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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 112 > Continuing Series > All The Colours: Part Four

All The Colours: Part Four

by hot_pink_lizard

Chapter four - The Colour of Magic

Waterlily flung a vase at the wall.

     "LET ME OUT NOW!!!!"

     There was no response. She panted; selecting another expensive yet fragile object from the gaudily outfitted gothic bedroom Anuina had thrown her into. The door creaked open, and the Ixi took aim and threw with another yell.


     The door swung wide to reveal Nightwing, his usual inanimate self. The Shadowed Shoyru simply looked up and froze the glass in place, a blank expression still dominating. The article floated back to its original position while Nightwing shut and bolted the door.

     "I suggest that you stop throwing breakables," he murmured dispassionately. "Otherwise you shall merely wreck your room. You cannot get out, I cannot let you out, Deathstrike does not know how to let you out and Anuina will never let you out."

     Waterlily sank onto the bed. She was barely restraining herself from going completely mad with anger.

     "YOU killed my sister."

     "I did not. She is alive, and if your family has any strength in them, they will try to find you. Let us speak no more of this, Anuina will listen."

     The blue Ixi's eyes went wide as saucers. "You, you're trying to help me! You DO care."

     "I do not. I care about no one and nothing. Never forget that."

     "Yeah, right," Waterlily snorted, glaring at the Shoyru. "Why did you kidnap me, anyway?"

     "You have a powerful magical talent. Anuina plans to conquer all of Neopia, and she needs pets such as yourself to help her do it."

     Waterlily made a face. "And she actually thinks I'd help her? HA!"

     Nightwing shrugged, a huge display of emotion for the unfeeling Shoyru. Despite herself, Waterlily was curious about the pet. Something about him was very intriguing.

     "Hey, what are you and that Uni, what's-her-name, doing here, anyway?"

     He stared at the carpet for several minutes, before answering.

     "Let me tell you a story, Waterlily. Once upon a time, there were two pets. Their owner abandoned them, simply left them in the house and walked away. He never came back. Eventually, the pets managed to break out of their cottage, but they had no way of getting food or water.

     "Eventually, they began to learn. They became thieves. At first, they restricted their efforts to pick pocketing and other small crimes, but soon the pair was snatching sizeable treasures from powerful households. With their slowly growing talents, they came to the attention of a Faerie.

     "She was the Uber Light Faerie, cast down from Faerieland for challenging the rule of Queen Fyora. Although most of her power had been warped, she was still strong. The pets were given the change to join her and receive extraordinary power. What would you have done?"

     Waterlily gaped as Nightwing turned, walking to the door without a backwards glance. Just as the Shoyru was leaving, she blurted out.

     "But you don't have to help her! When my owner comes, you can…"

     "Oh no, Waterlily." Turning back, Nightwing actually gave her a small, grim smile. "I like my position here. You, however, must be freed. I cannot tolerate competition, and when your owner destroys Anuina, I will be able to take over, with considerably more efficiency. Deathstrike is loyal, but her first priority is myself. Are sisters not wonderful?"

     Practically smirking, the Shadowed Shoyru left. It took Waterlily a few minutes to recover the power of speech.

     "Well, shut my mouth. You try and help someone and they go all evil on you."

* * * * *

A few hours later, the door opened again, this time admitting a Fire coloured Uni. Deathstrike gave her a small, half frightened smile, then put a tray of food down on the table. Waterlily ignored her.

     "This is for you." Her voice was surprisingly gentle, although there was an edge to it, more tearful than strict. "You better eat, or Anuina will…"

     "I don't care what Anuina will do," snapped Waterlily, burrowing under the bedclothes. "I want to go home. I want my owner back. I want my two little sisters and my little brother. I want to curl up on the couch with a cup of Snowberry Tea and a slice of Sour Melon Pie and listen to Hina talking Chrissy out of making him clean his room and fall asleep and get carried up to bed…" Taking a deep breath, she finished on a wail. "I WANT TO GO HOME!!!!!!"

     Deathstrike looked slightly upset, her attempt at being simply dumb muscle slipping. She patted Waterlily's shoulder affectionately.

     "It's not so bad. I was the same. You'll get over it eventually, and I bet you'll like it here. Anuina isn't that bad, and Nightwing is alright… he's a bit evil sometimes, and pretty blank most of the time, but he is… he USED to be quite nice."

     "Used to be." Waterlily stuck her head out. "Used to be."

     "Hey, he's my brother…"

     "Forget about Nightwing." The Ixi dove back under the covers. "He doesn't give two Neopoints what happens to you, he just expects you to follow orders. The moment you start thinking for yourself he'll ditch you."

     "That's not true!" The Uni seemed distraught, glancing around the room as if she expected her brother to step out from the shadows at any moment. "He does care. He saved my life, even if… well, he got us this nice place with Anuina, which isn't so bad, really…"

     "Yeah, yeah. Easy to see he's masterminding the whole thing, isn't it?" Waterlily sneered. Panicking, Deathstrike wheeled around and clattered towards the door.

     "I don't have to listen to this! You're wrong!"

     Sliding onto the floor, Waterlily opened her mouth to add a sharp retort, then thought better of it. As a parting comment, she called out. "Hey, Uni! What's your name?"

     "Fabi-, err, Deathstrike!" The door slammed shut behind her, and Waterlily was left all along for the second time that day.

     A lonely cry sounded outside the window, a soul-rending howl from the throat of an eternally restless and helpless beast. Funny, Waterlily thought, I know exactly how it feels.

To be continued...

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