remember?"

     "I have no idea what you're talking about."

     Seaveil shielded his eyes with his hand, placing it horizontally on his forehead. Deague smiled, not at all blinking at the sun's blazing light.

     "Do you know what else?"

     "What?" Seaveil said, finally tearing his eyes from the beautiful scenery. The sun was setting, and the sky was turning a magenta colour. Around the sun was a soft ruby, surrounded by flakes of amber and gold.

     Deague flapped his blue tail idly. A playful smile came upon him, as he said, "You've fixed your grammar."

     "Wow." Seaveil rolled his eyes and returned to his colourful surroundings. "It's not the only thing I've fixed. My life's set out ahead of me now, clearly in view..."

     "Yeah? What's your goal?" Deague asked curiously, hopping from the edge of the ship to the deck.

     Seaveil grinned. "My goal? Find that out yourself..."

     The Shoyru walked across the deck to the stairs near the rear of the ship. "I'm going to get some rest," he told his Nuranna companion as he slipped down the stairs.

     Seaveil walked around the lower level of the rather crammed ship, stopping at the window and peeked outside of it.

     "Anything is possible out here," he whispered to himself. "Even my goals. Nobody's here to stop me from who I want to be, who I am, where I'm going to go -- I'm going to sail the world!" Seaveil slipped his head through the window, yelling, "Watch me!"

The End

A thank you to Oily106, Cap'n Tracypaper12, elizabeth_a_r_21, sol_luna_estrella, Teghan62, Shoyru_Lover91, and a_marie_n. I also thought I'd mention that I did not steal or get any ideas for Seaveil's true name. I only made the connection after I finished the story, when my heart was already set on the name 'Luke'.

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