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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 110 > Continuing Series > Thief: Part Five

Thief: Part Five

by _joleveeflareporeon


At the beginning we got you thinking this was an action story, right? ... Well as long as you stuck around to get past the less interesting introduction, you're about to get what you came for! ... In the next couple of chapters Viper will be entered in the battle tournament of his life... It leads to many parts of this story if you think about it after you finish reading this tale... Perhaps if it hadn't started raining one day I would not even be telling you this...

Chapter V-The Battledome Tournament

The maroon office chair rocked back and forth impatiently though the chief commander still could not be seen. All of the lights in the office were out, and the many monitors that now showed all of the many hallways of the building provided the only light. The boss's raspy growl came from the other side of the chair. He had not heard any news from his hit men and assumed that his betrayer was still alive.

     Three more days, thought the commander angrily; till your DEADline.

* * *

Viper sighed as he watched two streams of water race each other down the window. Just as one of them settled on the windowsill the rumble of thunder shook through the shack, closely followed by the flash of lightning. The bolt resembled the one that ran down Einstein's face. Yep, you guessed it. It was raining again. Looking away from the window, Viper slid off the back of the couch and lay down backwards on it, letting his head and forepaws dangle over the edge. Through his upside-down vision, he could see Einstein sitting at the island, typing away on his silver laptop. Raven was at the Giant Omelette, attempting to sneak more than one piece. Viper knew she wasn't going to succeed but encouraged her nevertheless. And now, he was bored three-quarters and a half to death.

     Without warning, the door slammed as Raven ran in drenched. Einstein quit typing and Viper nearly slipped off the couch. To both of their surprise Raven had indeed two pieces of Omelette in her hand. Viper propped himself upright on the couch and shook himself.

     "See," panted Raven, "I did it! I got two pieces!"

     "But what about Sabre-X?" asked Einstein.

     "You're smart. You should be able to figure that out." It was true. Since they had 'rescued' him two days before, she and Viper had found out that he was like a walking encyclopaedia, always telling them random facts about this and that.

     "No, I want a real answer. You didn't do anything illegal, did you?"

     Both Viper and Raven laughed. X24 was definitely playing dumb. "It's illegal to take more than one piece of Omelette so yeah, basically I did break the rules a little. But as for Sabre-X, I just took it while he was badgering someone else, so he didn't notice." Raven threw an Omelette to Viper and the other to the little Eyrie. "Bon appetite!"

     Viper began to nibble the corner of his Omelette and he suddenly remembered his boredom. Instead of complaining right away, he decided not to spoil his perfectly good meal and finished it first. When he was done his last bite, he whined, "I'm bo-ored!"

     Raven narrowed her eyes at the mutant. "You haven't been here a week, and you're already bored?" He innocently nodded his head and made cute puppy eyes. "Oh, fine! Just let me think here... Oh! I know what you could do! This afternoon there's a tourney going on at the Battledome; we could go see if your stats are really that good! Grand prize is thirty K!"

     At this, Einstein slammed his laptop shut and leapt off the stool. "Strategy-man at your service!" shouted the little Eyrie, rushing to the rotting wooden door.

     Viper cocked his head as he went over to the door. "I thought you hated doing that."

     "Nu-uh. I love planning strategies. It's just the ones that I was planning the strategies for that I hated."

* * *

Fifteen minutes later, they arrived, once again soaked, at the Battledome. The line to sign up for the tourney was extremely long and Viper and Raven were thankfully near the front, but they had been there for nearly half an hour.

     Einstein was studying a poster on the opposite wall that showed all of the entrees and their stats. The list was actually a large plasma screen and every time someone new signed up, his or her name and stats would appear on the screen, under the proper category, of course. There were five categories that were divided not by level, but by HP, as there were so many lab rats in the competition. The first was 25 HP and under; the second was 26 to 50 HP; the third was 51 to 100 HP; the fourth was 101 to 500 HP, and finally, 501 HP and up. So far, Class One was the-25 HP and under-was the fullest. But Class One wasn't Viper's problem; it was Class Three that he'd have to worry about. Einstein counted eleven contestants on the list but a few minutes later a twelfth was added. At the moment, the strongest pet on the Class Three list was a red Kougra named DrakenFireXL who had exactly 100 Health Points. All of his other stats were better than Viper's as well.

     Einstein opened his laptop and began copying the Class Three chart down. Just then Viper's name appeared on the list-lucky thirteen (NOT!). Not long after a shadow fell across Einstein's electric coat and silver laptop. He turned around to face his owner and brother. Well, actually, just his owner. His brother was off a ways away, attempting to sharpen his fairly dull claws by slashing them against a stone pillar. Raven had managed to scavenge several Ubikiberry Elixirs and Juicy Elixirs, but that was it, so his claws and teeth were his only arms.

     "Who is Viper's first opponent?" asked the little Eyrie.


     "Blade?" completed the genius Neopet. Raven nodded. "Okay, Dread Blade... Dread Blade..." muttered the electric Eyrie as he searched the list. "Okay, got it. She is a blue Jetsam with 62 HP, and her owner is Wall-Climber."

     Before Raven could respond to that, the speakers that lined the domed roof began emitting weird crackling noises. "Will all contestants please proceed to the stadium? The First Class battles are about to begin!" shouted an enthusiastic voice that echoed through the room. As soon as that was said the large mob of people and Neopets began to stampede to the main Dome. Out of fear that it was going to get trampled, Einstein shoved his expensive laptop into Raven's black backpack before joining the horde in the race to get the best seats.

     After a bit of pushing and shoving, the trio managed to snag themselves some excellent seats right at the front. They settled in and prepared to witness Class One do their stuff. In the First Class there were thirty- four contestants. The whole thing lasted about an hour and a half, and in the end, Wingsablaze the fire Eyrie went home victor; second place went to Miflenoid the blue Elephante; and third went to Argon the glowing Wocky. After the prizes were handed out, Class Two began their fights. The Second Class had twenty-eight participants. Even though Class Two had fewer contestants, the battles were more brutal than Class One, so it lasted about an hour and a half as well. Gimli the green Techo won the thirty grand; Elven-Warrior the Christmas Zafara got second prize; and Sirius the shadow Lupe came in third.

     Viper gulped and made his way to the waiting area, as he knew that the Class Three battles were about to begin. Immediately after he left his front-row seat, an owner jumped into it from three rows back. His name was Wall-Climber.

     The mutant padded over to a computerised chart on the far wall of the waiting room. There were now sixteen contestants. The battles were organised to be first-round elimination, meaning that when you lost your first life it'd be game over for you.

     Behind Viper were fourteen of the sixteen Neopets. They watched as EvilTwin the Halloween Ixi and WolverineX2 the silver Gelert's names lit up, indicating that the fight had begun. Several minutes later, skull-and-crossbones appeared on EvilTwin's name. He had lost. Over the twenty minutes, Celton lost to Jester; Legolas defeated Turmoil-Aisha; DrakenFireXL just creamed SatansLittleHelper; Aragorn beat Bonjo; and finally, Kar beat Shelly.

     Viper took a deep breath and made his way into the arena. As he did so, he realised that his legs were shaking badly. He tried to calm himself down and began nervously looking about himself. At the opposite side of the round arena was Dread Blade, her piercing eyes glaring right at Viper. Around him the stadium lights blazed brighter than snow on a sunny day, and there was not one unoccupied seat. Viper gulped. What am I doing here? I can't even remember how to fight!

     Suddenly, he started as he heard a voice behind him. The tense Lupe spun around towards the door from which he had entered to room. Beside the door, in the front row of seats, sat Einstein and Raven. He padded over to the hedge and stood on his hind legs to get a clear view of Einstein's laptop, which sat open on his lap. Right now there was a slowly rotating, 3-D image of Dread Blade on the screen with a list of stats beside it.

     "Nervous?" asked Raven.

     "No way! Not at all!" Viper's tone was just dripping in sarcasm. No, wait! There was so much sarcasm in it that someone probably could have drowned in the stuff! His owner and brother glared at him, making him lower his voice to a whisper. "Terrified."

     "It's okay, nothing serious can happen in a Battledome match," assured RavynnWolfe.

     Starting to feel slightly embarrassed, the mutant decided to change the subject. He nudged the laptop with his scarred muzzle. "Whatcha got?"

     "Okay, here's what I've got so far," muttered Einstein, making sure that Wall-Climber couldn't overhear. "She uses a Sinsis Sword. The Sinsis Sword is a single-handed weapon, and Dread Blade is right handed, er, flippered. So..."

     "Attack from the left?" guessed Viper.

     "Yep. Now go get 'em, tiger!" Viper nodded, jumped down from the fence, and faced his opponent.

     Dread Blade immediately pulled a sword out of a scabbard that she wore on her back. Viper snarled and lunged, not at her, but just to her left. Caught by surprise, the Jetsam had trouble getting around in time. She swung at him, but it just barely nicked to underside of his jaw as he leapt at her. The leap hit its target and sent Dread Blade and the Sinsis Sword flying. They landed about seven feet away with a clank as the sword hit the cement floor. Viper began padding up to the blue Jetsam that lay on her back on the floor, but as he neared her, she grabbed the blade beside her and swung upwards. Luckily, the blade simply hit the metal plate that bound Viper's injured shoulder and bounced off with an ear-splitting CLANK! Viper winced as his shoulder exploded with pain but he held his ground. He stood over Dread Blade whose eyes were strangely clouded.

     On Einstein's computer monitor, where it said 'HP', it now read: 2/62 HP.

     Viper took a final look at the Jetsam before raising a paw and bringing it down on her head. She blacked out immediately.

To be continued...

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