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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 110 > Continuing Series > Living In The Shadow 2: The Lost Faerie -- Part Six

Living In The Shadow 2: The Lost Faerie -- Part Six

by frostedfalcon

"Jennumara, I have freed you from your cage!" Jenifyuri bowed down as the figure grew larger.

     "Hate to break it to you but you haven't!" Baelia appeared in front of Jenifyuri with all the faeries as well as Mikey, Sari, Dae, Lae, Merlina, Kaweo and Toby.

     "Get them!" Jenifyuri pointed and her guards ran after the Faeries, leaving Mikey, Sari and the pets.

     "Now Tavi!" Mikey raced to Tavi who pulled out the real orb, he picked it up and smashed it on the floor, the colours swirled around and raced into each Faerie. Their powers were back! Wings grew on their backs and they were lifted into the air, their wands reappeared but it didn't stop there… every Faerie darted off in a colour and down from the sky appeared one Faerie, it was a mix of every colour, every Faerie!

     "You will join Jennumara now Jenifyuri for your crimes, you shall never again see the light of Neopia, you shall never again use your powers to threaten the lives of Neopets and the humans that care for them!" The Faerie placed their wand on the cloud where the fake orb was and a portal opened sucking in Jenifyuri, she screamed as she was taken from this land, to a void, a void of nothingness where she was doomed to spend all eternity.

     "Faerie, what about Neopia?" DeepMirage looked down from the cloud at the ruins of the land.

     "It will be restored!" The Faerie picked up her wand and flew up into the air, she swirled around causing all the colours to shine from her, Neopia spun under her, slowly everything was restored, Faerieland raised up into the air, the city was rebuilt, all the clouds of Faerieland came back, the castle floated from the ground back to where it belonged, all the lands grew back from rubble, the fires were out, all the shadows disappeared from the pets into the air and then up into the Faerie, then the pets started moving back to where they were before everything had happened, back to where they were seven months ago. The Faerie stopped swirling and all the uber faeries floated back down to Faerieland

     "You shall not remember this time, only we will, but as a reminder we give you these!" Fyora held out seven orbs, each with a different colour held inside.

     "Oooh pretty, what is it?" Merlina looked at the object in her hand.

     "It is an orb of power, it contains the power of a Faerie that has passed from this land, it will serve as a guide to you, a guide that will keep away evil in all its forms and should evil get to you it will fill you with the power and the courage to destroy it!" Fyora smiled and floated into the air with the other faeries.

     "Wait!" Mikey shouted up and Fyora stopped in her tracks.

     "What?" She floated back down to where she had been stood.

     "What happened to Jenifyuri and the shadows?"

     "Jenifyuri has been imprisoned in a void, there is nothing there other than Jennumara, the other evil Faerie that Jenifyuri was working for. There is no worse punishment for Jenifyuri, Jennumara will be furious at her for all eternity, and believe me a furious Faerie isn't a very nice Faerie!" Fyora laughed and floated back up with the faeries, they combined again and spun Neopia around, everyone moved slowly back through where they had been for the past seven months until they were back to where it all started…


"Get me that torch!" Dae stuck his head into the space and reached out for the torch, Fang ran over with it and handed it to him. Dae turned it on and shone it around the hole, it was no longer a hole, it was a corridor. The light appeared to be coming from an opening at the end of it. Dae put his paw on the floor in front of him to test whether it was sturdy, he decided it was and ventured inside…

     "Dae, dinner!" Mikey knocked on the basement door. "What's taking him so long? Toby go down and get your brother!" Mikey had decided long ago that it was best to leave the inhabitants of the basement to go into it, after a near miss with a lab ray Dae had been experimenting on he thought it was best, too.

     "Dae?" Toby looked around the room and focused on the opening in the wall. "Dae?" Tobieras examined the opening again, he wondered whether or not Dae had gone into it, but why would he, the opening where they hid everything was next to it. Tobieras watched in amazement as the clouds on the surrounding walls filled in the gap, if Dae was in there he was staying in there. "Mikey, you need to come down here quick!" Toby ran to the staircase and yelled up, his eyes still fixed on the wall. Mikey, Merlina and Kaweo all ran down the stairs and looked at Toby.

     "Tobieras?" Mikey saw he was staring at the wall and walked over to it and put his hand on the wall. It swung inward revealing the opening again, he placed his foot inside and placed it down…

     "BOO!" Dae jumped out of the opening and smiled. "Got ya!" he laughed and climbed out of the opening.

     "Dae!" Mikey got angry, yet again Dae hadn't learnt a lesson. Every time he was shouted at he thought it was one big joke!

     "I'm sorry Merlina, here's your doll fixed!" Dae handed his sister a yellow Poogle toy with sticking around the areas where the stuffing had been coming out, Merlina picked up the toy from Dae's paws and looked at it.

     "Thank you!" She hugged him with a look of disgust on her face, "Eww you're a stinky boy you smell like you haven't had a wash for seven months!" Merlina stepped back and an argument started between the four pets.

     Mikey sighed and left the basement. He walked over to the fireplace, on top of it rested five balls, each a different colour. Where did they come from? Mikey picked up a blue one and for a split second he was gone, memories flooded back to him of the seven months that were ahead of them, and then he got to the end, the Faerie sending Neopia back to how it was and it became clear to Mikey what the balls were. He smiled as he placed the orb back on the fireplace. "Dinner!" Mikey shouted down into the basement where the occasional "I hate you!" and "Give it back!" could be heard, he laughed as he sat down at the table, good old times.


Sixty years passed and eventually Mikey, Merlina, Toby and Kaweo passed from Neopia, DeepMirage was left alone in his eternal life. He moved to live with the faeries deciding it was too hard for him to live in the home where his family had lived. It was nice with Faeries, he had his own tower of the castle and was treated like a hero, because after defeating the shadow Usul he was. He of course didn't remember Jenifyuri and the shadows, he only remembered the Usul. Mikey had never spoken of what happened when he picked up his orb, he kept it hidden, because that's what Fyora and the other faeries had tried to do. Mikey had tried to tell Dae before he left but something stopped him, instead he told Dae to find a new owner and a nice family and to keep doing that, but Dae couldn't, he couldn't find another family like that one, he didn't want to grow so close to another human that it hurt him every time he thought about them not being there, he didn't want to pretend to be a youthful pet because he wasn't, he was old and would stay old for all eternity.

     Dae wanted to remember his family and he kept a box of their possessions to do this. He opened the box and looked inside. He pulled out a yellow Poogle toy and hugged it, the objects helped him remember the good times, this was to remember Merlina, he then pulled out a small metal Kougra, this was to remember Toby. He then took out a baby paint brush with one drop of the baby colour left on, he laughed as he remembered the blue patch on Kaweo that had not been covered with the paint brush. He then pulled out a shoe, Mikey's shoe, he laughed at the time he ran away with it when it was just those two. He then got to the orbs that Fyora had given them, each one still glowed but his glowed an unusual colour now, purple!

     He picked up the family photo that lay on the bottom on the box. Mikey was standing in the middle hugging Kaweo, who had a Wadjet wrapped on his head, Merlina was hovering in the air with a white Noil in her hands, Toby was on one side of Mikey holding a robot buzzer in his hands and Dae was on the other side of Mikey holding Fang in his hands. He smiled at the photo and placed it on the floor with the orb. He decided he was seeing things when he thought the orb glowed purple, he was an old pet after all. He shut the box again and placed it under his bed, not knowing that the eyes in the picture, his eyes in the picture started glowing purple…

The End

Authors Note: Neomails will be replied to ASAP, although I cannot promise anything.

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