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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 110 > Continuing Series > Small Spell, Big Trouble: Part Two

Small Spell, Big Trouble: Part Two

by sirsquire01

Faerie Palace, Faerieland
Point of View: Owners

"I have to see the Faerie Queen. All the pets on my street disappeared!" sirSquire panted to the guard. He had run all the way from Neopia Central to the Faerie Palace, and it was almost noon.

     "Queen Fyora has already received word of this problem which seems to be occurring across all Neopia. She is doing all she can and any interruptions will only slow the process of correction." The guard sounded as though this was a standard thing to say, and was rather bored of saying it.

     "It's all right, Hannah, let the him in," said someone from behind the guard.

     Hannah turned around to see who had ordered her aside, and was shocked (although not as much as sirSquire) to see Fyora herself standing there.

     "Your highness..." murmured Hannah the guard, curtseying.

     SirSquire bowed respectfully.

     "Come. I sense the magic within you," commanded the Queen, turning and walking back into the palace.

     Wondering vaguely if she meant that he was going to turn into some super-powered hero and defeat an ancient evil, sirSquire followed her in.*

     I've been reading The Neopian Times too much, he thought to himself.

Outside the Healing Springs, Faerieland
Point of View: Pets

As Fyora, Queen of the Faeries was letting her owner in, Serennaa stared at the cloud ahead. Unlike the others, it was a dark purple, with a whirlpool in the center puffing out green smoke every so often. She could tell something was wrong. Besides having been turned purple by becoming the headquarters of an evil Faerie, a bubble that looked like glass surrounded it. Black smoke swirled as part of the bubble. Within there was Jhudora. Within there was the thing that had taken her owner and her brother.

     "Jhudora, I'm gonna --" Serennaa whirled around to see a blue Meerca glaring at Jhudora's cloud as well, muttering under her breath.

     "Is your owner gone, too?" Serennaa asked.

     The Meerca looked at her. "And my brother. Yellow Mynci named 14265, katrika adopted him from the pound. I'm Meeki, by the way. Meeki137. She held out her paw, and Serennaa shook it. "This is Reexam." Serennaa noticed a small yellow JubJub behind Meeki.

     "My owner, Reexam_aragiR, disappeared last night, along with my sister Rigara."

     Serennaa nodded. "So we were the only ones brave enough to come here and defeat Jhudora."

     "My friend said I was the only one on our street stupid enough to come, but you have to wonder if there's any difference," smiled Meeki.

     Serennaa grinned, then frowned as she remembered why she had decided to come. "Whatever took our owners took my brother, too."

     Meeki nodded sadly. "And my brother. And Reexam's sister. You think that we're the only ones who came here because we're the only ones who lost a brother or sister besides our owners?"

     "That makes sense, we're more angry at Fyora than anyone else, so we come," said Reexam.

     They stared at the cloud a moment more.

     "Well, we'd better get going if we want to rescue everyone." Serennaa marched forward to the magical bubble.

Faerie Palace, Faerieland
Point of View: Owners

Queen Fyora led sirSquire through so many rooms he lost count, but he got to forty-seven corners turned before he did. This must be that white thing in front of the Faerie Palace, he thought. They went down a staircase, and suddenly everything was white and fluffy. They were inside the cloud that made up Faerieland itself.

     The two came to a cloud door guarded by two Fire Faeries. Fyora turned to one.

     "Summon the Faeries. Emergency meeting." The guard nodded and fled, following the Queen's command.

     The other guard nodded two the pair, and the door dissolved. sirSquire tried not to stare at it like he'd never seen it happen before. Inside the cloud room was a giant square table, surrounded by about twenty cloud chairs.

     "Please, sit," said the Faerie Queen, gesturing to a chair. As sirSquire got close to it, it pushed itself away from the table like it was smoke billowing on the wind. He raised his eyebrows, and sat down rather slowly, making sure it would actually support his weight. It did, and as soon as he was settled, it blew itself and sirSquire in.

     "Cloud-runner," Fyora ordered, looking at the table. Out of it rose a bit of cloud that formed into a ball, then a roughly Faerie-like shape, about as large as a bottled Faerie "Fetch the pets from their rooms. Tell them they must come now, all the faeries will be here soon and they wouldn't want to keep them waiting, now would they?" The Faerie-cloud nodded, then turned into a ball again, and dissolved into the ceiling.

     There was a pause.

     "So, sirSquire, I believe I owe you an explanation."

Jhudora's Cloud, Faerieland
Point of View: Pets

The trio of pets stared at the thing.

     "What do you think it is?" Meeki wondered aloud.

     "It might be some sort of shield to keep us from coming in and finding out what happened," suggested Serennaa. "Maybe even one of those things that hurts you if you touch it..."

     They were standing in front of the magic shield.

     Reexam pulled out a Green Apple. "Stand back," he said, and tossed it at the magic barrier. It bounced off harmlessly.

     "Well, it doesn't look like anything that'll make you a slave of the shadows..." muttered Serennaa.*

     Meeki balanced on her tail, and beat her head against the shield in frustration.

     She passed right through.

     There was a moment of silent thinking. What was Meeki that Reexam's Apple wasn't? Meeki mouthed something.

     "What?" asked Reexam.

     Meeki paused, and poked her head through the shield. "Maybe only Neopets can pass through."

     "That would explain why we couldn't hear you through the shield, the air particles couldn't carry the sound through," thought Serennaa.

     Meeki nodded. "Come on."

     Serennaa and Reexam hesitated, and walked through the shield also. Inside, the light was dimmed, partly blocked out by the black smoke in the shield.

     Serennaa gestured towards the portal. "Think this is the way into Jhudora's headquarters?"

Emergency Meeting Chamber, Faerie Palace, Faerieland
Point of View: Owners

"Do you know what's going on?" Fyora asked.

     "Wild guess... I can turn into a Neopet, so I need to become the Essence of Neopia and defeat the source of evil shadows?" sirSquire suggested.*

     The Faerie Queen smiled. "No, actually, but you do need to help save Neopia."

     The cloud door dissolved, letting through the cloud-ball that Queen Fyora had sent for the pets. It turned into a cloud-Faerie again, and gestured to the chairs next to sirSquire. "Please, sit down."

     SirSquire was confused; the cloud-Faerie was talking as though the pets were right there, in the room, but... there were none. Suddenly three of the chairs on his side of the table blew out. A pause, and they billowed back in, only partway - they stopped when they were about even with sirSquire's chair, so that someone sitting in them wouldn't squish into the table.

     A few moments of silence.

     Fyora looked at something, or someone, behind sirSquire, smiled, and said, "Because that chair is occupied by your owner, Dany. Try the one down by 14265."

     SirSquire looked down the row of chairs. The one just past the ones already out billowed, paused, and went part way back in. He looked at the Queen, confused, and asked, "You've seen Dany? Is he okay? Where..." Fyora smiled, and he stopped.

     "Dany is to your right, at the end of the row of pets." She turned to one of the empty chairs. "I'm talking to sirSquire01, who is Dany's owner. I suppose I should explain this to all of you.

     "Jhudora, for reasons of her own, tried to curse an owner and her pet. We think that one of them tried to stop the potion from working by adding something. Unfortunately, whoever did it didn't know her potions. The new potion was much stronger. The thing that got added mixed with something already in the potion to release a surge of pure magic. The explosion formed a bubble around Jhudora's Cloud, through which nothing can pass. The curse hit, not one owner and one pet, but all owners and pets in Neopia."

     A pause; Queen Fyora looked at one of the empty chairs.

     "The curse was that no owner could hear, see, or touch any pet, and no pet could hear, see or touch any owner. Faeries, being neither owner nor pet, are immune to the curse. Thus, we can hear, see, and touch any owner or pet. In this seat -" she gestured toward sirSquire, "- is sirSquire01, Dany's owner. To your right, sirSquire, sit Rigara, 4_ears4444, 14265, and your own pet, Dany770. Unlike what you may have thought, all the pets - or owners - did not disappear, they simply became invisible, silent, and insubstantial to you."

     So that was why everyone acted as though there were pets in the chairs - there really were!

     "The shockwave of magic from the curse formed into four clumps, which landed in four pets, the four pets sitting here."

     Another pause; sirSquire guessed there would have been excited murmurs, if he had been able to hear the pets.

     "One clump, however, split into two before it landed. One part landed in Dany. The second part landed in you, sirSquire.

     "I said before that nothing could pass through the shield that formed around Jhudora's Cloud. That is not entirely true. Only those with this magic can pass through the shield. And only the magic of the curse itself can break it."

To be continued...

*Authors Note: sirSquire (me) thinking about defeating ancient evil, his (my) line about turning into a Neopet and defeating the source of the shadows, and Serennaa's line about something turning you into a slave of the shadows were all references to child_dragon's As Told By Child_Dragon. Very good story.

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