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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 113 > Short Stories > The Weewoo of White

The Weewoo of White

by oily106

I was always alone, shunned for something I couldn't even see. But I see with clear eyes now. I was shown the truth -- and it was beautiful.


From the first moment, I crawled out the nest, bleary eyed, I was alone. I tried a cautious chirp then slumped back down. I knew others like me had been here a short while earlier -- their lingering warmth was trapped in the fibres of the nest. Petpets are very receptive to emotional and mental impressions, which is why they rarely speak. I felt only sadness -- others who should have waited for me were gone.

     I tumbled from my former home awkwardly. Weewoos move in a hopping gait, using their tail feathers for balance. Unfortunately, this makes them easy prey, as I soon found out. No wonder we're so rare. Hopping down the rocks, I narrowly escaped a large black shadow swooping over my head. I tweeted in alarm, diving under a rock overhang. A huge beak scraped under the edge, probing for me. I flattened my feathers and squeezed into the very back of the rock. Soon, the beak withdrew but I didn't leave until I heard the flap of its wings as it took off again.

     Breathing hard, my heart pounding in my head, I crawled out from underneath my rocky shelter. Keeping a close eye on the sky, I recommenced my hopping down to the slope. I wasn't heading in any particular direction: just searching for something to fill my emptiness. A companion. That's all Petpets want. Someone to be with, forever.

     I hopped until I came upon a pool of rainwater, formed amongst the rocks. I looked into it -- a small Weewoo looked back at me, brown feathers sleek against its body, curious eyes boring into mine. I smiled at my reflection and it smiled back. But I dipped in a paw to reach out to it and it fled, dispersed in ripples. It was not the companion I needed -- it was as insubstantial as the shadows in the rocks.

     I heard pawsteps on the rocks and wheeled around. The place was empty.

     "Wee woo?" I asked. My cry echoed around the rocks, its lonely refrain bouncing back at me. I huddled down. I was sick of being alone. A single tear rolled down my cheek. I lay back, surrounded only by craggy rocks and looked up to the sky. It was a dispiriting grey, heavy and oppressive. I sighed. Again, a pawstep sounded on the stones. I twirled around fast but there was nothing to greet me except more craggy rocks.

     Stop taunting me! I screamed inside my head, frustrated and fed up.

     Sorry, replied another voice.

     The voice sounding inside my head gave me such a shock that I took a step backwards. Pinwheeling desperately, I ended up on my back on the ground.

     Ow, I thought silently. I scrambled up to my feet again, clumsily.

     Who are you? I asked.


     I scanned the area carefully.

     There is no one here.

     That is me.


     I have no physical form, no body.

     My eyes widened in shock.

     How? I whispered, quietly.

     I dared to dream….

     The voice stilled.

     Wait! I cried out. But there was no reply. I was alone again.

     But I could wait. I would wait, forever if necessary. I stumbled over the rocks, finally reaching a small patch of grass. I snuggled up a hollow tree trunk. I longed for touch with that voice again but, widening my mental reach as much as possible, I could not find it. I slept. Petpets do not dream.

     The next morning was cold. I fluffed up my feathers and crawled from my bed. It took me a short while to adjust my eyes to the light -- a new dawn. I called out, softly.


     I felt a presence immediately, responding to me.

     What did you mean, that you dared to dream?

     I had picked up from the creature's mind that dreams were night images that came to you when you slept. Why would they be forbidden?

     I dared to think outside the box. But those inside the box condemned me for it.

     What are you? I questioned.

     But there was no reply, only a sense of lingering shame floating on the morning breeze. And then the voice was gone again.

     I spent the morning in mundane tasks, eating a few berries and sips of water. Exploring my environment, cautiously. I spent much time sitting, wondering. It was late evening when the voice came back. It did not speak to me as before but lead me to a patch of soft earth. A stick floated in the air and began scratching small pictures into the ground. A Weewoo; a curious gem; a crowd of other Weewoos, looking angry, and lastly, a picture that was hard to make out. It seemed to be of a Weewoo with outspread wings. I frowned in confusion.

     What? I asked.

     The stick swivelling in the air, pointing at each picture as the voice spoke soundlessly.

     Here is me, in my first form. This is the True Gem. These are those inside the box. This is me, in my last form.

     You are a Weewoo, too!

     I was a Weewoo. Not now.

     Tell me your story.

     There was a short pause then it began.

     I was a Weewoo, much like you. I lived with others but I was not the same. They knew - they left. Then, in my lonely wanderings, I came upon a gem. It was like a drop from the moon and shone with a pale white lustre. It was the True Gem. It has been through many hands, paws and claws in Neopia and it somehow ended up in mine. When I laid a claw upon it, I was transformed. It showed me my true self - a beautiful winged Weewoo. No longer clumsy, but graceful and elegant. But the others knew: they came back. I lost my newly discovered self. And so I have no form now - but I have a purpose.

     The Guardian of the True Gem.

     Those who are lost are guided by me. The True Gem will reveal the true self. They will be lost no more.

     It comes with a price -- stigma, discrimination, hatred. But you discover yourself and that is worth any price.


     Yes, I answered. Somewhere, there was a place for me. I must know it.

     When the moon rides high on the night, the True Gem will appear to you. When the True Gem is in its true form, I too can be. Otherwise, I remain a spirit, nothing more.

     I nodded, excited. The voice faded away.

     I could barely wait till all the light faded away and, so slowly, the moon inched nearer to its zenith. At the moment it was right above my head, a low note sounded. A haunting cry filled the still air.


     I looked up and saw a white figure step through the trees. It was the Weewoo. I saw it was a beautiful female, her white plumage dappled with tree shadows but her white feathery wings reflecting the pure moonlight. She stopped and at her feet, a pale gem appeared. It shone in the moonlight, pure white.

     She smiled at me and spoke, properly, a thing a Petpet rarely does.

     "This is the True Gem. Will you use it?"

     I breathed in deeply and bent down, touching my beak lightly to the gem. At once, a tingling filled my body. I blinked -- my sight seemed to grow clear. The night was no longer full of shadows, but filled with the light of the moon and the stars. I saw life everywhere I looked - I was not alone. I looked down at my own body and saw pure white feathers, in place of chocolate brown.

     "Thank you," I whispered. "Thank you for showing me the truth."

     "Good luck," she spoke back. "You have found yourself - you are a White Weewoo, with a heart as pure as your plumage."

     I nodded, tears shining in my eyes.

     "How can I ever repay you?"

     "See the world with open eyes. Do not judge on appearances. Be true to yourself, and those who are true to you."

     She smiled. "I found myself too. I know now that I am the Guardian of the True Gem. My life was destined to be one of spirits and no substance. Make yours full of life and laughter, my friend."

     And I bowed my head and vowed it would be so.

     She laughed, merrily, and dissipated back into the shadows.


And so, my life has always been blessed by the light. For I am a White Weewoo, and so I shall teach others the truth and how to see. I shall show them the path; it is up to them to walk it.

     I am not alone now…

The End

Dedicated to all those wanting a White Weewoo:
Linny (laurensama), who started it all off;

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